Ensuring All Children Succeed

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) is a community-wide initiative to provide the academic and social supports children need to succeed in school and in life. Saint Paul’s Promise Neighborhood is a 250-square block area in the heart of St. Paul’s historic Frogtown and Summit-University neighborhoods. Nearly 80 percent of the Neighborhood’s residents are of color – with African American and Hmong making up the largest groups, but it is home to African immigrants, Latinos, and others. 
A unique urban mix of races, ethnicities and cultures, the Neighborhood is a microcosm and bellwether of demographic changes happening in cities all over the U.S. Neighborhood children and families face challenges of poverty and racial disparities, but the area is also rich in diversity and cultural assets. SPPN has developed a continuum of solutions and a surrounding infrastructure where all children are validated, valued, developed with culture as an asset, and where they can all ultimately be successful. SPPN provides wrap-around supports for children and their families from birth through grade 5, with full-service schools at the center. Three target schools are working with the initiative to serve SPPN children and families – Jackson Preparatory Magnet, Maxfield Magnet School, and St. Paul City School.
Through the coordinated effort of a coalition of nine anchor partners, plus more than 70 additional agencies, plus input from the community’s elders, parents and youth, the initiative provides community and cultural solutions to eliminate educational disparities, improve academic outcomes and ensure student success through each age and stage in their development. The initiative is engaged in both short-term change (educational outcomes) and long-term transformation (of systems).


General information: promiseneighborhood@wilder.org
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