360 Degree Center of Excellence

The 360 Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Regional Center works to expose people to and increase enthusiasm for STEM-related careers. The evaluation looked at the impact of a technology and manufacturing summer camp for youth, tours of manufacturing facilities across Minnesota, and other program activities.

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360 Youth Outreach Events 2017 - Survey of Youth ParticipantsSurveyApril 2018Sarah Gehrig
Cumulative Findings from a 4-year Evaluation of 360EvaluationAugust 2017Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Sarah Gehrig, Brian Pittman
Learning About Manufacturing and STEM Through RoboticsEvaluationMay 2016Matthew Steele, Stephanie Nelson-Dusek
360 ATE Regional Center Evaluation, Summary of Progress for Year FourEvaluationMarch 2016Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Sarah Gehrig
2015 Tour of Manufacturing - Survey of Tour Housts and ParticipantsEvaluationFebruary 2016Matthew Steele
360 ATE Regional Center Evaluation, 3rd Annual Progress Report (2014-2015)EvaluationJuly 2015Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Brian Pittman, Sarah Gehrig
2014 Tour of Manufacturing - Survey of Tour Hosts and ParticipantsEvaluationFebruary 2015Matthew Steele
360 Degree Summer Robotics Camps - Survey of Youth ParticipantsEvaluationDecember 2013Stephanie Nelson-Dusek

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