Research Services - FAQs

Q: Can you help us with a grant proposal?
A: Yes, we can help you develop a proposal; we most often assist with or write the evaluation section.

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: We offer a menu of service options tailored to your research needs and budget. Project costs can be highly variable depending upon the complexity of the project.

Q: Do you work on small/really large projects?
A: We work on all sizes of projects, from providing a few hours of consultation to multi-year, multi-component research projects. Get an idea of the range of our projects by looking at a list of our publications.

Q: Do you work with organizations outside of Saint Paul?
A: Yes, we have worked with clients from greater Minnesota, other states, and other countries.

Q: Can I hire you to do just one component of a research project?
A: Yes. Our staff includes experts in research design, data collection (surveys, focus groups, and interviews), data entry, data analysis, literature searches and reviews, and summarizing and presenting results.

Q: What types of data collection services do you offer?
A: We can help collect data for a community needs assessment, conduct a client satisfaction survey, measure program outcomes, or use a mixed-method approach for a complex study. Our multilingual research interviewers have rich backgrounds in a variety of fields including ecucation, health care, and the social sciences.

Q: What topic areas do you work in?
A: Our projects cover a wide variety of topics that fall under social research, health and human services, and education. To learn more, check out our research areas.

Q: I need help with a project immediately. Is that possible?
A: We try to accommodate your needs.  Let us know your timeline and we can see if we have available staff.

Q: Instead of conducting an evaluation, can you teach our organization how to do it ourselves?
A: Yes, we can work with you to develop your internal capacity so that you can design and carry out your own evaluation. We conduct evaluation trainings and provide technical assistance to organizations. More information

Q: Can you help us with strategic planning?
A: We are experts at helping programs create logic models and identifying program goals and outcomes, which can be an important part of strategic planning. We also offer limited strategic planning services for projects of certain types. Talk with us to determine whether we can meet your needs or whether we should recommend that you bring in other consultants.

Q; My organization just needs a database or help making sense of an existing database – can you help?
A: We have helped hundreds of service providers with their data management needs ranging from small to large. Sometimes we develop small databases as part of a focused evaluation project. In addition, we serve as developer and administrator for large, internet-based databases for organizations and collaboratives  serving those receiving services related to homelessness, mental health, and even out-of-school time activities for children.

We are also adept at making sense out of data from these sorts of databases, whether that means developing “dashboard” reports that are run on a weekly basis, or using the data for in-depth outcome or return-on-investment analysis. We can help make sense out of your data, whether you collect it in your own database or through one of ours.


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