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Thank You 2021 Supporters


Generous supporters like you help make our mission possible of improving lives today and for generations to come. From all of us at Wilder, thank you!

● 5+ years of giving | ■ 10+ years of giving | ♦ employee | * deceased


Thank You Individuals & Families for Contributing to Wilder's Annual Fund


Estate of Marvel Norton


Anonymous (2)
Patrick and Christine Donovan
C. Curtis Dunnavan


Mike and Ann Ciresi
George and Diane Power ●


Anonymous (2)
Julie Brunner and Dale Ulrich 
Terry and Cheryl Crowson 
Sherman Devitt 
Donald and Patricia Garofalo 
William E. Harrison
Madeline and Joseph Mauer
Eric Nicholson and Anna Waters 
Mark and Jodie Zesbaugh


Colleen and Patrick Bollom 
Ron Bongard 
Mary Lou and Allan Burdick
Armando and Angela Camacho 
Audrey E. Copeland 
Charlton H. Dietz 
Kevin and Catherine Earley
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Farrell
Steve and Susie Fritze
Tom and Kim Holman
John and Ruth Huss
Art Kaemmer 
Elizabeth M. Kiernat 
Bruce A. Lilly
Bob and Ruth Link
Michelle M. Morehouse 
Todd and Martha Nicholson
Mark and Jackie Nolan
Ken and Nina* Rothchild 
Thomas and Lois Sando 
Jan Shimanski and Robert Mills
Anne Simpson 
Missy Thompson and Gar Hargens 
Robin Torgerson
Ann L. Wynia 


Brock Christianson
Joan R. Duddingston 
Blair Halperin
MayKao Y. Hang and Lao Lu Hang 
Fred and Archie Harris 
Valerie Johnson and Kristine Szczech
Judy and Edward Kishel 
Tom and Leslie Kottke 
Daniel and Constance Kunin
Margaret A. Lidstad
Paul and Tara Mattessich 
David and Sherla Mayer 
John and Karen Meslow 
Dan Mueller ■♦
Brock and Martha Nelson
Richard and Nancy Nicholson
Janet and David Zens


Andrew and Jennifer Adams
Anonymous (6)
Dana B. Badgerow and Kathy F. Barclay 
Tisha Bolger 
Andy and Lisa Brown ■♦
Mike and Kathy Buendgen
Gary and Paula Christensen
Alex and Judy Cirillo 
Page Knudsen Cowles and Jay Cowles 
Sheldon Damberg 
Amy Dauplaise
Sandra and Lynn Davis
Marybeth Dorn
Joe and Lois West Duffy
Jim and Barb Eppel
Linnea G. Fahnestock
Nancy J. Feldman
Nona and Vanwright Ferguson 
Michael H. Foote 
Susan Foss
Dennis and Barbara Frederick 
Ralph and Rachel Garding
John and Jill Gauger
Erin Gavin
Cecelia M. Goswitz*
Jack and Joan Hansen 
Robyn L. Hansen 
Jennie and John Hawkins ■♦
Craig Helmstetter  
Brian and Karen Holcomb 
Marlene E. Johnson 
Shotsy and Ward Johnson
Beverly Jones Heydinger
Maureen Kenney 
Roger and Patricia Kerber
Tom and Mary Kingston
Dr. Rahul Koranne and James Watchke-Koranne 
Carl and Janet Kuhrmeyer
Dr. James and Gail LaFave
Bettie and Jim Lee
Debbie and Andrew Lee 
Melanie K. Lien
Allison and Alex Liuzzi 
Joshua Low
Jay and Gail Lund
Richard and Joyce McFarland 

Tammy and Calvin McIntyre 
Heather and Greg McMoore ■♦
Roberta Megard
Ann C. Nicholson 
Jean M. O'Connell 
Carmen O'Halloran
Gail Olson and Steve Hopkins
Greg and Phyllis Owen ■♦
Tom and Sally Patterson 
John and Corine Petraborg 
Jim Pfau and Denise Kania 
Sue Piva and Laurie Keate 
Jerome J. Quinn 
Carleen Rhodes
Barbara Roy 
Jim Rustad 
Richard and Liz Schiferl
Kathryn L. Schleich 
Stephen and Katie Schmidt 
John and Ellen Schreier 
Boje Siebels and Joan M. Lindquist
David and Cecilia Simpson 
Jerome O. Slawik, Jr.
Carolyn J. Sorensen 
Nancy Speer 
Gunter Stein 
Burton Swan 
Barb Swanson
Kaisa E. Taipale
Jennifer M. Thao and Gregg J. Musiker 
Jon and Lea Theobald 
Mark W. Traynor
Terrence and Isabel Troy
Karen M. Ulstad ■♦
Mary M. Walser and Lynne E. Meyer 
David M. and Mary Ann Barrows Wark 
Lawrence and Linda Wilford 
Linda Wolford
Barbara and Robert Woodruff
Ghita Worcester
Dr. Pahoua Yang and James Song 
Anthony and Ruth Yocum
Annie and Jeffrey Zipfel


