Wellness Classes

Aging services such as adult day offered at the Wilder Community Center for Aging can help adults manage chronic conditions to improve their quality of life.
Helping adults manage chronic conditions to improve quality of life

If you live with a chronic condition, you know that your illness can make life, and your health, hard to manage. Our chronic disease, self-management wellness classes are designed for adults age 60 and older in the Twin Cities who want to improve their quality of life, become more confident in managing their health and reduce healthcare costs. Family and friend caregivers are welcome to participate.

Wilder leads these Wellness Classes for older adults and also trains other organizations to host them. For more information, contact Melissa Gibbs at 651-280-2515 or melissa.gibbs@wilder.org.

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We partner and work with other organizations in the community to offer a variety of Wellness Classes at locations across the Twin Cities metro area. 

Wellness Classes for Managing Chronic Disease

How to get started with Wellness Classes

You can sign up for classes through the website yourjuniper.org. You can call us at 651-280-2515, email melissa.gibbs@wilder.org or click "Request More Information" below to let us know if you have any questions about Wellness Classes or need help enrolling in a class. 

Join an Upcoming Wellness Class

Host a Class

Wilder Foundation works with organizations that want to bring Living Well classes to their clients and communities. Some common host sites are: senior living facilities, community centers, libraries, and clinics.

We can train you on how to lead and host a Living Well class. Or we can help find options to bring the class to your location.

About Living Well and Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs

Living Well courses are an evidence-based program designed by Stanford University and now managed by the Self-Management Resource Center. The curriculum is complete and comes with clear instructions. Wilder partners with the Metropolitan Area Agency on Agency to offer these courses.

Contact Melissa Gibbs at 651-280-2515 or melissa.gibbs@wilder.org to explore how your organization can offer Living Well courses.