MFIP Family Connections

MFIP Family Connections was a collaborative program designed to connect Minnesota Family Investment Program recipients with community supports and services. The multi-year evaluation used an experimental design that compared outcomes for families who were served by the program with a similar group of families who did not receive program services. Reports include a brief that discusses ways that linking services provided by economic support and child welfare programs can benefit children and families and lists considerations for those implementing a coordinated system of support.

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MFIP Family Connections Final Evaluation Report, Full ReportEvaluationApril 2011Monica Idzelis, Maggie Skrypek
MFIP Family Connections Progress Report, Full ReportEvaluationApril 2010Monica Idzelis, Maggie Skrypek
Preventing Child Maltreatment - A Coordinated Model of Support for Families, SnapshotOtherJune 2009Monica Idzelis

Duplication Guidelines

Wilder Research reports are made available on our website to improve the community's understanding of major social issues. Permission to download and copy reports is granted for private, non-commercial and education purposes only. All reproductions require an acknowledgment of the source and author of the work. No resale use may be made of any report without written permission.


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