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CommunitiesEvaluationStudyJune 20106/1/2010
land use communities CGO CURA FOM development sprawl
1000 Friends of Minnesota - Community Growth Optionsadmin36/27/2012 1:22 PMKerry Walsh
The 1000 Friends of Minnesota, Community Growth Options project was aimed at helping 10 rapidly-growing communities do thoughtful, sustainable planning and development. It sought to capture the successes and challenges of implementation and to capture some preliminary outcomes within communities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-449 No044918/15/2012 12:35 PM1000 Friends of Minnesota - Community Growth Options1000 Friends of Minnesota - Community Growth OptionsLaura Schauben, Kristin Dillon1000 Friends of Minnesota - Community Growth OptionsDocument Collection: 1000 Friends of Minnesota - Community Growth Options1.02010
Educationevaluation surveyStudyApril 20184/1/2018
summer camp STEM technology manufacturing campers robotics centers of excellence center of excellence dream it do it dream !t do !t manufacturers tour of manufacturing 360 manufacturing and applied engineering ATE regional center of excellence manufacturing careers NSF VEX robotics  MnSCU enhancing the manufacturing workforce through increased visibility, education, and training Bemidji State University
360 Degree Center of ExcellenceHeather Johnson12/17/2013 4:47 PMHeather Johnson
The 360 Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Regional Center works to expose people to and increase enthusiasm for STEM-related careers. The evaluation looked at the impact of a technology and manufacturing summer camp for youth, tours of manufacturing facilities across Minnesota, and other program activities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1262 No0126284/12/2018 3:36 PM360 Degree Center of Excellence360 Degree Center of ExcellenceStephanie Nelson-Dusek Matthew Steele Brian Pittman Sarah Gehrig360 Degree Center of ExcellenceDocument Collection: 360 Degree Center of Excellence1.02013 2015 2016 2017 2018
ImmigrationOtherStudyAugust 20108/1/2010
Minneapolis Foundation greater Minnesota rural Willmar economic impacts refugee Hmong Somali Latino policy
A New Age of Immigrants - Making Immigration Work for Minnesotaadmin36/21/2012 4:08 PMKerry Walsh
Describes characteristics of Minnesota's immigrant population; economic, social, and cultural effects of immigrants; policy considerations, and more. Commissioned by The Minneapolis Foundation, this report was completed to help promote constructive dialogue on the issue of immigration in Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-300 No0300211/29/2012 8:05 AMA New Age of Immigrants - Making Immigration Work for MinnesotaA New Age of Immigrants - Making Immigration Work for MinnesotaGreg Owen, Jessica Meyerson, Christa OttesonA New Age of Immigrants - Making Immigration Work for MinnesotaDocument Collection: A New Age of Immigrants - Making Immigration Work for Minnesota1.02010
Older AdultsEvaluationStudyApril 20124/1/2012
older adults elderly nutrition food HDMs meal aging visiting home visits
A Review and Comparison of Current Service Models for Title III Funded Home-delivered MealsHeather Johnson7/24/2012 12:15 PMKerry Walsh
Prepared for the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, Inc., this study examines the effectiveness of different approaches to providing home-delivered meals.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-587 No058715/6/2014 9:23 AMA Review and Comparison of Current Service Models for Title III Funded Home-delivered MealsA Review and Comparison of Current Service Models for Title III Funded Home-delivered MealsCael Warren, Greg Owen, Karen UlstadA Review and Comparison of Current Service Models for Title III Funded Home-delivered MealsDocument Collection: A Review and Comparison of Current Service Models for Title III Funded Home-delivered Meals1.02012
HealthevaluationStudyDecember 201212/1/2012
Commonwealth Fund health infants young children child development health services community programs mental health programs community care coordination primary care clinics early childhood Key Findings from Help Me Grow parent interviews with Clinic Care
ABCD III - Assuring Better Child Health and DevelopmentHeather Johnson5/23/2012 2:11 PMHeather Johnson
The ABCD III initiative is a project to develop and test sustainable models for improving care coordination, referrals, and screenings between pediatric primary care, other medical providers, and child and family service providers offering developmental and mental health services to children age birth through 5 years. The evaluation of this project includes a review of implementation efforts; project impacts; plans for sustainability among the four pilot sites; and feedback from families and clinic care coordinators, administrators, and providers.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-60 No06092/13/2013 12:11 PMABCD III - Assuring Better Child Health and DevelopmentABCD III - Assuring Better Child Health and DevelopmentKrysten Ryba, Michelle Decker Gerrard, Rachel Hardeman, Melanie Ferris, Darcie Thomsen, Nick StuberEvaluationABCD III - Assuring Better Child Health and DevelopmentHealthDocument Collection: ABCD III - Assuring Better Child Health and Development1.02011 2012
