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3 things to know about renewals for Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare

For the past three years, Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance in Minnesota) and MinnesotaCare have waived the annual renewal process, in which members must submit proof of eligibility for their… Read more »

Investing in Moms: 10 Years of Women’s Recovery Services

by Jackie Aman
Caregiving is a beautiful and humbling thing. Those that provide care, especially parents, need support. Yet it can be hard to garner support for caregivers who struggle with alcohol and other drugs… Read more »

I think my child might be suicidal. What should I do as a parent or guardian?

It can be scary to hear your child talk about suicide. You’re not alone – suicidal thoughts are common among children and adolescents in the United States. It’s important to take this seriously, even… Read more »

What Works for Women in Recovery

by Stephanie Nelson-Dusek
Through our research we know about the challenges and confounding factors that those struggling with addiction face. We also know what has the potential to work in helping them succeed after their… Read more »

3 Ways Culturally Specific Mental Health Services Break Barriers to Community Treatment

by Barbara Williamson
Working as a social worker for over thirty-five years with people from all backgrounds, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles individuals face dealing with mental health issues – particularly… Read more »

Amid Opioid Epidemic, Many Minnesota Women Face Other Addictions

by Jackie Aman
A 5-year study of women served by 12 recovery programs shows that some women across the state face addictions to other drugs at much higher rates.

The Family Feels the Impact of Addiction, Too

by Nway Linn
​Have you heard the saying that addiction is a “family disease”? Some may think that means addiction is genetic, something that runs in the family and is only passed along from generation to… Read more »

The Wolves Den: New Nonprofit Boosts Chances for Success

In this guest post, Ann Haines and Keyondra Yarbrough share how working with Wilder Research to develop a theory of change to guide their work. The Wolves Den is a culturally based group residential… Read more »