Michael and Sharon Ahern
Barry Alexander 
Anonymous (12)
Nina Archabal 
Jennifer Baker 
Kelly L. Baker 
Brent Bertsch
Ronnie and Roger Brooks
Lizzie Christian
Ellen Cleary 
Patrick Colwell
Mary Comford
James N. Dockendorf and Lynda Woodman 
Andrea Domaskin and Quang Trieu 
Nancy and Jerry Driessen
Drs. Phillip and Sandra Edwardson 
Paula S. Engstrom 
Joseph and Susan Eschenbacher 
John R. Farrish and Sara Donovan
Jennifer J. Garber
Daniel and Kimberly Glienke
Edith Gozali-Lee 
Joan and Robert Grzywinski 
Catie Hawk 
Kenneth Higgins
Louis F. Hill and Kathrine E. Hill 
Dr. Jennifer Hines 
Patricia A. Hink
Stephen Huebner Gloege 
Amy E. Huerta 
Ann and Terrence Huntrods 
Gretchen M. Ibele 
Andrea and Mike Jewett
Benjamin Jewett 
Rod and Lil Johnson 
Nancy L. Kachel 
Justin Kappel
Judy Kenney

Megan Kingston
Bob Knutson
William and Jeanne Kosfeld 
Monty Martin and Deborah J. Drew
Nicole and Charlie MartinRogers 
Katie Mattis Sarver
Lohini and Chapman Mayo
Malcolm W. McDonald 
Judith and Bill McGrann
Terry and Joan Morehouse 
Dr. Charles P. Morgan and Deborah J. Morgan
JoeLynn Mulari 
Nancy Myers 
Dylan Ohm
Sarah Olson
Anne D. Pick 
Paige and Anthony Priolo 
Joanie Putz
Bill and Barbara Read
Chentelle Roberts
Stephen and Amy Rothstein 
Mark B. Ryshavy
David Schleich
Janet A. Schweigert ■♦
Dan Swanson ■♦
Joan C. Thompson 
Charles C. Torrey 
Barbara E. Tretheway
Austine Vaughn-Bergling 
Brady West
Walter R. White
LaVonne Wieland 
Maggie Wirth-Johnson and Jim Johnson 
Gerald F. Woelfel and Becky J. Woelfel 
Jodene Pope and Tim Wong 
Hua Xiong-Her 