EducationevaluationStudyMarch 20183/1/2018
school success education academic achievement school programs  Maxfield Cleveland junior high school student st paul public schools st. paul public schools full service schools school linked services middle school students urban schools educational change Dayton's Bluff John A. Johnson St. Paul Music Academy
Achievement PlusHeather Johnson4/18/2012 10:14 AMNancy Hartzler
Achievement Plus is a partnership between the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and the Saint Paul Public Schools to improve the academic achievement of low-income children in Saint Paul urban schools.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-30 No03054/12/2018 2:01 PMAchievement PlusAchievement PlusDan Mueller, Katie Broton, Edith Gozali-Lee, Caryn Mohr, Jennifer Maxfield, Jennifer Lee Schultz, Emma ConnellEvaluationAchievement PlusDocument Collection: Achievement Plus1.02008 2010 2018
EducationEvaluationStudyAugust 20088/1/2008
NLF Whitworth University Washington Tacoma leaders youth high school education college campus community ROI return on investment
Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiativeadmin36/29/2012 4:01 PMKerry Walsh
The Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiative, an initiative of the Northwest Leadership Foundation, aims to equip emerging urban leaders to engage the college campus and their communities at home through a four-part strategy: recruit and select diverse, multicultural cadres of promising urban leaders; provide training during their senior year in high school to prepare them for academic success and develop them as leaders; send the cadre together to college with four-year full tuition scholarships at partner colleges; and provide support and ongoing leadership development opportunities. This is a summary of the evaluation, designed to determine which program components were working well, identify components essential to success, assess program outcomes, and analyze the program’s return-on-investment.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-559 No0559111/29/2012 8:08 AMAct Six Leadership and Scholarship InitiativeAct Six Leadership and Scholarship InitiativeJennifer Maxfield, Dan Mueller, Caryn Mohr, Paul Anton, Jennifer Lee SchultzAct Six Leadership and Scholarship InitiativeDocument Collection: Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiative1.02008
Healthevaluation surveyStudyMarch 20173/1/2017
bicycling bikeway access transportation Active Living for All ALfA Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Minneapolis Bike Coalition Women on Bikes Saint Paul Smart Trips evaluation methods exercise Lessons Learned from Community Outreach Efforts for the Proposed Northside Greenway A Case Study of Outreach Efforts in 2014 and 2015 Minneapolis Bike Coalition city of Minneapolis health department MHD Get Fit Itasca walking biking health City of Minneapolis Health Department public physical activity community surveys community involvement walking trail
Active Living for AllHeather Johnson12/23/2016 9:55 AMHeather Johnson
Active Living for All (ALfA) is an initiative funded by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Wilder Research worked with initiative grantees to evaluate their work in promoting active living in their communities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1826 No0182686/9/2017 1:40 PMActive Living for AllActive Living for AllMelanie Ferris Rebecca Schultz Amanda Hane Azra Thakur Anna Bartholomay Thao VangActive Living for AllDocument Collection: Active Living for All1.02016 2017
EducationevaluationStudyFebruary 20062/1/2006
high school students, school programs, college preparation standardized tests, school success low-income students postsecondary education college admission AmeriCorps
Admission PossibleHeather Johnson5/25/2012 1:58 PMHeather Johnson
The mission of Admission Possible is to identify low-income young people with the motivation to go to college and help them attend college. The program focuses on ACT test preparation, guidance in applying for college, and help in obtaining financial resources. Two years of evaluation results are presented.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-72 No07238/14/2014 1:25 PMAdmission PossibleAdmission PossibleLaura McLain, Richard ChaseAdmission PossibleEducationDocument Collection: Admission Possible1.02004 2006
Homelessness and HousingotherStudyDecember 200812/1/2008
