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Individual Caregiver Supports & Services


Whether you’re new to caregiving or have been helping someone for a while, Wilder Caregiver Services is here to help you. Our resources listed below will help you gain skills and knowledge while helping you feel less isolated.

Our services are free, or available at a low or negotiable cost.


Wilder Caregiver Services

Talk to a Caregiver Consultant

A professional caregiver consultant can answer questions, facilitate conversations and more. Connect with a professional caregiver consultant to:

  • Navigate resources
  • Problem-solve difficult situations
  • Set goals
  • Work with your family to make care decisions
  • Better understand and manage memory loss

You can meet with the consultant in person, or converse with them via phone or email.

Call: 651-280-CARE (2273)

Connect with Caregivers on Your Journey

To feel less alone and receive support from other caregivers, join one of our support groups or gatherings.

Attend a Class with Caregivers

Sometimes becoming a caregiver can feel like starting a new job. We offer classes to support the health and wellness of older adults and their caregivers. Enroll in a class with us to form a supportive network and learn:

  • Stress management techniques
  • How to manage difficult emotions
  • Strategies to manage memory loss at any stage
  • How to plan for someone with memory loss at any stage

Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email for more information about caregiver-specific classes.