Wilder Day Treatment

Wilder Day Treatment is an intensive on-site program that provides a 3-hour package of mental health services to children aged 6-12 and their families. Day Treatment is offered on a daily basis in late afternoon/early evening, Monday-Friday. Daily programming includes group therapy and group skills training as well as phone contact with parents/caregivers. Individual and family therapy as well as individual and family skills training are provided based on individual needs. Transportation and an evening meal are provided. Monthly parent education and support groups are offered.


  • Therapy and skills training for groups, individuals and families
  • Transportation to and from the program
  • Daily communication with parents
  • Monthly parent and caregiver education and support groups
  • School support and collaboration
  • Quarterly Care Coordination meetings with parents/caregivers, Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health case managers and other community service providers

How to Access

Wilder Day Treatment accepts children ages 6-12 whom are referred by Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Case Management and meet Children’s Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS) eligibility criteria. Wilder Day Treatment is located in Saint Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood (929 Lafond Avenue)


Sandy Wesely, 651-280-2646, sandy.wesely@wilder.org
Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Case Management can be contacted at

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