Black parent and baby, pregnancy diagram

Birthing Fruition: 5 Prong Learning Cohort Training


The African American Babies Coalition and Projects (AABC) is proud to host the Birthing Fruition 5-Prong Learning Cohort. This learning experience will help participants develop skills in perinatal care and education to support Black and Brown communities. Health care professionals, home visitors, advocates and parents are invited to apply to the cohort to learn and share knowledge about supporting the birthright of each child and family to be well.

The Birthing Fruition Learning Cohort curriculum takes into account the structural and social determinants of health and well-being, and pays special attention to being solution-focused, client-centered, and strength-based. Sessions will be hosted by a broad range of perinatal professionals with experience working with BIPOC community members. At the end of the learning cohort, participants will be equipped with a set of tools to support birthing people directly and collaborate with health care teams effectively.

Participants who complete the entire cohort will receive a certificate of completion in the Birthing Fruition Learning Cohort and the Community Outreach Perinatal Educator (COPE) Training.

Due to the collaborative nature of the learning cohort, space is limited to 10 participants. The majority of the sessions will be conducted in-person in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Please contact Angela Moore-Smith with any questions or for more information.


Birthing Fruition Training Schedule