Dr. Benita Amedee Joins MPR Panel Discussion about Student Mental Health


What can families, teachers and others do to support the mental well-being of students? "They just want you to hear them. They don't need you to judge—they're already judging themselves," Dr. Benita Amedee, clinical manager of Wilder’s School-Based Mental Health Services, said during a panel discussion on MPR News.

MPR News aired the panel discussion about student mental health as part of their In Focus series on March 1, 2023. Host Angela Davis spoke with:

  • Dr. Amedee
  • Cedric Weatherspoon, director of Empower Therapeutic Support Services
  •  Keela Kuhlers, counselor at St. Paul Music Academy and Minnesota’s 2022 Counselor of the Year

Amedee, Weatherspoon and Kuhlers shared insights about what they are seeing students experiencing at this time and how families, teachers and others can support their mental well-being.

"The opportunity is to create a new wellness approach in our culture," said Weatherspoon. "Being able to educate kids about 'what does wellness look like for you? How do you build community?'"

Watch or listen to the full discussion, including voices from students about their personal experiences at MPR News.