affordable housing, low income families economic climate, economic impact, costs, homeowners, homeless people, homelessness and housing trends and issues 2008 housing cost burdens cost-burdened homeownership gap foreclosure rent vacancy rate
Affordable Housing for Low-Income FamiliesHeather Johnson8/17/2012 3:16 PMHeather Johnson
Examines the effects of the recession on families whose housing costs eat up too much of their income.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-726 No072618/17/2012 3:25 PMAffordable Housing for Low-Income FamiliesAffordable Housing for Low-Income FamiliesCraig HelmstetterAffordable Housing for Low-Income FamiliesDocument Collection: Affordable Housing for Low-Income Families1.02008
Early LearningStudyJuly 20127/1/2012
child development African Americans infants parents child care providers race culture black blacks well being health african american baby africans early childhood development parenting african american babies coalition the african american coalition for babies
African-American BabiesTim Lingenfelder6/21/2012 2:09 PMHeather Johnson
A 2011 report provides a snapshot of the status of African-American babies relative to other babies in St. Paul and Minneapolis. A 2012 report presents the results of community conversations about raising strong and healthy children.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-290 No0290210/2/2012 1:14 PMAfrican-American BabiesAfrican-American BabiesRichard Chase, Jennifer ValoroseAfrican-American BabiesEarly LearningDocument Collection: African-American Babies1.02011 2012
HealthStudyAugust 20098/1/2009
Africans smoking tobacco ClearWay Minnesota African Women's Association MAWA immigrants refugees focus groups key informant interviews Somalis
African-born Women's and Children's Exposure to Secondhand SmokeHeather Johnson12/11/2012 2:39 PMHeather Johnson
Summarizes the results of focus groups and surveys about the prevalence, awareness, and health impacts of secondhand smoke on African women and children and discusses ways to build awareness and provide outreach around this topic in the future.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-960 No0960112/11/2012 2:49 PMAfrican-born Women's and Children's Exposure to Secondhand SmokeAfrican-born Women's and Children's Exposure to Secondhand SmokeRichard Chase, Kristin Dillon, Thalia HallAfrican-born Women's and Children's Exposure to Secondhand SmokeDocument Collection: African-born Women's and Children's Exposure to Secondhand Smoke1.02009
Youth and FamilyEvaluationStudyApril 20054/1/2005
troubled youth violence children programs ART corrections juveniles mental illness
Aggression Replacement TrainingKerry Walsh9/18/2012 3:59 PMKerry Walsh
Outlines the results of Aggression Replacement Training for a diverse group of young offenders in Ramsey County.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-843 No084319/18/2012 4:19 PMAggression Replacement TrainingAggression Replacement TrainingCheryl Hosley, Cheryl Holm-HansenAggression Replacement TrainingDocument Collection: Aggression Replacement Training1.02005
Substance Abuse PreventionsurveyStudyJuly 20137/1/2013
mofas minnesota organization on fetal alcohol syndrome fetal alcohol spectrum disorders fasd statewide assessment pregnancy drinking pregnant native americans american indians
Alcohol Use and PregnancyHeather Johnson11/21/2013 2:25 PMHeather Johnson
The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) worked with Wilder Research to conduct a study to better understand women's attitudes and perceptions toward alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1229 No01229211/21/2013 4:37 PMAlcohol Use and PregnancyAlcohol Use and PregnancyDarcie Thomsen Denise HuynhAlcohol Use and PregnancyDocument Collection: Alcohol Use and Pregnancy1.02013
Substance Abuse PreventionEvaluationStudyJuly 20147/1/2014
Minnesota Prevention Resource Center MPRC ATOD workshop prevention substance use alcohol tobacco drugs Regional Prevention Coordinators RPCs assessments toolkit resilience Yellow Medicine Renville Bemidji Roseau SAPST SPF SIG recipient training P & I recipient training P&I recipient training participant feedback from the Alcohol and Other drug use in minnesota amongst youth and young adults workshops roseau county prevention coalition and the minnesota department of human services DHS atod prevention needs within the latino/hispanic community in renville county and the native american community in yellow medicine county latino Hispanic substance abuse prevention specialist training trainings youth leadership academy v P&I RPC northeast region 2 northeastern Minnesota community readiness assessment capacity building technical assistance grants grant writing curricula coalition members alcohol compliance checks alcohol selling responsible beverage server strategic prevention framework program theory logic model ADAD DHS changing landscape of marijuana ANSR
