Culturally Appropriate Support

The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation has been responsive to the needs of the east metro since the organization’s inception in 1906. Wilder has an extensive history of working with the Southeast Asian community. We have provided this community with social adjustment, family strengthening, psychosocial education, mental health, and school success services for over three decades. Wilder’s Southeast Asian (SEA) Services was established in 1984, and is a stand-alone program in our community. Responding to the large and growing population of Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian and other Southeast Asian residents, Wilder combines western mental health with traditional healing methods to provide culturally appropriate mental health services.
Wilder’s primary service area far surpasses the states and the nation’s ethnic diversity and poverty averages for Asian Americans. The 2010 Census indicates there are 66,181 Hmong people living in Minnesota. This places Minnesota as the state with the nation’s second largest Hmong population. Based on research and on Wilder’s years of experience serving Southeast Asian people, there is a significant need for mental health services, and a stark lack of mental health providers from this population in our community. Stressors that are unique to the experience of immigrants and refugees include culture shock, discrimination, role reversal in the family, language barriers, challenges adapting to a new country and society, and financial hardships.


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