James P. Shannon Leadership Institute

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Take the journey of self-discovery, clarity and purpose

Community-serving leaders need time to clarify core values and define the purpose of their work. At Wilder’s James P. Shannon Leadership Institute, we support and encourage leaders to renew, recharge and rededicate.


About the Shannon Institute

The James P. Shannon Leadership Institute's mission is to nurture the creativity and vitality of community-serving leaders from all sectors. The Shannon Institute provides a structured, challenging, and supportive opportunity for these experienced community leaders to clarify the purpose of their work and the core values they want that work to exemplify, to enhance their focus and effectiveness, and to increase their sense of fulfillment. The result that the Institute achieves is purposeful and effective leadership with a renewed commitment to community service.

The Institute was founded by James P. Shannon in 1992. Read more about our history.

The [Shannon] provoked important self-examination and simultaneously fostered a renewed commitment to the importance of community and service.


Fiona McCrae, Graywolf Press

Apply to the Shannon Institute

 Now accepting applications for the 2020 Shannon Leadership Institute program year!

We don’t need your resume or list of accomplishments. We’re interested in why you are applying to the program and what you will do with it. 

2020 Shannon Institute Program Schedule

James P. Shannon Leadership Institute participants can choose from two program formats: bi-monthly cohort or quarterly cohort. 2020 program dates and times are listed below for each format.

Meet the Changemakers of the Shannon Leadership Institute

The James P. Shannon Leadership Institute supports community leaders in the Twin Cities and around the country as they work toward purposeful and effective leadership and a renewed commitment to community service.

Support Another Person's Renewal Journey

We often hear from Shannon alumni that they would love to help other leaders in our community gain clarity of purpose, values and alignment. With this as a focus, we are seeking contributions from alumni and friends that will help us meet the needs of this year’s participants. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by June 30.

Meet the Shannon Institute Team

Coulette Columbus-Powers

Administrative Specialist, Community Leadership Programs

Victoria Ford

Leadership Programs Developer

Paul Robinson


Damon Shoholm

Director, James P. Shannon Leadership Institute