Students Affected by Incarceration
Learn about the impact of incarcerated parents on students.
Homelessness in Minnesota
Wilder's latest statewide study counted 10,214 homeless adults, youth, and children -- a 6 percent increase over the previous study.
Early Learning
More than one-third of Minnesota’s children age 5 and under – 156,000 children -- live in low-income households.
Mental Health Research
About 60,000 adults in the east metro have a serious mental health illness.

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Wilder Research gathers and interprets facts and trends to help families and communities thrive, get at the core of community concerns, and uncover issues that are overlooked or poorly understood.
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Risk and Reach Forum: How Well Are We Serving Our Youngest Children?
Please join us Wednesday, September 9, 8:00-10:30 a.m. at Wilder Center
Hear findings from Early Childhood Risk and Reach, a new report that examines potential risks to the well-being of children age 0-5 and the coverage of publicly funded services serving at-risk children. Learn how other states are working to improve reach and discuss what strategies might be implemented in Minnesota.
Hospital to Home: Early Success Serving High-Needs Patients
A relatively small group of people use a disproportionate amount of hospital emergency department and inpatient resources. So how do we best serve these highest need patients? Research scientist Kristin Dillon talks about a program seeing early success.
What is the Right Question to Resolve the Early Learning Debate?
Senior Research Manager Richard Chase weighs in with a new research-based policy brief on the topic.
What Have We Learned from 30 Years of Studying Homelessness in Minnesota?
Greg Owen has served as principal investigator for the statewide study of homelessness since its inception in 1984. His commentary appeared in MinnPost. You can see results from the most recent study here.


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