Bryan Lloyd
Web & Applications Manager

Bryan provides IT leadership and strategy for Wilder Research, and contributes his technical expertise to a wide-range of consulting, measurement, and reporting projects and teams. From planning to delivery, he works to ensure the successful development of software and web-based projects for Wilder Research and for our clients. He works closely with stakeholders and cross-functional teams of research and technical staff to deliver effective data-driven solutions for organizations of all sizes. Bryan is a Certified Scrum Master and agile software developer. Bryan also brings a solid research background to his work, with experience in roles responsible for data collection, instrument review and design, CATI and web surveys, report development, and statistical analysis.

Featured Projects include:

Minnesota Compass: Social indicators data and analysis by topic and geography for Minnesota

Metrics for Healthy Communities: Resources for cross-sector community health initiatives

Minnesota Department of Education, PBIS: Resources for Minnesota schools using the PBIS framework

MN Kids Database: Data and reporting for school-based mental health services

EvaluATOD: Evaluation resources suporting drug prevention efforts

Minnesota Homeless Study: Triennial statewide research project, since 1991

North Dakota Compass: Social indicators data and analysis for ND

Collaboration Factors Inventory: Free online collaboration assessment tool

Family and Community Engagement Tools: Assessment tools for child development programs