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Join us on April 23 to learn more about ROI, and what it takes for a nonprofit organization to implement.
Homelessness in Minnesota
Wilder's latest statewide study counted 10,214 homeless adults, youth, and children -- a 6 percent increase over the previous study.
Early Learning
More than one-third of Minnesota’s children age 5 and under – 156,000 children -- live in low-income households.
Research Services
We welcome inquiries about our full-service, cost-effective research and planning services.

Wilder Research

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Wilder Research gathers and interprets facts and trends to help families and communities thrive, get at the core of community concerns, and uncover issues that are overlooked or poorly understood.
Our Services: We work with organizations of all sizes at the local, state, and national level to help them bring about needed change, increase their effectiveness, and demonstrate the value of what they do.


April 23: Adding up Impact: Return on Investment (ROI) for Social Services
Join us for a forum to learn how an ROI study can help demonstrate the social and economic value of a social service, including the net benefits of public investments, returns to taxpayers, and private funders.
For more on this topic, check out a blog from Jose Diaz, one of the forum's presenters: The Social Return on Investment of Transforming Lives
Fueling Academic Performance: Fostering Healthy Eating Among Students
March is Nutrition month, so it seems like a good time for Nick Stuber to share highlights from his recent work on the importance of good nutrition in schools and some ways to achieve it.
Research has linked substance abuse with many issues that affect well-being including: poor academic achievement, school suspensions, unemployment, homelessness, violence, mental illness, and poverty. In this blog, Laura Schauben, research scientist, explains the importance of substance abuse prevention.
Researcher Rebecca Schultz Competes in Global Health Competition
After winning the local Global Health Case Competition at the University of Minnesota, research associate Rebecca Schultz competed at the international conference held at Emory University in late March. Rebecca is in the School of Public Health program at the University of Minnesota, and competed with fellow classmates. Teams were presented with a real-world problem and had a week to come up with a viable solution. Congratulations Rebecca! See Rebecca's bio


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