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) PreventionKerry Walsh6/25/2012 10:22 AMKerry Walsh
These evaluations are part of the Minnesota Department of Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division’s statewide youth alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention initiative. The reports address a range of activities, including trainings and conferences, needs assessments, community coalition development, and prevention program implementation.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-322 No0322347/28/2015 2:46 PMAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) PreventionAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) PreventionKelsey Imbertson Laura Schauben Amy Leite Bennett Brian Pittman Monica Idzelis Kristin Dillon Brittney Wagner Melanie Ferris Cheryl Homl-Hansen Laura Martell Kelly June Heineman Maggie Skrypek Darcie Thomsen Mao Thao Ela Rausch Lida GilbertsonAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) PreventionDocument Collection: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention1.02009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
HealthevaluationStudyApril 20184/1/2018
NHC grants grantees Allina Health Community Engagement Leads Healthy Activity grants Allina Health Community Benefit and Engagement Neighborhood Health Connection social capital grantmaking healthy eating obesity social connections logic model
Allina Health Neighborhood Health ConnectionHeather Johnson5/16/2014 10:14 AMHeather Johnson
The Neighborhood Health Connection program is an Allina Health initiative to increase social connections and healthy behaviors across the state. The evaluation looked at the impact of the program on grantees and participants.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1340 No01340134/20/2018 2:05 PMAllina Health Neighborhood Health ConnectionAllina Health Neighborhood Health ConnectionMelanie Ferris Nick Stuber Thao Vang Jessica PhamAllina Health Neighborhood Health ConnectionDocument Collection: Allina Health Neighborhood Health Connection1.02014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Early LearningOtherStudyApril 20124/1/2012
child development American Indians Native Americans infants parents child care providers race culture well being health baby early childhood development parenting reservations
American Indian Babies in MinnesotaKerry Walsh12/5/2012 4:02 PMKerry Walsh
Provides a snapshot of the current status of American Indian babies relative to other babies in Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-956 No0956112/5/2012 4:13 PMAmerican Indian Babies in MinnesotaAmerican Indian Babies in MinnesotaRichard Chase, Jennifer ValoroseAmerican Indian Babies in MinnesotaDocument Collection: American Indian Babies in Minnesota1.02012
Homelessness and HousingsurveyStudyJune 20066/1/2006
housing needs assessment  American Indians older adults seniors service needs Native Americans Phillips neighborhood Minneapolis elder housing survey
American Indian Community Development Corporationadmin35/25/2012 3:41 PMHeather Johnson
The American Indian Community Development Corporation conducted a survey to assess interest in and need for American Indian elder housing in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-76 No076111/29/2012 9:43 AMAmerican Indian Community Development CorporationAmerican Indian Community Development CorporationSheila Romero, Nicole MartinRogersAmerican Indian Community Development CorporationHomelessness and HousingDocument Collection: American Indian Community Development Corporation1.02006
EducationevaluationStudyDecember 200812/1/2008
American Indians Native Americans after school programs Minneapolis Public Schools Anishinabe Academy Division of Indian Work DIW youth Leadership Development Program YLDP tutoring homework help
American Indian Math ProjectHeather Johnson12/11/2012 3:41 PMHeather Johnson
Evaluation of a program aimed at increasing math scores, school connectedness, and the capacity of American Indian youth to become productive adults.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-964 No0964212/11/2012 3:57 PMAmerican Indian Math ProjectAmerican Indian Math ProjectSandi Pierce, Maria GaonaAmerican Indian Math ProjectDocument Collection: American Indian Math Project1.02008
CommunitiesEvaluationStudyJanuary 20041/1/2004
race racism anti-racism Facing Race Saint Paul Foundation Anti-Racism Advisory Committee
An Assessment of Racism in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington CountiesHeather Johnson6/27/2012 1:40 PMKerry Walsh
This study used a combination of racially and ethnically sensitive research procedures to document experiences and attitudes regarding race in the east metro. The findings helped to shape (and will help to measure impact of) a Saint Paul Foundation anti-racism campaign called "Facing Race."
