Collaboration to Build Healthier Communities

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America focuses on collaboration between the health sector and other sectors. These reports are based on a nationwide survey to identify cross sector work and learn about collaborative action to improve the health of communities.

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Collaboration to Build Healthier Communities, Full ReportSurveyJune 2013Paul Mattessich, Ela Rausch
Integrating Health Education, Community, and Health Care - Brandywine Health Foundation Case StudySurveyJune 2013Paul Mattessich, Ela Rausch
Collaboratively Empowering Parents - Preschool Without Walls, Los Angeles Case StudySurveyJune 2013Paul Mattessich, Ela Rausch
Making Good Nutrition More Accessible - Healthy Foods Here, Seattle Case StudySurveyJune 2013Paul Mattessich, Ela Rausch

Duplication Guidelines

Wilder Research reports are made available on our website to improve the community's understanding of major social issues. Permission to download and copy reports is granted for private, non-commercial and education purposes only. All reproductions require an acknowledgment of the source and author of the work. No resale use may be made of any report without written permission.


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