Andriana Abariotes
Stuart Ackerberg
Robert A. Aderhold and Audrey L. Kingstrom
Melissa Adolfson 
Anzela Ahmed 
Jay Alexander
Dana Almer
Richard and Paula Almer ●
Glenn and Jennifer Andis
Margot and Paul Andress
Maureen T. Andrews 
Cindy Angerhofer
Anonymous (37)
Mark and Laura Anton 
Elias Arnold
Katherine Awoyinka
Sherene Azar
Jeannette Bach
Lindsay Bacher ●
Janayah Bagurusi 
Tim and Kathy Ball
Marcia and Bradley Ballinger
Kelly Bankole
Mark Barrett
Amy Barthel ●
Beth Beckers
Spencer Bemel
Henry Bendixen ●
Kyle and Brenda Benning 
Adina Bergstrom
David P. Bergstrom
Ellen L. Biales
Kathie Bindel
Mark G. Bischof
Edward and Lois Black
Mary Blake 
Georgia Boehlke
Norrine Bohman
Peter and Sarah Borgen
Joanne Borocki
Traci Bowermaster
Erik J. Brandt
Amy S. Braun
Allison Broeren
Bradley Brown
Laura Brown ●
John M. Bryson and Barbara C. Crosby ●
Robert L. and Gerry Bullard
Ann Burkholder
Beth Burns
David Burris-Brown
Danielle Cabot
Mary A. Cahill
Helen Carlson
Melodie Carlson
Casey Carmody
Anne Carroll and Bruno Franck
Suellen Carroll
Birdie Carter
Mary Casey
Margaret Castle ●
Geet Chainani
Yer Chang
Richard A. Chase and Nancy Devitt
Kristen Chilson
Heidi Christianson
Nancy Cincotta ●
Elizabeth Cinqueonce
Ruth Ann Cioci
Joan Cleary and Jerry Helfand
Dan and Kate Cole 
James Collins
Amelia Colwell 
Martha Colwell
Anthony Contino
Lois C. Coon ●
Wendy Cowan ●
Cassie and Dan Cramer
Rebecca and Scott Cramer
Steve Cramer
Denise Cronin
Tim Curran
Kathy Dahlen 
Lewis Damer
Greg and Janice Dames ●
John and Cheryl Davenport
Megan David
Liz De Lay
Valerie Dean
Matthew C. Dehn ●
Jane Delage
Brenda Delaney 
Bryony Diederich
Loralee and Gene DiLorenzo
James Dockman and Judy Lear 
Mary and Jim* Domaskin
Diane and Harvey Dovenberg Lewis
Rebecca Driscoll ●
David Dudycha and Dorothy E. Vawter
Sara Dufour
Jerry and Gayle Dustrud
Lindsey Dyer
Samuel Eberhart
Suzanne Edwards
Susan and John Egan ●
Mark Egge
Amanda Eggers 
Jeff and Elizabeth Eggert
Mari Oyanagi Eggum and Thomas Eggum
Louise Eidsmoe 
Barbara Eijadi
Amber Eisenschenk
Ronald L. Eldred
Dee Elwood
Mike Engelhardt
Catherine D. Enslin ●
Katie Erickson
Thomas Farnham, II ●
Rebecca Fee ●
Janna Fennell
Deborah Ferry
Rachel Fields ●
Kathryn DeSpiegelaere Fischer ●
Linda Fisher
Erin Fitzgerald
Holly Forsberg & Family 
Bill Foussard 
Alicia Franck
Conra J. Frazier J.D.
Mildred Friauf
Stephen and Margaret Gadient 
Lindsay Gaines
Katherine Gallup-Strom ●
James and Joan Gardner
Willie Garrett
Rich and Jan Gauger
Mindy Geisser
Justin W. Gelhar
Michelle Decker Gerrard 
Angela Gerstner
Nancy A. Gilbert
Anne Gleich
Jean Godfrey
Mary Sue and Paul Godfrey
Morris Goodwin, Jr. and Donna Lindsay Goodwin ●
Lena Gould
Christian Graefe
Erica GrandPre
Jewelie Grape
Romisha Gray 
Robert Gremore
Timothy Grimes
Anne Grosse
Patricia R. Gulden
Laura Gusa
Lari Hacker 
Kristen Hageman
Thalia Hall 
Kris Hanson
Cassandra Harvey 
Jill M. Hayes
Takara Henegar 
Mary and David Her 
Sandra Her 
Mary Hill 
Amy L. Hink
Cheryl Holm 
Katherine Holmberg
Sandra Holten-Athneil ●
Leticia G. Hoppenrath 
Tom and Jean Houghton
Dolores Houle and Michael Lambert
William P. Howell
Yujung Hu
Roxanne Jenkins
Shaila Jensen & Family 
Kirsten M. Johnson 
Rochelle L. Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Zach Johnson
Dave Jones
Jacqueline D. Jones 
Anne Kaplan and James Moss
Muneer Karcher-Ramos and Fartun Abdi
Mary Keirstead and Edward Swain
Liz Kelleher
Robert Keller and Ann Orchard
Patricia Kerlin
Jerry Kern ●
Jennifer Kim-Ardakani
Bruce and Meghan Kimmel
Marsha King
Richard S. Kleber ●
Julie and Rick Kleinschmidt
John and Carol Kline 
Jessica Knight
Peter Krahn
Kari and Sam Kramer
Debra Krause
Eric Kreidler
Patrick and Catherine Kriske
Brad Kruse and Kimberly Faurot
David Kuhn
Jacob LaCroix
Adora S. Land Tolefree
Therese and Al Lavalle ●
Bernadine and William Leach ●
Jane and John Lebens 
Angela Lee
Ev Lee
Evelyn Lee
Cynthia L. Lehr and Stephen Brill 
Christine Lekatz
Elena Leomi
Anne and John Levin
Anne Li
Keith Liuzzi
Heather Loch ■♦

