Child Psychotherapy

Wilder Foundation’s Child Psychotherapy Services provide individual, family, and group counseling for children and their families. These services address social, emotional, and developmental concerns in order to stabilize and improve functioning, increase the positive adjustment of children in their homes, schools and other community settings, and improve family relationships.  Assessment and treatment planning are provided prior to counseling.  Staff are trained in a variety of evidence-based practices to address the diverse needs of children and their families. Clinic programs reach out to children and their families in multiple settings ranging from schools, homes and communities to provide services where it is most accessible.


  • Comprehensive evaluation to determine a child’s strengths and challenges
  • Treatment plans developed in cooperation with the child and family
  • Trauma-based treatments
  • Individual and family skills building
  • Bilingual/bicultural Hmong providers available
  • Eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy (EMDR)

How to Access

Child Psychotherapy Services are available to children and youth ages 0-17 living in Saint Paul and the east metro area. Referrals accepted directly from families or mental health providers. Services are offered in schools, homes and community settings. Child Psychotherapy Services are not available to children diagnosed as developmentally disabled.


Clinic Intake: 651-280-2310.

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