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Study News

Latest updates and media mentions


Data and analysis from the Minnesota Homeless Study provide insights and inform action in the work to eliminate homelessness in Minnesota.

Below are highlights of the many ways we are sharing what we learned from the study to make an impact.


Study Updates

Out and About: Presentations and Events

Study director Michelle Decker Gerrard shared trends in statewide homelessness with the Minnesota House Housing Finance and Policy Committee as part of a Homes for All Coalition presentation.

Michelle Decker Gerrard co-presented two sessions at the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless 2021 annual conference October 7 & 8, 2021: Tailoring Services to the Strengths and Needs of LGBTQ+ Youth and Adults Experiencing Homelessness and Meeting Them Where They’re At: Understanding the Needs of People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness.

Beyond the Numbers: Using Data to Address and End Homelessness

Learn about the unique ways community members engage with and use the Minnesota Homeless Study to inform programs, services, policy, and funding, and how homelessness is addressed in our state.

  • Emcee: Brandt Williams, Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio
  • Panelist: Michelle Decker Gerrard, Minnesota Homeless Study Director, Wilder Research
  • Panelist: Cathy ten Broeke, Director to Prevent and End Homelessness, State of Minnesota
  • Panelist: David Schultz, Metro State University Professor, Homeless Study Volunteer

On the Podcast

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