Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention

These evaluations are part of the Minnesota Department of Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division’s statewide youth alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention initiative. The reports address a range of activities, including trainings and conferences, needs assessments, community coalition development, and prevention program implementation.

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Minnesota Prevention Resource Center's Spring 2014 Regional Forum - Summary of Participant FeedbackSurveyJuly 2014Kelsey Imbertson, Jackie Aman
Evaluating Prevention Programs - Tip Sheet for Measuring What Doesn't HappenOtherApril 2014Kristin Dillon, Laura Schauben
Your Regional Prevention Coordinator - Northeast RegionEvaluationApril 2013Lida Gilbertson
Limiting Youth Access to Alcohol from Commercial EstablishmentsEvaluationApril 2013Kelsey Imbertson
2012 ATOD Coalition Survey ResultsEvaluationMarch 2013Lida Gilbertson, Kristin Dillon
ATOD Youth Leadership Academy V - October 2012, Summary of Evaluation ResultsEvaluationDecember 2012Kelsey Imbertson, Kristin Dillon
Coalition Training Needs Survey Results, Full ReportEvaluationAugust 2012Lida Gilbertson, Amy Leite Bennett
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) Evaluation Survey Results - St. Cloud - March 2012EvaluationJuly 2012Amy Leite Bennett
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) Evaluation Survey Results - St. Cloud - December 2011EvaluationJune 2012Kelsey Imbertson, Amy Leite Bennett
Minnesota Prevention Resource Center's Fall 2011 Regional ForumEvaluationFebruary 2012Kelsey Imbertson, Laura Schauben
ATOD Project Northland Training Evaluation Report - Summary of Results July - December 2011EvaluationJanuary 2012Amy Leite Bennett
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) Evaluation Survey Results - Moorhead - June 2011EvaluationNovember 2011Kelsey Imbertson
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) Evaluation Survey Results - North Branch - May 2011EvaluationNovember 2011Darcie Thomsen, Amy Leite Bennett, Kelsey Imbertson
Evaluation of the 2011 Shutting Off the Tap to Teens and Young Adults Conference - Results of Participant SurveysEvaluationOctober 2011Laura Schauben, Kelsey Imbertson
Assessing Community Needs and Readiness - A Toolkit for Working with Communities on ATOD PreventionEvaluationAugust 2011Melanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-Hansen, Laura Martell Kelly
ATOD Prevention Coalition Member Interview Results - Summary of Key Findings 2011EvaluationJune 2011Brian Pittman, Monica Idzelis, Kristin Dillon, Brittney Wagner
Reconnecting Youth - Evaluation Results for an Intensive Prevention CurriculumEvaluationJune 2011Amy Leite Bennett, Kristin Dillon, Monica Idzelis, Rachel Hardeman
Northwest Minnesota Mentoring Program Evaluation ResultsEvaluationJune 2011Monica Idzelis
School-based Prevention Programming Fidelity and Teacher Satisfaction Results - 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11 Schol YearsEvaluationJune 2011Darcie Thomsen, Kristin Dillon, Monica Idzelis, Amy Leite Bennett
Limiting Youth Access to Alcohol From Commercial Establishments - ATOD Planning and Implementation Grantee Progress ReportEvaluationApril 2011June Heineman, Maggie Skrypek, Amy Leite Bennett
Roseau County Business Survey Results, Full ReportEvaluationFebruary 2011Monica Idzelis
Roseau County Business Survey Results, SummaryEvaluationFebruary 2011Monica Idzelis
School-based Fidelity and Teacher Satisfaction Results - 2008-09 and 2009-10 School YearsEvaluationJanuary 2011Monica Idzelis, Darcie Thomsen
ATOD Youth Leadership Academy III - Summary of Evaluation ResultsEvaluationJanuary 2011Monica Idzelis
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) Evaluation Survey Results - All Trainings CombinedEvaluationDecember 2010Laura Schauben
ATOD Coalition Survey Results 2010EvaluationJuly 2010Monica Idzelis, Kristin Dillon
ATOD Cultural Needs AssessmentEvaluationJuly 2010Mao Thao, Amy Leite Bennett
ATOD Youth Leadership Academy II - January 2010 - Summary of Evaluation ResultsEvaluationApril 2010Kristin Dillon, Monica Idzelis
Summary of the Advanced Youth Leadership Training Results - August 2009EvaluationJanuary 2010Monica Idzelis
ATOD Coalition Survey Results 2009EvaluationDecember 2009Amy Leite Bennett, Monica Idzelis
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