Leah Logan 
Manuel M. Lopez, Ph.D.
Mike Luke
Karen Olson Mader
Kristina and John Madigan
Tasslyn and Dan Magnusson ●
Virginia Mahlum
Darla Mariette
Karen Marinovich
Judith Markus Gair
Ann Marlow
Mary and Jack Maslowski
Alicia Mason 
Amma Mason
Harold E. and Gaye Adams Massey
Susan Mathison
Michael J. and Oi C. Mattison 
Mary O'Brien McAdaragh
Rachel McCabe ●
Patrick McCardle
Dick and Regina McCarthy
Thomas McCullough
Rose McDonough
Kathryn McGraw-Schuchman 
Anne McInerney
Nancy McKillips
Jeanne and Jeffrey McLean 
Shannon McLevish ■♦
Kathleen M. McNamara ●
Cara and John McNulty
Dominic McQuerry ●
Julie Megow 
Debi and Dennis Meissner
John Meyer
Joan Migliaccio
Mallory Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell
Ron and Marilyn Mitsch
Karine and Paul Moe
Lulete Mola
Jodie Monson
Danielle Monteith
Rosanne Monten
Xong Mouacheupao
Frank Mumford
Joe and Annalise Munnich
David and Judith Nass
John Neitz
Averial Nelson
Clyde D. Nelson 
Gary Nelson 
Kathy Nelson
Sara Nelson 
Stephanie Nelson-Dusek 
Matthew Newby
Barbara Nichols
Sara Nick
Kate Nickolay
Steve Nippolt
Dave and Jacinta Nkwonta
Mr. Michael Nowak ●
Gayle M. and Tim Ober
Donald and Myrna Oettinger
Jeana Ogren
Allan and Katie
Jerrald and Peggy Ohm
Sandra Oldaker
Janice and Gordon Olson
Mark and Norma Olson
Bonnie B. Padilla
Mary Jane and Bruce Pappas
Alissa Partee
Margaret S. Pavlik
Alanna Pawlowski
Kate Pearce
Jenny Perona
Amanda Pesta
Lucille Petermeier ●
Stephen Peters
Marijo Peterson
Doug Franzen and Pat Peterson
Susan Pfau 
Rachel Pickle
Sharon D. Pitala
Julie G. Pitsenbarger 
Wendy Placko
Pay Poe
Angie Pokharel 
Ted Pouliot
Judie A. Prayfrock
Sara Prigge
Zachary Pruitt
Courtney Puckett
Ann Marie Pueschner
Denise and Dan Quinlan
Mariana Quiroga and Sam Schinazi
Peggy Radford
Ela Rausch and Jonathan Hansen
Melissa Reeder
Rosemarie Reger-Rumsey
Peg Ring
Nannette Ringham
Gena Robertson
Anne and Jeff Rodenberg 
Patricia A. Romanowski
Valerie A. Romansky
Nadine Ronning
Shirley Rosenblum
Kathryn Rossez
Katherine Routt 
Helen Rush ●
Stephen and Ann Russell
Catherine Rye
Mary Salisbury
Mark and Alison Savin
Jerome Scanlon
ManaRae Schaan
John and Ruth Scheef
Phil and Susan Schenkenberg
Mary Schmidt
Sara Schmidt
Janelle and Tom Schnadt
Mark and Lisa Schroeder
Sue Schroer
Nancy Schuel
Shawn Schuette 
Jason Schuller
Cathy Schwichtenberg
Michael Scott Brophy
Jeff and Mary Scott 
Matthew Sebold 
Maddie Seidel
Kathleen Shelley
Carrie Jo Short
Candi Shreve 
Joan and Francisco Cardona
Joe and Charlene Simonson
Paul A. Sinclair 
Deborah Sittko ●
Dorothy Skobba ●
Sandi Smith
Terrie Smith ●
Verna Smith
Larry Soderholm
Ann M. Somers 
Mary Spelbrink
Cammi Stahlke
Ralph M. Stair, Jr.
Roberta Stark
Russ Stark and Betsy Murray
Amy Stedman
Patty Stolpman
John Stone
Francie E. Streich
Jana Sullivan
John and Diana Swanson ●
Craig Sweet 
Derek Tasler
Beth Taylor
Amanda and Mark Tempel
Christine and Mark Thomas
Gael Thompson ●
Gary Thompson
Robert and Kathy Thompson
Eric Thrall
Kari Tierney
Diane Tinnes
Jeffrey and Paula Tressler
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Larry Tucker
Marilyn Turner
Nan Upin 
Kelly Urista and Ed Parker ●
Jennifer Valorose 
Ana Van de Hinz
Jessica Van Kirk
Jane Vanderpoel and Kevin Gutknecht ●
Nou Vang 
Wesley S. Volkenant
Alice Vollmar
Jenna Voss 
Patrick Votel
Erica Wacker
Sally Ann and William Wacker
Nathan Wade
Sean Walbran
David and Thelma Walker
Patricia Walker
Kerry Walsh and Tom Meyer 
Candi Walz
Deborah Wayne
Terrae J. Weatherman
Tim Webert
Julia Welter
Barb Wessberg
Edward M. Weston 
Tammy Wickum
Claudia R. Wiebold 
Martha and Gary Wilhorn
Mike Wilson and Marci Mylan
Michael Wirth-Davis
Bee Xiong-Vang 
Chi Yang ●
Mai Pa Yang 
Nou Yang 
Marcia and Jerry Yanz
Amanda B. Yates
Terri Yearwood
Francene Young Rolstad 
Nancy J. Youngdahl
Robert H. Zabel ●
Barbara Zeis 
Charles and Julie Zelle
Dale and Claudia Zellmer 
Caitlin Zimmerman
Margaret R. K. Zimmerman
Steven and Susan Zimmerman
Wayne Zimmerman

