Achievement Plus

Achievement Plus is a private/public partnership between the Saint Paul Public Schools and the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. The primary goal of Achievement Plus is to improve student achievement in schools located in low income areas of the city, while serving as a model for urban education.
The three main components of Achievement Plus are academics, out-of-school learning opportunities, and learning supports that assist students, families and community members.
Achievement Plus was created in 1997. Other partners who helped create the initiative included the City of Saint Paul, Ramsey County, the State of Minnesota and many private funders and foundations.

Curriculum Focus Areas

The Achievement Plus curriculum provides a standards-based, aligned curriculum that focuses on the core skills of reading, writing, mathematics and science; staff are provided with in-depth, on-going professional development that helps them to work collaboratively in using data to drive instruction.

Read more about the Achievement Plus schools, the full-service community school model, and learning supports available through Achievement Plus. For more information, contact Chuayi Thao, Achievement Plus Project Manager at 651-793-7367 or


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