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How Wilder Meals on Wheels increased support for Saint Paul community members during the pandemic

December 3, 2021 by Christine Miller
Wilder Meals on Wheels provides affordable, nutritious hot or frozen meals to adults, older adults, and seniors living in Saint Paul neighborhoods. Pre-pandemic, our volunteers delivered about 2,000… Read more »

Transportation is a Key Component of Equitable Food Access

November 30, 2020
Minnesotans deserve access to affordable and healthy food regardless of where they live. Alice Lubeck explores ways communities are reducing transportation barriers to food access and the need for… Read more »

New Food Insecurity Data Highlight Minnesota’s Continuing Disparities and the Need for Multi-Sector Solutions

September 30, 2020
New data show disproportionate rates of food insecurity among Minnesotans since the start of the pandemic. Find out what the data show, the policies and systems contributing to disparities, and… Read more »

Rising Food Insecurity in Minnesota: Community and Policy Responses and How You Can Help

August 12, 2020 by Maddie Hansen-Connell
Feeding America suggests more than 54 million people, including 18 million children, may experience food insecurity nationwide in the wake of COVID-19. What's happening in Minnesota to address it?

Addressing Hunger and Health Equity: The Open Door's Healthy Food Policy

January 6, 2016
This Healthy Food Policy aimed to procure and distribute healthy foods and discourage unhealthy foods. The Open Door shares the lessons they learned from implementing this policy and tips for other… Read more »

Seven Online Resources for Food Access

July 16, 2015
What are food deserts? And what can we do about them?

Food Deserts: Why It Costs Much More to Try to Eat on $29 a Week

April 21, 2015 by Leah Porter
Much has been said recently about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Twitter post showing the $29 worth of food she attempted to live on last week in order to raise awareness about cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition… Read more »

Fueling Academic Performance: Fostering Healthy Eating Among Students

March 26, 2014
It may not come as a surprise that youth face a number of food-related concerns, such as poor nutrition, obesity, and hunger. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, in 2010 nearly 20… Read more »