Adult Savior to Co-creator: Reimagining Youth Engagement & Collaboration


Join this workshop to understand and reflect on how adults can engage, support and effectively collaborate with youth.

Price: Per Person
Standard Rate - $65
Nonprofit Rate - $55
Group Rate - $45

Wilder Center (Amherst H. Wilder Foundation)
451 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, MN 55104

About this workshop presented by Wilder's youth leadership development staff:

Many of us want to make this world a better place for our youth, but sometimes, we may fall into the trap of becoming adult saviors. This mental model leads us to think that we are the Superheroes who know more and want to save the communities we serve.

This workshop will kick off with reflecting on ourselves and our everyday engagements with youth, analyze our assumptions and worldviews of youth work, and develop strategies to become effective collaborators and co-creators with the young people we intend to serve.

By attending this workshop, youth practitioners will:

  1. Increase self-awareness of how you engage and support youth
  2. Understand mindsets, practices and systems that are barriers to effective youth work
  3. Gain strategies to shift power from adults to youth

Youth practitioners who will benefit from this workshop:

  • High school teachers and staff
  • Directors, managers, associates and administrative specialists of community services and programs for youth ages 13-18

We understand that not all participants can contribute the full cost of the workshop and we are committed to ensuring that this workshop is accessible to all who find value in it. If you would like a scholarship to attend this workshop, please contact Nou Yang at

About the Presenters:

Nou Yang | Senior Director of Community Leadership Programs |

Nou Yang is passionate about creating spaces for collaborative learning and dialogue around issues of identity, cross-cultural leadership, youth development, and gender equity. She has 20 years of professional experience including direct service work, fostering opportunities for leadership and engaging community toward action and management. Her work spans leading youth leadership development programs, providing training and technical support to organizations, crisis intervention services to families and vulnerable adults, and gender equity work. A Hmong refugee woman, Nou believes deeply that all people have value and growth happens through reflection, listening and dialogue.

Sally Brown | Independent Consultant

Sally is dedicated to creating a world where all people are respected and included. Her work includes education for children and youth with disabilities, service learning, intergenerational programming, youth development, leadership development, and community building. Sally taught in the Peace Corps, where she also started a school for children with intellectual disabilities. She then worked at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation where she developed many new initiatives including the Teen/Age Work Program, the Leap Forward for Children collaborative, the Jobs Plus Program, the Karen Neighborhood Leadership Program and the Youth Leadership Initiative. Sally’s skills include program design, project planning, program management, training and facilitation. She is known for creative leadership and a commitment to inclusion and multiculturalism. Sally has a BA in psychology from Middlebury College and an M.A. and M.Ed. in special education from Columbia University.

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This educational training workshop is provided by the Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence™

Event Location

Wilder Center (Amherst H. Wilder Foundation)
451 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, MN 55104