Rochester Even Start Program

Evaluations of the Rochester Even Start Family Literacy Program. The program integrates parent education, adult literacy, early childhood education, and parent-child interactive literacy activities into one comprehensive program for eligible families.

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Transition to Kindergarten Evaluation - Rochester Even Start Family Literacy Program (Hand in Hand)EvaluationMay 2009Katie Broton, Dan Mueller
Follow-up Study of Even Start Participants - Rochester Even Start (Hand-in-Hand) ProgramEvaluationMay 2006Jennifer Lee Schultz, Dan Mueller
Rochester Even Start (Hand in Hand) Parent SurveyEvaluationMay 2005Dan Mueller, Terri Mazurek
Evaluation of Rochester Even Start (Hand-in-Hand) Program - 2001-2002EvaluationFebruary 2003Edith Gozali-Lee, Dan Mueller

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