Courageous Stories

Highlighting community stories of courage, strength and resiliency

With African American Babies Coalition and Projects, Support Begins Before Birth

William Moore is a health educator for Ramsey County Public Health, a semi-pro football player, an artist, and a comic book fan. He’s also a doula. Read this story »

Identifying Service Gaps to Improve Lives and Communities: Minnesota Department of Human Services Gaps Analysis

The ultimate goal of any research or evaluation project is to inform action. A multi-year Wilder Research project with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is informing systems changes to meet the needs of some of Minnesota’s most vulnerable residents. Read this story »

A Plan for Recovery: Wilder Promotes Healing with Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Ethan’s priorities are spelled out in neat script in a paper planner. As a first-year college student, he makes time each week to balance his classes and other activities and interests. His to-do list includes pursuing work-study jobs. Read this story »

The Family Independence Initiative Invests in the Strength of Low-Income Communities: ‘We Are the Ones Making the Change’

Mary Chazen was ready. Nearly two years after joining the Family Independence Initiative Twin Cities, Mary had begun recruiting new families to join the movement. Read this story »

Saint Paul Mother Finds Stability After Experiencing Homelessness: I Am Feeling Awesome These Days 

What does it take to live a stable life? For Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood resident Barbara Lewis, the answer has three parts: “Home, kids and career – if you have those three things and you’re happy with them, then everything goes smooth,” she says. Read this story »

The Power of Twin Cities Mobile Market Volunteers

Volunteers like Sheila Wood and Harrison Pack make the wheels go round at the Twin Cities Mobile Market. Read this story »

Double Delivery: Saint Paul Fire Department Educator Offers Lunch and Safety through Meals on Wheels

Jeremy Berger is trying to lower the risk of fire with each delivery he makes through Meals on Wheels. As the fire and life safety educator for the Saint Paul Fire Department, Jeremy delivers Meals on Wheels to seniors and adults with disabilities – and he offers free safety surveys, smoke detectors and fire safety equipment at each home… Read this story »

Wilder Social Worker Serves Patrons in Saint Paul Libraries

“I’m Helping People Where They Are" A Saint Paul Public Library branch proved the perfect spot for a teen who was experiencing homelessness and had left school. He found a safe place and the support he needed—Wilder social worker Ruby Rivera, who was onsite and ready to help pursue his goal of returning to school. Read this story »