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Youth Leadership Initiative Continues Building Community and Leadership Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Tené Morgan
After COVID-19 moved into Minnesota, the Youth Leadership Initiative moved online. With large meetings discouraged, schools canceled and eventually a stay-at-home order in place, our high-school aged… Read more »

5 Skills Youth Leadership Initiative Alumni Bring Into Work and Life After High School

By guest author and changemaker, Padah Vang, YLI Alumna (2013 – 2015) and Youth Mentor (summer 2018 internship) with Wilder’s Youth Leadership Initiative.

What Does It Take for Community Leaders to Lead from Within?

by Nou Yang
Take a look around you. You, me, all of us have the capacity to be leaders, no matter how old or young we are. Now, imagine what our collective leadership, driven by purpose and values, can do for… Read more »

Why Multiculturalism Matters for Local and Global Youth Leadership

by Nou Yang
How can multiculturalism empower people of many races, ethnicities and cultures to live and work in harmony not only in the US but also around the world?  Our efforts started with the Youth… Read more »

3 Lessons About Authentic Leadership

Wilder takes leadership development seriously, and not only because we offer distinct leadership programs for youth, community members, experienced professionals and executives. Values-based and… Read more »

What Can We Do Together That We Can’t Do Alone?

The diversity of our communities and our organizations means that almost any time we come together, we do so across difference. That's where this research and practice-based collaboration resource… Read more »

Youth Participatory Evaluation: How to Start?

by Ryan Ander-Evans
For the Youth Leadership Initiative, evaluation is one of the many ways that they meaningfully engage youth in their program. By practicing Youth Participatory Evaluation (YPE), evaluation is no… Read more »

Hello Fellows: Meet Damon Shoholm

by Damon Shoholm
Wilder employees have the opportunity to apply for Kingston Fellowships, an honor awarded annually based on accomplishments, commitment to human services and leadership potential. In March 2017,… Read more »