Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is an initiative to ensure all children have the resources they need to succeed. The Promise Neighborhood encompasses a 250-block area in the Summit-University and Frogtown neighborhoods.

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Families Motivated to Succeed Evaluation Brief, Findings for Cohort 1EvaluationJune 2017Francie Streich
Rental Assistance Program Evaluation - First Year ReportEvaluationJune 2015Francie Streich
Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Freedom School, 2012 Summer LearningEvaluationJanuary 2014Edith Gozali-Lee, Muneer Karcher-Ramos
Evaluation of 2013 Summer Learning Freedom School ProgramEvaluationNovember 2013Edith Gozali-Lee, Amanda Petersen
Summary of results from the 2011 community assessmentSurveyAugust 2011Muneer Karcher-Ramos, Nicole MartinRogers, Dan Mueller, Paul Mattessich
Promise Neighborhood Overview - At a GlanceSurveyMay 2011Muneer Karcher-Ramos
Promise Neighborhood Residents - Their Major Social, Demographic and Economic CharacteristicsOtherFebruary 2011Muneer Karcher-Ramos

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