Make an Impact as a Wilder Volunteer


Wilder Foundation's work is enriched every day by hundreds of individuals in the community who generously donate their time to support our mission. We are always looking for new volunteers seeking a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families in need.
Whatever you choose to do as a volunteer, from setting aside a day to participate in social activities with older adults or taking part in any of the other countless opportunities available, you can make a tremendous impact on the people we serve.

Volunteers Have Flexible Opportunities

You have a chance to work with the youth, families or older adults who are participants of our various programs and services or you can even lend a hand at our events.

Volunteer opportunities are flexible and can be done on a one-time, part-time or regular basis. You can also choose to volunteer individually or in a group.

Contribute Specific Skills and Experience

Skill-based or pro-bono volunteers also contribute their experience to a variety of projects at Wilder Foundation. We occasionally have internship opportunities within our programs and services as well.

If you are interested in how your specific career skills can make an impact as a volunteer or an intern, please contact us.

How to Become a Volunteer

Wilder provides a comprehensive application, orientation and training process to ensure that we match you with a volunteer opportunity that fits your skills and interests.
The following is a list of steps required to become a Wilder volunteer:

1.  Complete a volunteer application.

2.  Pass a criminal background check.

3.  Conduct a placement interview.

4.  Complete orientation and position-specific training.

Questions about Volunteering

Send us an email with your first and last name, phone number and questions to


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