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-451 No045117/7/2017 8:46 AMAn Assessment of Racism in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington CountiesAn Assessment of Racism in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington CountiesWilder Research Center, Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social JusticeAn Assessment of Racism in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington CountiesDocument Collection: An Assessment of Racism in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington Counties1.02004
Youth and FamilyCost-benefit StudyStudyMarch 20073/1/2007
intervention return on investment SROI at-risk youth truancy dropouts school performance
Analyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Intervention Programsadmin36/27/2012 2:07 PMKerry Walsh
This study puts forward a framework for doing social return on investment (SROI) analysis of youth intervention programs. It then uses the framework to estimate the return to two representative programs: a comprehensive intervention program and a targeted program designed to discourage property crimes. For a copy of the full report, contact the Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-453 No045317/2/2012 1:27 PMAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Intervention ProgramsAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Intervention ProgramsPaul Anton, Judy TempleAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Intervention ProgramsDocument Collection: Analyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Intervention Programs1.02007
Youth and FamilyCost-benefit studyStudyMarch 20073/1/2007
mentoring return on investment SROI economic studies ROI cost effectiveness mentoring partnership of Minnesota mentors
Analyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Mentoring ProgramsHeather Johnson10/19/2012 4:36 PMHeather Johnson
This study puts forward a framework for doing social return on investment (SROI) analysis of youth mentoring programs and then uses that framework to estimate the return to a representative mentoring program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-913 No0913110/19/2012 4:45 PMAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Mentoring ProgramsAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Mentoring ProgramsPaul Anton, Judy TempleAnalyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Mentoring ProgramsDocument Collection: Analyzing the Social Return on Investment in Youth Mentoring Programs1.02007
Substance Abuse PreventionevaluationStudyJuly 20127/1/2012
ETP Anoka County Child Protection and Corrections meth methamphetamine chemical abuse substance abuse matrix model treatment recovery women Addiction Severity Index ASI
Anoka County Enhanced Treatment ProgramHeather Johnson12/12/2012 11:44 AMHeather Johnson
The Enhanced Treatment Program (ETP) was designed to address the increasing involvement of women with minor children in Anoka County’s Child Protection and Corrections departments that was due to methamphetamine abuse. The evaluation looks at client characteristics and outcomes of the program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-972 No0972112/12/2012 12:03 PMAnoka County Enhanced Treatment ProgramAnoka County Enhanced Treatment ProgramLaura SchaubenAnoka County Enhanced Treatment ProgramDocument Collection: Anoka County Enhanced Treatment Program1.02012
EducationevaluationStudySeptember 20149/1/2014
ALI leadership employers educators students collaboration industrial technology engineering mobile technology labs work jobs Iron Range technical education northeastern minnesota MnSCU employment Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board IRRRB
Applied Learning InstituteKerry Walsh11/4/2014 4:01 PMHeather Johnson
The Applied Learning Institute (ALI) works to support industrial technology education in Northeastern Minnesota by funding the purchase of equipment, instructor training, and activities that connect high school students to local colleges and employers. The evaluation sought perspectives from key stakeholders to identify successes, challenges, and directions for the future of the program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1396 No0139617/24/2015 10:22 AMApplied Learning InstituteApplied Learning InstituteSarah Gehrig, Greg Owen, Ellen SheltonApplied Learning InstituteDocument Collection: Applied Learning Institute1.02014
Early LearningOtherStudyNovember 200911/10/2009
early childhood care and education newborns infants births disparities children family strengths mothers well being presentation
Babies in MinnesotaKerry Walsh11/16/2012 1:36 PMKerry Walsh
Report and presentation summarizing indicators and trends on young children and their parents in Minnnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-949 No0949211/16/2012 1:48 PMBabies in MinnesotaBabies in MinnesotaRichard Chase, Jennifer ValoroseBabies in MinnesotaDocument Collection: Babies in Minnesota1.02009
HealthevaluationStudyJune 20136/1/2013
bemidji area health promotion bemidji area health promotion/disease prevention indian health service team coaching health caretraining wellness coaching HPDP
Bemidji Area Health Coaches CollaborativeHeather Johnson7/24/2013 4:02 PMHeather Johnson