Thank You for Your In Kind Gifts

Erik Andress
Anonymous (10)
Arthur Murray Dance Centers
B.C. Contracting
Amy Barthel 
Bent Paddle Brewing Co.
Andy and Lisa Brown 
Julie Brunner and Dale Ulrich
Armando Camacho 
Caron Chiropractic Clinic PA
City Tailor's Masks
Angela A. Clair 
Ellen Cleary
Amelia Colwell 
Commonweal Theatre Company
Phil Cooper 
Andrea Corich
Cyber Advisors, Inc.
Kathy Dahlen 
Dancing Dragonfly Winery
Dellwood Country Club
Andrea Domaskin and Quang Trieu 
Barbara Eijadi
Farmer's Insurance
Holly Forsberg & Family 
Fresh Paint
Maria R. Gomez
Great American History Theatre
Great Lakes Aquarium
Haley Upholstery
Robyn L. Hansen
Hats & Mittens
Joan Hawk
Jennie and John Hawkins 
Healthworks Book Club
Sandra Her 
Cheryl Holm 
Amy E. Huerta 
Ideal Printers, Inc
Chuck Kanski
Kathie Kelly
Maureen Kenney 
Julie Kimlinger
Kevin Kirchner
Lark Toys
Steve and Dee Legvold
Shelley J. Lutes
Kristina Madigan
Tasslyn and Dan Magnusson 
Michael Maguire
Sandra Menefee Taylor
Joan Morehouse
Michelle M. Morehouse 
Todd and Dawn Mueller 
Patti Nalipinski
Katharine C. Nee
Dixie Nelson
Wendy Placko
R. F. Moeller Jeweler
Ramsey Hill Association
Restaurant Technologies, Inc.
Anne and Jeff Rodenberg 
Lynne Rossetto Kasper
Stephen and Amy Rothstein 
Samreen and Sameer Saadi ♦
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Kathryn L. Schleich
Shepherd of the Valley Church
Debra Staal
Theresa Stene
Saints Martha and Mary Church
Jennifer M. Thao and Gregg J. Musiker 
Three Rivers Park District
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Total Wine and More
UBS Plaza
Greater Twin Cities United Way
UnitedHealth Group
University of MN - James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History
Austine Vaughn-Bergling 
Serena and Nick Vruno 
White Bear Country Inn
Wilderness Inquiry
Ann L. Wynia

