Hennepin County Children's Mental Health Collaborative

The Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative (HCCMHC) focuses on juvenile justice, uninsured/underinsured youth, primary care, school-based mental health services, parent involvement, culturally-responsive initiatives, early childhood, and parent leadership.

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2017 Annual Metrics ReportEvaluationMarch 2018Julie Atella, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
2016 Annual Metrics ReportEvaluationMarch 2017Julie Atella, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Evaluation of School-based Mental Health Services in Hennepin County - Understanding the Impact of Services on StudentsEvaluationSeptember 2016Sophak Mom, Julie Atella
2015 Annual Evaluation and Metrics ReportEvaluationMarch 2016Julie Atella, Cheryl Holm-Hansen, Sophak Mom
A Summary of Work and Lessons Learned by Cross-Cultural Agencies Funded in 2013-2015EvaluationJune 2015Julie Atella, Sophak Mom
2014 Collaboration Survey ReportEvaluationApril 2015Cheryl Holm-Hansen
2014 Annual Evaluation ReportEvaluationMarch 2015Julie Atella, Ryan Evans
2013 Annual Evaluation ReportEvaluationApril 2014Julie Atella, Ryan Evans
Collaboration Assessment 2012, Full ReportEvaluationDecember 2012Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Collaborative Assessment 2013, SummaryEvaluationDecember 2012Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Final Report for SOI Funded Programs Covering 2008-2011EvaluationOctober 2011Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris
Semi-annual Report, 2011EvaluationMarch 2011Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Annual Report, 2010EvaluationOctober 2010Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
System of Care AssessmentEvaluationJanuary 2010Cheryl Holm-Hansen, Melanie Ferris, Julie Atella
Annual Report for Year One, 2008-2009EvaluationSeptember 2009Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Semi-annual Report, 2009EvaluationApril 2009Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-Hansen
Collaborative Assessment, 2008EvaluationSeptember 2008Cheryl Holm-Hansen, Melanie Ferris

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