Information to Shape Minnesota's Future

Led by Wilder Research, Minnesota Compass gives people who live and work in our state a common foundation of information to understand and act on community issues that affect them.
Minnesota Compass measures progress in our state, its seven regions, 87 counties and larger cities. Compass tracks trends in topic areas such as education, economy and workforce, health, housing, public safety, and a host of others. It inspires people to take action to improve our economic vitality and quality of life.
  • Current trends on issues that impact the quality of life in Minnesota and your community.
  • Disparities in race, income, and education that keep us from making progress.
  • Useful strategies to improve conditions,and information about groups already working to make change.
Compass is supported by a collaborative of foundations. Wilder Research was selected to lead and manage the initiative because of our experience in bringing together groups with different interests and opinions, our commitment to objective, unbiased information,  and our expertise in benchmarking and tracking trends and data.

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