Thank You Businesses & Organizations

Abbott Laboratories
Advance Consulting, LLC 
AmazonSmile Foundation 
Ameriprise Financial Matching Gift Program 
Andata LLC
Andersen Corporation 
Arch Insurance Group
Best & Flanagan LLP
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota 
Bongard Corporation
Cargill, Inc
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Church of St. Odilia
Dell Technologies
Democracy Fund
Driessen Water, Inc.
Estee Lauder
Fish & Richardson
General Mills
Highview Christian Lutheran Church
Hiway Credit Union
Johnson and Johnson
League of Minnesota Cities
Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy
Medtronic Foundation 
Metro Meals on Wheels 
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
MN Lambda Master Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi
Neuger Communications Group
Old Timers Fast-Pitch Softball Association 
Piper Jaffray Foundation
Presbyterian Church of the Apostles
Prime Therapeutics
River Network
Saint Paul Midway Lions Club Foundation, Inc. 
The Clorox Company
The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Employee Matching Fund
U.S. Bank Foundation - Employee Matching Program
VMware Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

Gifts In Memory Of

Ronald E. Anderson
Helen Carlson

Jerome W. Castle
Margaret M. Castle

Grandma Chris
Amy and John Hink

John Comford
Mary Comford
Jeanne and Jeffrey McLean
John Neitz

Mary Ann Davis
Michelle M. Morehouse

Richard Finn
David and Judith Nass

Jeffrey A. Gair
Patricia R. Gulden
Judith Markus Gair
Janelle and Tom Schnadt
Patricia Walker

Elizabeth Hilke
John and Carol Kline
Kevin Kenney
Judy Kenney

Ernest Lheureux Thomas
Kristen Chilson

Carol Lillehaugen
Evelyn Lee

Joanne and Lewis Lisson
Therese and Al Lavalle

Henry Low
Joshua Low

Jon Nicholson
Henry Bendixen

Judy Ohm
Stuart Ackerberg
Kathie Bindel
Georgia Boehlke
Tisha Bolger
Lindsey Dyer
Mary and Jack Maslowski
Michelle M. Morehouse
Allan and Katie Ohm
Dylan Ohm
Jerrald and Peggy Ohm
Sue Piva and Laurie Keate
Valerie A. Romansky
ManaRae and Ken Schaan
Terrie Smith
Paula and Jeffrey Tressler
Martha and Gary Wilhorn   

Richard Sunderman
Nancy Schuel
Alice Vollmar
Barb Wessberg

Kathy Thomalla

Paul Verret
Animal Humane Society
Norrine Bohman
Laura Brown
Andy and Lisa Brown
Beth Burns
Armando Camacho
Ellen Cleary
Amelia Colwell
Cassie and Dan Cramer
Charlton H. Dietz
Andrea Domaskin and Quang Trieu
Nona and Vanwright Ferguson
Holly Forsberg & Family
Mairs & Power
Paul and Tara Mattessich
David and Sherla Mayer
Michelle M. Morehouse
Averial Nelson
Barbara Nichols
Margaret S. Pavlik
Paige and Anthony Priolo
Anne and Jeff Rodenberg
Nadine Ronning
Kathryn Rossez
The Rothchild Family Fund
Barbara Roy
Carrie Jo Short
Jennifer M. Thao and Gregg J. Musiker
Marcia and Jerry Yanz

Phyllis Joyce Wickman
Mark and Lisa Schroeder

Margaret Zellmer
Dale and Claudia Zellmer

Gifts in Honor Of

Wilder colleagues who do incredible work every single day!
Austine Vaughn-Bergling

The founders and their family and the next generation for their dreams of what can be! In remembrance of all those who are homeless and stressed in this current season that this Wilder Foundation seeks to serve and reach out to in love!
Marsha King

Sue Piva's commitment to Wilder
Dana B. Badgerow and Kathy F. Barclay

All the good folks who work at and work with Wilder Foundation
Mortenson Family Foundation

Lindsay Bacher
Mallory Mitchell
Mary Salisbury

Christian Floyd Baker
Advance Consulting, LLC

Sameerah Bilal-Roby

Julie Brunner's commitment to Wilder
Jim and Barb Eppel

Julie Brunner
Sharon and Michael Ahern
Bruce and Meghan Kimmel
Heydinger-Jones Family Fund of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation      