The Bemidji Area Health Promotion/Disease Prevention program of the Indian Health Service offered a Health Coaches Collaborative. The pilot program consisted of training sessions on health and wellness coaching, learning communities, and facilitation training for coordinators. The evaluation looked at the effects of this new coaching model and the participants' motivation and skills to apply it.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1159 No0115917/24/2013 5:00 PMBemidji Area Health Coaches CollaborativeBemidji Area Health Coaches CollaborativeEllen SheltonBemidji Area Health Coaches CollaborativeDocument Collection: Bemidji Area Health Coaches Collaborative1.02013
Race and CultureSurveyStudyFebruary 20092/1/2009
Shared Vision Bemidji culture cultural diversity discrimination racial disparities Blandin Foundation Northwest Minnesota Foundation focus group community survey race relations
Bemidji Area Study on Race Relationsadmin36/25/2012 2:16 PMKerry Walsh
Results of a community survey about Bemidji-area residents' perceptions of community race relations, experiences with racial descrimination, and satisfaction with personal and community life.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-373 No037317/2/2012 1:29 PMBemidji Area Study on Race RelationsBemidji Area Study on Race RelationsEla Rausch, Greg Owen, Nicole MartinRogersBemidji Area Study on Race RelationsDocument Collection: Bemidji Area Study on Race Relations1.02009
Criminal JusticeCost-benefit studyStudyAugust 20078/1/2007
Cost benefit economic study Stearns County Dodge County Saint Louis County adult drug offenders federal byrne formula grant funds office of justice programs OJP drug court costs benefits
Benefit-Cost Calculations for Three Adult Drug Courts in MinnesotaHeather Johnson8/28/2012 2:29 PMHeather Johnson
This paper presents simple benefit-cost calculations for three adult drug courts in Minnesota. These courts are an alternative to processing adult drug offenders through criminal courts.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-735 No073518/28/2012 2:38 PMBenefit-Cost Calculations for Three Adult Drug Courts in MinnesotaBenefit-Cost Calculations for Three Adult Drug Courts in MinnesotaPaul AntonBenefit-Cost Calculations for Three Adult Drug Courts in MinnesotaDocument Collection: Benefit-Cost Calculations for Three Adult Drug Courts in Minnesota1.02007
Healthneeds assesmentStudyApril 20144/1/2014
Benton County Public Health statewide health improvement program minnesota department of health MDH obesity health physical activity worksite wellnes nutrition tobacco
Benton County SHIPHeather Johnson6/9/2014 12:13 PMHeather Johnson
A Benton County community assessment that looks at the needs and strengths of the community related to nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1359 No0135916/9/2014 12:24 PMBenton County SHIPBenton County SHIPAmanda Petersen Nicole MartinRogersBenton County SHIPDocument Collection: Benton County SHIP1.02014
HealthEvaluationStudyMarch 20043/1/2004
focus groups training needs immigrants community health services Critical Learning Biculturall Community Health Workers' Views on Prospective Training Opportunities Results of qualitative research for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
Bicultural Community Health WorkersKerry Walsh4/29/2013 3:01 PMKerry Walsh
Results of two discussion groups with bilingual and bicultural Community Health Workers for the Blue Cross Foundation. Participants from a variety of immigrant communities described their professional backgrounds, including how they became Community Health Workers, their training experiences, and their suggestions for the design of a training model for new and experienced Community Health Workers.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1093 No0109314/29/2013 3:12 PMBicultural Community Health WorkersBicultural Community Health WorkersMichelle Decker GerrardBicultural Community Health WorkersDocument Collection: Bicultural Community Health Workers1.02004
Homelessness and HousingotherStudyJune 20166/1/2016
Central Corridor Funders Collaborative affordable housing indicators light rail transit dashboard Twin Cities LISC transportation green line
Big Picture ProjectHeather Johnson5/14/2014 12:05 PMHeather Johnson
The Big Picture Project developed a plan to create and preserve affordable housing along the Central Corridor. Reports track key indicators of progress. Wilder Research assisted with the data analysis; the reports were written by the oversight committee.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1331 No0133156/10/2016 3:05 PMBig Picture ProjectBig Picture ProjectJane Tigan Ellen Mai Peter MathisonBig Picture ProjectDocument Collection: Big Picture Project1.02014 2015 2016
Communitiesneeds assessmentStudyApril 20084/1/2008
Hopkins Blake Road Corridor Stakeholders Collaborative safety programs service needs schools
Blake Road Corridor Community AssessmentHeather Johnson12/11/2012 4:07 PMHeather Johnson
This community needs assessment was prepared for the Blake Road Corridor Advisory Collaborative, a group of community stakeholders who organized to revitalize the Blake Road Corridor in Hopkins, Minnesota. The assessment is based on in-person interviews and focus groups with community residents, an online survey of Collaborative members, and police and school data.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-967 No0967412/11/2012 4:31 PMBlake Road Corridor Community AssessmentBlake Road Corridor Community AssessmentCheryl Holm-Hansen, Monica Idzelis,  Mao ThaoBlake Road Corridor Community AssessmentDocument Collection: Blake Road Corridor Community Assessment1.02007 2008
