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Training and Consulting Services

Providing connections to experience and learning in our community

The Center for Learning & Excellence at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation provides educational training and consulting services that connect you to the decades of experience and community wisdom that we’ve generated from helping people and organizations develop new skills and ideas, address vital community issues and reach their full potential. We are practitioners grounded in research, learning from the community, and accelerating what works through continued education!

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Learn with Educational Training Classes and Workshops

We offer a variety of training in topics that are culturally responsive, reflect the community we serve and are relevant for Wilder's overall mission.

  • Mental and chemical health clinical training for clinicians, therapists, health professionals and social workers
  • Training for parents caring for children and youth experiencing attachment and trauma issues
  • Support for community leaders with a deep grounding in diversity and inclusion and individual training for working professionals in racial equity, workplace diversity and inclusive dialogues
  • Caregiving support for caregivers in the workplace, at home and group facilitators
  • Wellness classes for older adults to manage chronic conditions
  • Multicultural youth leadership development for individuals in youth organizations
  • Early childhood education and development for parents
  • Program evaluation and research for individuals in nonprofit organizations

Workshops may provide continuing education units (CEUs) approved by the following boards in Minnesota: Board of Social Work, Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy, Board of Nursing and Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Plan with Consulting & Facilitation Services

We provide consulting and facilitation services that connect your nonprofit organization, government agency or business to community-based experience and learning. We partner and collaborate to provide innovative, customized solutions that are adaptable to an ever-changing environment.

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Community engagement
  • Caregiving employee support
  • Racial equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Trauma-informed practice

Upcoming Training Classes & Workshops

Graphic Facilitation - Capture the Essence of Conversations with Visuals

Learn how to capture the essence of conversations with visuals in a way that is engaging, fun, and creative Date & Time: Monday, July… More about this event »

Tracking Tools - Review your Life Experiences, Relationships, and Events

Explore the use of cross-cultural tools to review life with curiosity, equanimity and objectivity Date & Time: Monday, July 23, 2018… More about this event »

Powerful Questions - Engage in Meaningful Dialogues

Open doors to dialogue and discovery using the power of questions to create new insights and knowledge Date & Time: Tuesday, July 24,… More about this event »

Lifelines Future Story Experience - Envision a Positive Future

Learn how to plan your most positive future story to meet your goals and dreams Date & Time: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | 9:00 a.m. - 12… More about this event »