Armando Camacho
Samuel Eberhart
Timian Family Fund

Ellen Cleary
Mary Salisbury

Amelia Colwell
Mary Salisbury

Lequetta Diggs
Richard S. Kleber

Julie Eagan
Patrick McCardle

Farm Credit Foundations

Christopher Jacobowski
Patricia A. Romanowski

Tiffany Scott Knox
James Collins

Emily Lawrence
Christian Graefe

Amelia Jenkins
Roxanne Jenkins

Tom and Mary Kingston
Megan Kingston   

Judy Kishel
Shirley Rosenblum

Emily Lawrence
Christian Graefe

Allison and Alex Liuzzi
Keith Liuzzi and Diana Cumming

Joe Lundequam

Tasslyn Magnusson
Dorothy L. Skobba

Ronan O'Brien McAdaragh
Mary O'Brien McAdaragh

Eric Nicholson
Ann C. Nicholson
Holcomb Family Fund

Kathy Ramsay
Ann and Terrence Huntrods

Rod and Kathy Ringham
Nannette Ringham

Anne Rodenberg
Mary Salisbury

Fritz Rorvig
Tammy Wickum

Barbara Roy
John Stone

Kiaan Jai Sankallia
Stephen Peters

Tiffany Scott-Knox
Mortensen Family Foundation

Jill Sigelman
Sara Schmidt    

Shirley Swenson and David Hill 
John and Jane Lebens

Jane E. Tigan
Jill M. Hayes   

Thomas Ulness
Mark Barrett

Jennifer Valorose Scheef
John and Ruth Scheef 

Jim Van Kirk
Jessica Van Kirk

Patrick Zimmerman
Caitlin Zimmerman
Wayne Zimmerman

Grants to Wilder

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
Allina Health
American Lung Association of Minnesota and North Dakota
Andersen Corporate Foundation
Andis Charitable Gift Fund
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation
Berg Family Charitable Fund
Blandin Foundation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
Boston Scientific Corporation
Brad and Sue Hewitt DAF of InFaith Community Foundation
Brady Paul West Charitable Fund
Bush Foundation
Cassie and Dan Cramer Fund of The Schwab Charitable Fund
Cecelia M. Goswitz Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Central Minnesota Community Foundation
Child Care Aware of Minnesota
Christine & Patrick Donovan Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Ciresi Walburn Foundation for Children
Cirillo Family Charitable Fund
Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties
Cummins Foundation
David M. & Mary Ann Barrows Wark Foundation
Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Dr. James W. LaFave and Gail O. LaFave Fund
Dr. Robert and Linda Fisher Charitable Fund
Drew Martin Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Ecolab Foundation
Emma B. Howe Memorial Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation
Eugene U. and Mary F. Frey Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
F. R. Bigelow Foundation
Family Housing Fund
Frank M. DeForce Fund
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Frey Foundation
General Mills Foundation
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Grotto Foundation
Hardenbergh Foundation
Hearth Connection
Heydinger-Jones Family Fund of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Holcomb Family Fund
HRK Foundation
Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
I & G Charitable Foundation
Initiative Foundation
ISD 287 (Intermediate School District 287)
Jim Rustad Charitable Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Joan Duddingston Fund of Schwab Charitable
John A. & Karen J. Meslow Charitable Fund of The Stablish Foundation
Ken and Nina Rothchild Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Kuhrmeyer Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
Lewis and Dianne Damer Fund at Schwab Charitable
Lumabel Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
M Health Fairview
Mankato Area Foundation
Mardag Foundation
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
Mark and Jackie Nolan Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Mark Traynor and Jen Peterson Fund of Morgan Stanley Global
Mary and Louis Eisenmenger Memorial Fund
Metro Meals on Wheels
Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minneapolis Foundation
Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Minnesota Department of Human Services - Aging
Minnesota Housing
Minnesota State Arts Board
Minnesota Vikings
Missy Staples Thompson Fund
Morgan Family Foundation
Mortenson Family Foundation
Nicholson Family Foundation
Northland Foundation
Northwest Minnesota Foundation
Otto Bremer Trust
Patrick & Colleen Bollom Family Fund of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Pohlad Family Foundation
Pope/Wong Family Fund
Ramsey County Community Human Services
Richard & Nancy Nicholson Fund, The Nicholson Family Foundation
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Robert E. and Edith M. Grissinger Foundation
Robin J. Torgerson Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Roger & Patricia Kerber Family Fund of Schwab Charitable
Ronnie and Roger Brooks Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Saint Paul Public Library
Saint Paul Public Schools
Scott Family Foundation
Southwest Initiative Foundation
Stair Family Charitable Fund
State of Minnesota
Stevens Square Foundation
Swanson Charity Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Target Foundation
The C. Curtis Dunnavan Fund
The Chris and Anne Hilger Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
The COLO Fund at Schwab Charitable
The Dante Moreira Gilbert Fund of Franklin Charitable Giving
The Dietz Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
The EkoForss II Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust
The Garofalo Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
The Gary and Paula Christensen Family Charitable Fund
The Grabow-Halperin Family Fund of Schwab Charitable
The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota
The John and Ruth Huss Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
The Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
The McKnight Foundation
The Mitsch Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
The Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation
The Tretheway Beeman Fund of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
The Troy Family Fund of National Christian Foundation
Timian Family Fund
Todd and Martha Nicholson Fund of The Nicholson Family Foundation
Trillium Family Foundation
UCare Foundation
United Health Foundation
UnitedHealth Group
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Walser Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Wilford Family Foundation
William E. Harrison Charitable Fund of US Charitable Trust
Woine Tadesse Fund of The Women's Foundation of MN
Women's Foundation of Minnesota
YF Yang Memorial Fund
Zesbaugh Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Zierdt Family Charitable Fund

