John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary

John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School


John A. Johnson Achievement Plus is a collaborative community committed to the academic success of all students. As an Achievement Plus school, John A. Johnson offers education, recreation, wellness and other services are in one convenient location. The school's goal is to remove barriers that may keep students from reaching their full potential. Through shared leadership, students, families, staff and community partners are active participants in in student learning and achievement.

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Achievement Plus Resources

Through Achievement Plus, John A. Johnson students, families and community members have access to:

  • Access to basic needs (housing, clothing, food)
  • One-on-one literacy tutoring
  • Wilder School-Based Mental Health Services
  • Health services through St. Mary’s Health Clinic
  • Dental clinic services
  • After-school programming at the YMCA (enrichment programs and homework support)
  • Legal services
  • More

Site Coordinator

J.T. Harney