Generation Next

Generation Next is an initiative committed to closing the achievement gap among Twin Cities’ low-income students and students of color. It is a partnership of education, community, government, and business organizations dedicated to accelerating educational achievement for all our children – from early childhood to early college and career. Reports provide baseline data for Generation Next goals, strategies for improving student college and career readiness, an analysis of the local landscape of college and career readiness programming, views by local leaders on the strengths and gaps in local college and career readiness efforts, and effective strategies for early literacy intervention.

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Baseline Data on Generation Next Goals for Minneapolis and Saint Paul StudentsEvaluationApril 2013Dan Mueller, Edith Gozali-Lee
College and Career Readiness - A Review and Analysis Conducted for Generation NextEvaluationApril 2013Dan Mueller, Edith Gozali-Lee
Early Literacy - A Review and Analysis Conducted for Generation NextEvaluationApril 2013Edith Gozali-Lee, Dan Mueller

Duplication Guidelines

Wilder Research reports are made available on our website to improve the community's understanding of major social issues. Permission to download and copy reports is granted for private, non-commercial and education purposes only. All reproductions require an acknowledgment of the source and author of the work. No resale use may be made of any report without written permission.


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