Wilder Center for Communities

Wilder Center for Communities engages citizens and leaders to address vital community issues.  Through leadership programs, volunteerism, convening, and community initiatives, we are helping to build capacity and develop the next generation of engaged and involved residents.
The Wilder Foundation's core areas of research, direct service programs, and capacity-building integrate in the Wilder Center for Communities, helping to identify challenges and gaps that can be addressed through new or expanded work.
An example this past year is the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, a vision to have 4,000 children be successful in school and life by weaving together supports from cradle to career.  Key partners and staff engaged 652 Saint Paul residents and 77 partners signed on to make a strategic investment toward this collective effort.
Wilder offers three main leadership development opportunities.  The James P.  Shannon Leadership Institute, a unique program that incorporates self-reflection with leadership development, works with experienced nonprofit leaders who leverage the insight and learnings into high impact for their mission-driven fields.  Both the Youth Leadership Initiative and the Neighborhood Leadership Programs engage multicultural groups in identifying and building on their strengths and experiences to improve current and future generations of leaders.



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