African American Babies Coalition and Projects Receives $150,000 from UnitedHealthcare


The African American Babies Coalition and Projects (AABC) has received a $150,000 grant from UnitedHealthcare to address racial disparities in health care. AABC is working to improve educational achievement gaps by fostering healthy childhood and brain development, as research shows introducing proper practices in the very early stages of childhood can prevent health inequities experienced in adulthood.

“Research proves an upward spiral happens when one develops a philosophy of community, a sense of belonging, and a network of family, friends and neighbors,” said Sameerah Bilal-Roby, founder and director of Wilder AABC. “We are thankful for UnitedHealthcare’s grant as this will contribute to better health, parenting, participation and society.”

Funding from UnitedHealthcare will be used to:

  • Create a Families, Friends and Neighbors (FFN) Crisis Manual to help visiting professionals understand the connections between early childhood development, toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences and health disparities, and the importance of respecting and integrating culturally congruent practices of wellness to connect with the families they serve.
  • Recruit and train up to 15 child care professionals with experience in the Twin Cities as well as rural areas that include historically underserved populations, to serve as home visitors.
  • Help with the development and infrastructure of the Minnesota African American Licensed Childcare Provider Association to increase their capacity, training and deployment in Minnesota.

“We are honored to support Wilder AABC in its efforts to expand the reach of its programs and to recruit and train critical child care professionals,” said Victor Fields, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Minnesota. “We must address the gaps in education head-on that African American children face, and provide resources and support, starting in early development, to help us create a more equitable society and help people live healthier lives.”

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