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Cognitive Testing

In-person memory screen and cognitive performance test for older adults


As a caregiver of a family member, friend or neighbor, we know your role is to ensure they are healthy, safe and are able to carry out their daily routines and activities.

That's why we have partnered with the Minnesota Board on Aging and the University of Minnesota to offer no-cost cognitive testing to see a person's patterns of thinking and problem-solving. 

Administered by a certified Occupational Therapist, this Cognitive Performance Test can help:

  • Better predict reactions to new or different daily activities
  • Understand how to provide the “just right” amount of help instead guessing 
  • Avoid under or over challenging your loved one, which often results in difficult interactions
  • Help your loved one remain safe and engaged at a level they can manage
  • Better manage their anxiety

What is the Cognitive Performance Test?

The Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) is a standardized test administered by an Occupational Therapist (OT) that uses familiar daily objects and tasks to help look for clues about how much help the person needs when they encounter a problem and the strategies they use to solve the problem. This information is what helps predict performance in most daily activities, even without the OT assessing the activity itself.

The CPT is unique because it is sensitive to change over time and can track progression of changes in cognitive abilities. OTs look at the whole person when providing recommendations to help people do what they want and need to do in their daily lives.

How do I schedule a Cognitive Performance Test for my loved ones?

The CPT is completed after an interview with you, the caregiver, and your care partner. The complete assessment takes approximately 90 minutes. Initial results are delivered immediately, with written information for follow-up sent to you within two weeks. 

You can get a Cognitive Performance test free of charge!

The usual cost for a cognitive test is $350. With support from the Minnesota Board on Aging, testing is currently available at no cost.

To learn more or schedule an appointment for testing, call 651-280-2273 (CARE) or email

This cognitive testing is sponsored by a 2023-2024 MBA Dementia Grant from the Minnesota Board on Aging.