Thank You Heritage Partners
for your lasting support of Wilder!

Your gifts to Wilder’s endowment work to sustain our vision of ensuring families and communities thrive today and for generations to comes. By making a gift through your wills, life income arrangements, beneficiary designations and other estate plans, you help us be here for good!

Anonymous (20)
John and Anne Bendt
William J. Benzick
Charles R. Betts*
Margaret M. Betts*
Craig and Kathleen Binger
Edgar and Jean Blanch*
Elizabeth Bogared*
Tisha Bolger
Ronnie and Roger Brooks
Hildegarde H. Conkling*
Robert A. Crowe*
Craig Currie
David Monson*
Ken and Abby Dawkins
Charlton H. Dietz
Elisabeth W. Doermann*
Dottie Dietz*
Drs. Phillip and Sandra Edwardson
Lorraine M. Ellingsen*
Arthur R. Emmerich*
Barbara A. and Dennis 
Judith Gavin
Bob and Elaine Golberg
MayKao Y. Hang and Lao Lu Hang
John Hauschild*
Mary Heiserman
Adrian and Nancy Hertog
Katharina Hertog*
Hertog, Herman
Catherine and John Hill*
Martha E. Hoover*
Mary* and Irving Jerry
Bernice R. Jessen*
Rod and Lil Johnson
David Kachel*
Nancy L. Kachel
Janet Kelly*
Bruce Kiernat*
Elizabeth Kiernat
Tom and Mary Kingston
Laurence J. Kress*
Francis and Verona* LaBelle
LeAnn G. LaCourse*
John and Nancy* Lambros
Martha A. E. Larson*

Alice Leach*
Roger Lenzmeier*
Leonard H. Wilkening*
George A. Mairs, III*
Dusty Mairs
L. Frank and Irene Maistrovich*
Philip C. Manz
Paul and Tara Mattessich
Dorothy K. Merrill*
Mary Jo Monson
Michelle M. Morehouse
Roberta A. Mundschenk*
John and Renee Nagel
Nancy Hauschild
Charles Naumann McCloud, M.D.
Nancy and Thomas Nelson
Eric Nicholson and Anna Waters
Walter and Eleanor Nyberg*
Constance Otis
Gregory and Phyllis Owen
George C. Power, Jr.*
George and Diane Power
Norman M. Rose
Ken and Nina* Rothchild
Philemon C. Roy*
Barbara Roy
Kathryn L. Schleich
David and Cecilia Simpson
Jean Teigland and Russ Felkey
Leonard H. Tesmer*
Robert H. Tucker*
Carolyn and Paul* Verret
Paul and Lucille Werner*
Richard and Florence Wickworth*
Winnie V. Wickworth*
Leni and George Wilcox
Robert R. Wilke*
Jean Wilkening*
Becky and Gerald Woelfel
Ann L. Wynia
Mai Kou Xiong*
Robert and Katherine Yaeger
Marcia and Jerry Yanz
Reta G. Youngman
Dick and Janine Zehring

Ordinary Magic Sponsors

Wilder thanks the following generous sponsors for their support of Ordinary Magic, our annual fundraising event in support of Wilder, held in May 2021.


Abbott Laboratories
Advance Consulting, LLC
Ciresi Conlin, LLP
Mairs & Power
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Hirtle, Callaghan & Co LLC
Andersen Corporation
Thrivent Foundation
Cyber Advisors, Inc.
Hays Companies
Aon Foundation
Bell Bank
Delta Dental of Minnesota
Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff & Johnson, PA
Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services
Nilan Johnson Lewis
Speece Thorson Capital Group, Inc.
Spire Federal Credit Union
The Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation