You know where you want to be.
You just need help getting there.

In fast-paced work environments, it’s difficult to find the time, space and expertise needed to plan for the future and develop new ideas. Wilder Center for Communities offers facilitation, community engagement and leadership development services to help organizations reach their full potential.

Our team has decades of experience building the capacity of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and businesses. We approach this work with an inclusive, culturally competent framework so participants better understand their strengths and how to work more effectively with others. No matter the size or scope of your organization, we can help you face the future with confidence.



Helping You Work Inclusively & Effectively

Customized Facilitation

Wilder Center for Communities has over 20 years’ experience helping organizations of all sizes define and reach their goals. We work with you to understand your needs and create customized, facilitated experiences that unlock your organization’s potential. We specialize in:

  • A range of facilitation formats including the Art of Hosting and Technology of Participation models
  • Customized workshops, facilitated discussions and community conversations suited to organizations large and small
  • An inclusive approach that taps into your organization’s expertise and strengths

Planning with Purpose

Whether your organization is beginning the strategic planning process or you just need to refresh an existing plan, Wilder Center for Communities can help. Our experienced facilitators assist agencies of all sizes to develop a roadmap for managing change and growth into the future:

  • Guided retreats for staff and leadership
  • Facilitated brainstorming and visioning sessions
  • Short- and long-term values-based planning

Engaging Community

Complex projects that have an impact beyond your business require community input. For agencies seeking to expand their community impact or begin a new social enterprise, Wilder Center for Communities provides collaborative planning services that build the capacity of your organization and the communities you serve:

  • Cross-sector planning
  • Community engagement and convening
  • Staff and team development
  • Strategic planning and consultation

Developing Leaders

Wilder Center for Communities provides leadership development services that inspire participants to contribute, act and lead within a diverse and inclusive setting. We will work with you to create an affordable, quality experience tailored to a specific topic, exercise or skill set. Our range of expertise allows us to customize training opportunities for small work teams and large organizations alike. Our services include:

  • Personal and professional effectiveness
  • Value-based leadership training
  • Effective team and community building
  • Facilitating courageous conversations





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 Our Team


Damon Shoholm

Damon creates the conditions for effective reflection while serving to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations alike. With a background in Applied Leadership, Damon has more than 10 years’ experience in leadership development, civic engagement and facilitation training. Damon is trained in the Art of Hosting and Technology of Participation facilitation models.

Nou Yang

Nou is passionate about fostering opportunities for leadership and engaging community toward action. She has over 15 years’ experience using experiential learning strategies and strengths-based approaches with diverse populations. A Hmong refugee woman, Nou believes deeply that all people have value and growth happens through reflection, listening and dialogue.

Paul Robinson

Paul optimizes the intersection of ideas, difference, passion and effective action. He enjoys using his skills in meeting design, facilitation, and convening to catalyze meaningful connections and collective action. His combined experience in ministry, business, administration, nonprofit management and leadership development spans 20 years.

Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten focuses on engagement, collaboration and systems change. She specializes in bringing diverse groups together, helping to surface new ideas and identify common goals and fostering opportunities for innovation and systems change. Kirsten is a trained facilitator in the Art of Hosting and has worked in the nonprofit sector on program and community development for 15 years.