Ramsey County Solid Waste Master Plan

Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health (Ramsey County) was interested in learning more from residents and businesses in Ramsey County about their current recycling practices, their motivations for recycling, and the barriers to recycling. They were also interested in learning more about residents’ and business representatives’ reactions to possible strategies, programs, and policy options that Ramsey County might consider using to encourage recycling. Wilder Research conducted focus groups with residents, and focus groups and interviews with business representatives in Ramsey County to study these topics. The information was used to inform the development of the Ramsey County Solid Waste Master Plan.

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Residents' and Business Representatives' Views About Recycling and Solid Waste ManagementSurveyAugust 2011Cael Warren, Denise Huynh, Nicole MartinRogers

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