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Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Putting children on the education pathway to college and career success

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Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is an education partnership that puts children in the Frogtown, Rondo, and Summit-University neighborhoods of Saint Paul on the pathway to college and career success. Housed at Wilder, Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) takes a proactive and preventive approach to the education opportunity gap by focusing early in a child’s life.


Help keep the promise and support children and families
in the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Learn, Liberate, Thrive! We imagine a community that makes a promise of opportunity to ALL children and families. The promise is that ALL of our children, regardless of race, zip code, or family income, have the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive - whatever it takes! 

Make a contribution today and help keep the promise. 

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SPPN is a neighborhood-based initiative

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is a neighborhood-based initiative that encompasses 250 city blocks. SPPN serves families who have children in 16 early learning centers and 4 elementary schools in the Frogtown, Rondo, and Summit-University neighborhoods of Saint Paul. Using a collective ownership model, SPPN involves a coordinated effort of ten anchor partners and more than 80 other agencies, along with elders, parents and youth.

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SPPN addresses tough issues facing our community

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood addresses tough issues facing our community, including the education opportunity gap, public disinvestment, multi-generational poverty, and other factors that influence individual and community success. With our community partners, we focus on changing the odds for a whole neighborhood of children and their families using a culturally-responsive, two-generation approach.

Download our 2017 Impact to see what we accomplished with parents and partners including academic and family wrap-around supports.

You Can Support Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Too

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is committed to supporting the needs of children and families within the 250 blocks of the Rondo, Summit-University and Frogtown neighborhoods. We strive to understand the challenges and needs that families experience and build capacity and partnerships to break down these barriers. Your contribution helps us quickly activate resources, whether social, financial or otherwise, where the need is most critical.

The People's Fellowship for African American Families

The People's Fellowship is an 6-month journey for fellows to build for themselves, family and community. The People's Fellowship is for African American families guided by the Nguzo Saba principles, Self-Determination (Kujichagulia) and Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa). This is a perfect opportunity for families to learn how to boost income while being set on the pathway to building wealth and assets for the future with culture at the center. No longer accepting applications for Fall 2020 - please check back in Spring 2021.

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood's People Fellowship

Courageous Stories

Barbara Lewis, former participant in Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Rental Assistance Program

Saint Paul Mother Finds Stability After Experiencing Homelessness: I Am Feeling Awesome These Days 

What does it take to live a stable life? For Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood resident Barbara Lewis, the answer has three parts: “Home, kids and career – if you have those three things and you’re happy with them, then everything goes smo...More about this story »

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