Neighborhood Leadership Programs 

The Wilder Foundation’s Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) develops the skills of existing and emerging community leaders. We offer an in-depth Leadership Cohort as well as concise 18-hour trainings for specific community groups. By participating in these programs, participants enhance their ability to act on important community issues. 

Leadership Cohort 

The Leadership Cohort is an in-depth program bringing together 20-30 diverse leaders from across the community in twice-monthly sessions to develop leadership skills and promote effective action. NLP also matches participants with community leadership coaches who serve as learning partners during their time in the program.

Community-Specific Leadership Programs 

Community-specific leadership programs are concise 18-hour trainings offered in a flexible format from two to seven weeks in length and adapted for specific community groups including Latina women, the Karen community and residents of public and supportive housing. Participants gain basic skills, knowledge, and experiences related to community involvement and leadership that may not have been available to them before.

How to Get Involved

Community members have numerous ways to take part in NLP.
  • Join: For more information on any of the programs offered by NLP, contact Coulette Columbus-Powers: 651-280-2366 or
  • Volunteer: NLP works closely with volunteers to enhance our leadership programs. Volunteer opportunities range from office support and childcare to community coaches and professional trainers and speakers.


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