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Community Impact

Lasting, positive change with and for the Saint Paul community

Wilder is committed to creating lasting, positive change with and for the Saint Paul community. We know we can’t do this work alone, so we unite with partners to eliminate barriers, transform systems and strengthen communities from within. We seek ways to multiply our impact and share our insights so others can benefit from our work.

2018 Annual Report is Now Available

Visit our annual report page for stories of healing, learning and community impact. 



No matter what our partnerships look like, our goal is always the same: to create lasting, positive change rooted in people, sustained by relationships, and ultimately uniting families and communities. Learn more about our featured collaborative efforts:

Wilder by the Numbers

Wilder provided mental health services to more than 1,800 people last year.

More than 2,000 volunteers help bring our mission to life each year.

Wilder Research produced more than 250 reports in 2018.

We delivered more than 30,000 Meals on Wheels in 2018.


Wilder is one of six Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics in the state of Minnesota.

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Courageous Stories

Barbara Lewis, former participant in Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Rental Assistance Program

Saint Paul Mother Finds Stability After Experiencing Homelessness: I Am Feeling Awesome These Days 

What does it take to live a stable life? For Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood resident Barbara Lewis, the answer has three parts: “Home, kids and career – if you have those three things and you’re happy with them, then everything goes smo...More about this story »