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Information for Service Providers

Information for Continuum of Care coordinators and service providers participating in the 2023 Minnesota Homeless Study


The data and analysis from the Minnesota Homeless Study provide advocates, program and service providers, funders, and policymakers the information they need to identify and address systemic issues, improve programs and policies, and ultimately eliminate homelessness.

Since 1991, the Minnesota Homeless Study has been conducted as a collaboration between Wilder Research, state and county agencies, CoCs, and hundreds of service providers across the state to better understand the prevalence of homelessness in Minnesota and the circumstances of people experiencing homelessness.

The most recent study took place on October 26, 2023. Results will be released beginning in March 2024.

The 2023 study was the first conducted since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It is more important than ever to shine a light on homelessness in Minnesota. Together, we will be better prepared to meet its challenges with clear and accurate information.

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Do you work at a shelter, transitional housing, or outreach program?

All emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, and domestic violence shelters in Minnesota are included in the 2023 Minnesota Homeless Study!

  • We work together to interview unaccompanied youth and adults/head of households who are: 1) staying in shelters; 2) staying in unsheltered locations; and 3) temporarily couch hopping and moving frequently
  • Program staff or volunteers organized by Wilder conduct the interviews in person or by telephone
  • Participants receive $10 for completing the interview
  • Interviews take about 30 minutes to complete

2023 Minnesota Homeless Study timeline

What can Continuum of Care coordinators and providers expect in the months leading up to the October 26, 2023 study? 

May-June 2023

Wilder, with support from ICA, identifies and contacts eligible emergency shelter and emergency shelter voucher programs, transitional housing, and domestic violence sites

  • Wilder asks CoC coordinators to review site lists and provider contacts for accuracy. Wilder does initial outreach to individual providers through email.

June-July 2023

Wilder gathers and confirms participation details directly from all programs, also called sites

  • Wilder gathers information such as how many people each site expects to serve on 10/26/23, whether they need support from Wilder to do interviews, information on best contact people at the program, etc.

August-September 2023 

Wilder and others develop plans to interview people not in shelter

  • CoCs, advocates, and Wilder will develop a plan to find and interview people not in shelter.

September-early October 2023 

Wilder confirms program participation details

  • Wilder confirms interview day logistics with shelter programs across Minnesota by phone and/or email. 
  • We work with CoCs and outreach staff to plan for interviews that will be conducted in non-shelter locations such as meal sites, drop-in centers, transit, and street outreach.

October 2023 

Wilder sends out participation materials or prepares them for pick-up and may reach out to confirm final details

  • Wilder sends participation materials such as surveys and incentives. 
  • If Wilder is supporting your site by providing interviewers, coordinating phone interviews, etc., we will do a final confirmation.

October 26, 2023: Conduct Minnesota Homeless Study interviews

Planning and conducting outreach interviews

Responding to changing needs: 2023 study enhancements

In recent years, data from the study has guided our leadership’s strategic decision-making about where to expand programs and services, informed our agency response to the COVID pandemic, and shaped our multi-year campaign to develop more trauma-informed, health-focused programs for homeless individuals of all ages.

Jessica Meyerson, Chief Accountability Officer, Catholic Charities Twin Cities
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