Homelessness in Minnesota

Through its triennial statewide study and ongoing shelter system use reports, Wilder Research provides the most current and comprehensive information and data on homelessness in Minnesota. In addition, Wilder Research conducts evaluations on programs serving the homeless population. Reports from these evaluations are available in our publications section of this website.​

Statewide Study

Since 1991, Wilder Research has conducted a triennial statewide homelessness study to better understand the prevalence, causes, circumstances and effects of homelessness, and to promote efforts toward permanent, affordable housing for all Minnesotans.The study includes counts and estimates of the number of people who are homeless, and a survey of homeless people. 
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Homeless Services Use Reports

HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) is managed by Wilder Research in Minnesota. HMIS continuously collects information from organizations providing services ranging from prevention and emergency shelters to transitional and permanent supportive housing to provide a better understanding of service capacity, patterns of use and outcomes, and demographics of who is using what type of services.

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