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Big Picture Project
The Big Picture Project developed a plan to create and preserve affordable housing along the Central Corridor. Reports track key indicators of progress. Wilder Research assisted with the data analysis; the reports were written by the oversight committee.
Topic: Homelessness and Housing
Most recent report: June 2016
360 Degree Center of Excellence
The 360 Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Regional Center works to expose people to and increase enthusiasm for STEM-related careers. The evaluation looked at the impact of a technology and manufacturing summer camp for youth, tours of manufacturing facilities across Minnesota, and other program activities.
Topic: Education
Most recent report: May 2016
Dakota County Food Waste Reduction
The Dakota County Environmental Resources Department in partnership with MN GreenCorps wanted to gather feedback to inform a food waste reduction education campaign. Wilder Research conducted focus groups to gain insight on when, why, and how food gets wasted in households.
Topic: Communities
Most recent report: May 2016
Supportive Housing Outcomes in Minnesota
A study of supportive housing in Minnesota, including time-limited transitional housing and permanent supportive housing. The study looked at the characteristics of the programs and the populations they serve, outcomes achieved by participants over time, and the program models that appear to work best for participants.
Topic: Homelessness and Housing
Most recent report: May 2016
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Through the Neighborhood Revitalization program, Twin Cities Habitat expanded its traditional focus to a broader goal of working to address multifaceted and ongoing challenges in historically disinvested communities. The evaluation looked at the impact of the program on the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis.
Topic: Homelessness and Housing
Most recent report: May 2016
Speaking for Ourselves
The Speaking for Ourselves survey asked immigrants and refugees living in the Twin Cities about their perceptions and experiences related to education, transportation, housing, public health, safety, employment, finances, community and social engagement, and the immigrant experience. This study builds on a previous study conducted by Wilder Research in 2000.
Topic: Immigration
Most recent report: April 2016
Camp Noah
Camp Noah, a program offered by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, is a locally hosted event for elementary-age children whose communities have been impacted by disasters such as floods or tornadoes. The evaluation collects information about the impact of camp on campers, families, staff and volunteers, and local communities and explores the way camp is implemented and opportunities to strengthen it.
Topic: Youth and Family
Most recent report: April 2016
East Side Housing Trust Fund
The East Side Housing Trust Fund program takes a community-wide approach to increasing housing stability. Program services include case management and housing placement for families with children at John A. Johnson or Dayton's Bluff elementary schools. The multi-year evaluation looks at the extent to which the program has met its goals, including improved student stability, housing stability, and client self-reliance.
Topic: Homelessness and Housing
Most recent report: April 2016
Healthy Food Access
The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Wilder Research conducted a mixed-methods study to provide information to those interested in improving Minnesota's food retail environment.
Topic: Health
Most recent report: April 2016
Homelessness in Minnesota 2015 Study
Every three years, Wilder Research conducts a statewide survey of people who are homeless or living in temporary housing programs. The study includes counts and estimates of the number of people who are homeless and face-to-face interviews with homeless people throughout Minnesota to better understand the causes and circumstances of homelessness.
Topic: Homelessness and Housing
Most recent report: April 2016
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