Our Children, Our Future: A Research Report on Minnesota Children Who Do Not Live at Home

This report takes a combined look at all Minnesota children who are living away from home, regardless of the reason: those who are in the child welfare system because of abuse or neglect or needs that their parents cannot meet, those who are in the corrections system, and those who are homeless because they have left home or been asked to leave.




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Our Children, Our Future

The "Our Children: Our Future" project focused on Minnesota children who do not live at home. Wilder Research conducted literature reviews and interviews with professionals in the medical, judicial, education, and corrections fields to learn about these children and how "the system" works. The reports include evidence about the effectiveness of services, the problems and needs identified by professionals, and professionals' opinions about the causes of and potential solutions to over-representation of African American and American Indian children in the welfare, juvenile justice, and youth homelessness systems.

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