Supportive Housing Outcomes in Minnesota

A study of supportive housing in Minnesota, including time-limited transitional housing and permanent supportive housing. The study looked at the characteristics of the programs and the populations they serve, outcomes achieved by participants over time, and the program models that appear to work best for participants.

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Low-demand Supportive Housing Programs - Who Uses Them and With What ResultsEvaluationNovember 2016Greg Owen, Ellen Shelton
Supportive Housing for People with a Criminal HistoryEvaluationMay 2016Stephanie Nelson-Dusek
Outcomes of Supportive Housing Targeting Homelessness in Minnesota, 2015 Executive SummaryEvaluationDecember 2015Greg Owen, Ellen Shelton, Cael Warren, Stephanie Peterson, Mike Tieleman
Supportive Housing Outcomes in Minnesota - A Study of Outcomes for Formerly Homeless Residents, 2015 Full ReportEvaluationDecember 2015Cael Warren, Stephanie Peterson, Mike Tieleman, Greg Owen, Ellen Shelton

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