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We believe that people are more than a diagnosis and a treatment. The people we serve are family members, friends and neighbors.

Wilder is a leader in providing mental health services in the Twin Cities. While we treat individuals, we recognize that healing is more likely to happen when families and other support systems are involved. We heal and grow together. This approach is reflected in three unique services we offer to meet our community needs:

  • Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Culturally Appropriate Services
  • Trauma Informed Care

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

Wilder is one of six Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) in Minnesota. The CCBHC model promotes a high level of comprehensive and coordinated integrated mental health and substance use disorders care. This means having the right people in the right place at the right time to help support you or your family is a priority.

We partner with health care providers, social service agencies, counties and others to make sure every person we serve receives the support, resources and connections needed to get and stay well. 

Here’s more about the CCBHC model from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Culturally Appropriate Services

We believe that people do better when their cultural experiences and heritage inform their care. Our therapists and counselors represent the diversity found in our community. We offer bilingual/bicultural services in Hmong, Karen, Vietnamese and Khmer (Cambodia). We work with a diverse group of trained interpreters and cultural brokers to address the needs of additional language and cultural groups.

We also provide culturally specific mental health services for African American and Hmong students in Saint Paul Public Schools. Learn more about our School-Based Mental Health Services.

Trauma-Informed Care

Living through traumatic experiences can influence the long-term wellness of a person. But healing is possible.

Our professional staff are trained in trauma-informed practices. We work to identify the root causes of mental health issues, substance abuse or behavioral issues. When these issues are linked to traumatic experiences, we help children, adults and families heal and improve overall wellness.

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