Homelessness in Minnesota 2015 Study

Every three years, Wilder Research conducts a statewide survey of people who are homeless or living in temporary housing programs. The study includes counts and estimates of the number of people who are homeless and face-to-face interviews with homeless people throughout Minnesota to better understand the causes and circumstances of homelessness.

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Homeless Older Adults in Minnesota - Key Characteristics of Adults Age 55 and Older from the 2015 Minnesota Homeless StudySurveyJune 2017Christin Lindberg, Greg Owen, Karen Ulstad, Michelle Decker Gerrard
Homelessness in Minnesota - Youth on their OwnSurveyApril 2017Wilder Research
Homelessness and Near-Homelessness on Six Minnesota American Indian ReservationsSurveyMarch 2017Sarah Gehrig, Walker Bosch, June Heineman, Nicole MartinRogers
Ramsey County - Characteristics and Trends of Those Experiencing Homelessness in MinnesotaSurveyFebruary 2017June Heineman, Michelle Decker Gerrard, Madeleine Hansen
Hennepin County - Characteristics and Trends of Those Experiencing Homelessness in MinnesotaSurveyDecember 2016Michelle Decker Gerrard, June Heineman, Madeleine Hansen
Homeless Veterans in Minnesota 2015SurveyNovember 2016Kristin Dillon, Greg Owen, June Heineman, Michelle Decker Gerrard
Long-term Homelessness Among Individuals and FamiliesSurveyNovember 2016Ellen Shelton, Thalia Hall
Findings from the 2015 Minnesota Homeless Study, Full ReportSurveyNovember 2016Wilder Research
Homelessness in Minnesota - Summary of the Findings from the 2015 Minnesota Homeless StudySurveyNovember 2016Wilder Research
Homelessness in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, MinnesotaSurveySeptember 2016Wilder Research
Initial Findings - Characteristics and Trends, People Experiencing Homelessness in MinnesotaSurveyApril 2016Brian Pittman, Michelle Decker Gerrard, Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Ellen Shelton
Single Night Count of People Experiencing Homelessness, 2015 Minnesota Homeless Study, Fact SheetSurveyMarch 2016Michelle Decker Gerrard, Greg Owen

Duplication Guidelines

Wilder Research reports are made available on our website to improve the community's understanding of major social issues. Permission to download and copy reports is granted for private, non-commercial and education purposes only. All reproductions require an acknowledgment of the source and author of the work. No resale use may be made of any report without written permission.


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