Renew. Recharge. Rededicate.

The James P. Shannon Leadership Institute is a structured, challenging and supportive opportunity for personal and professional renewal for experienced leaders of philanthropic, civic and community service organizations. The result of the work is that participants:
  • Clarify the purpose of their work and the core values they want that work to exemplify
  • Identify strategies to increase their effectiveness
  • Articulate changes needed to enhance focus, commitment, energy and satisfaction

Who should participate?

The Shannon Institute is designed for people who have demonstrated leadership in nonprofit, public, and community-serving organizations. Participants have in common:
  • At least five years experience in organizational or community service
  • A desire to gain greater focus, increased energy, and satisfaction from their work
  • A willingness to commit to a yearlong renewal process.
Participants work in a group of approximately 20 people who come from diverse backgrounds, organization types, ethnicities, and geographic locations.

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