A married elderly couple side hugging and looking at each other while they're outside during the spring time.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers


Our Caregiving Services are working with Juniper, a program of Trellis, to host the Powerful Tools for Caregivers course. This six week program will provide caregivers tools and resources, including receiving a copy of The Caregiver Handbook, and will:

  1. Improve self-care behaviors such as exercise, relaxation and medical care;
  2. Improve emotional management, including reducing guilt, anger and depression;
  3. and Increase self confidence in coping with the demands of caregiving.

These classes will be held every Tuesday, starting on October 10, 2023. There is no fee to register for this class, however, donations are accepted. These meetings will be held virtually, and a meeting link will be sent to you upon registration.

For more information, please contact Wilder Caregiver Services at or (651) 280-2273. You can also view the attached flier below.