CommunitiesEvaluationStudyDecember 200912/1/2009
community blandin foundation rural pulse leaders leadership community development surveys community needs reservation BRCLP
Blandin Community Leadership ProgramsKerry Walsh8/14/2012 11:56 AMKerry Walsh
Results from surveys of alumni of the Blandin Foundation's Community Leadership Program and Reservation Community Leadership Program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-711 No071158/14/2012 12:14 PMBlandin Community Leadership ProgramsBlandin Community Leadership ProgramsRachel Hardeman, Ellen Shelton, Nicole MartinRogers, Jennifer Lee Schultz, Rasheeda Curry, Jennifer MaxfieldBlandin Community Leadership ProgramsDocument Collection: Blandin Community Leadership Programs1.02007 2008 2009
HealthevaluationStudyMay 20145/1/2014
Minnesota department of health MDH Statewide Health Improvement Program employees nutrition healthy worksite wellness employee Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center LCARC child care centers day care providers exercise school physical education walking students food nutrition tobacco smoking Blue Earth County Public Health Mankato
Blue Earth County Public Health SHIPHeather Johnson6/29/2012 5:33 PMHeather Johnson
Blue Earth County Public Health used funding from the Minnesota Department of Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) for multiple initiatives in their service area. Efforts included a worksite wellness initiative; work with child care facilities and schools to increase physical activity among children; and building partnerships among health care providers and community leaders to facilitate active referrals of patients to local resources that increase access to nutritious foods, opportunities for physical activity, and tobacco use cessation. Reports provide information on the impacts of the initiatives. Wilder Research worked with multiple SHIP grantees across the state of Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-568 No056858/14/2014 1:20 PMBlue Earth County Public Health SHIPBlue Earth County Public Health SHIPJose Reyes, Natalie Alizaga, Nicole MartinRogers Ryan EvansBlue Earth County Public Health SHIPDocument Collection: Blue Earth County Public Health SHIP1.02011 2014
EducationevaluationStudyJune 20116/1/2011
academic achievement college readiness preparation school success student low-income
Breakthrough Saint Pauladmin36/19/2012 12:59 PMHeather Johnson
Breakthrough Saint Paul is a college prepratory project in which under-resourced middle school students take enrichment classes taught by aspiring teachers and have additional supports in high school. The evaluation focused on the academic achievement of Breakthrough participants, the impact of the program on participants, and participants’ views of the program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-255 No025517/2/2012 1:31 PMBreakthrough Saint PaulBreakthrough Saint PaulDan Mueller, Jennifer Maxfield, Muneer Karcher-RamosBreakthrough Saint PaulEducationDocument Collection: Breakthrough Saint Paul1.02011
HealthSurveyStudyOctober 201010/1/2010
mothers public health MDH WIC breast feeding health care Native American Latina Somali Hmong women
Breastfeeding Supports and ChallengesHeather Johnson6/28/2012 9:06 AMKerry Walsh
Examines the social and physical environmental conditions that impact women's decisions to breastfeed. The Minnesota Department of Health and Wilder Research conducted focus groups and interviews with a diverse cross section of mothers of infants in Minnesota. This report summarizes participants' responses in relation to their experiences with health care settings, worksites, and social influences.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-455 No045518/14/2012 11:16 AMBreastfeeding Supports and ChallengesBreastfeeding Supports and ChallengesJennifer Valorose, Kristin Dillon, Laura Schauben, Natalie AlizagaBreastfeeding Supports and ChallengesDocument Collection: Breastfeeding Supports and Challenges1.02010
HealthevaluationStudyJuly 20117/1/2011
CHB  child care centers day care providers exercise tobacco smoking employees campus postsecondary colleges college students community gardens food nutrition school physical education Kids Connection New Ulm public schools Minnesota department of health MDH Statewide Health Improvement Program
Brown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIPadmin26/29/2012 4:08 PMHeather Johnson
Brown-Nicollet Community Health Board (CHB) implemented multiple projects after receiving funding from the Minnesota Department of Health Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). Initiatives included working with child care centers and schools to increase physical activity, implementing policies for tobacco-free workplaces and postsecondary grounds, and establishing community gardens to improve a community’s access to healthy foods. Reports describe the impact of the initiatives. Wilder Research worked with multiple SHIP grantees across the state of Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-560 No056067/2/2012 4:08 PMBrown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIPBrown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIPBrittney Wagner Lida GilbertsonBrown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIPDocument Collection: Brown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIP1.02011
Early LearningevaluationStudyJuly 20137/1/2013
Minnesota Office of Early Learning Minnesota BUILD initiative parent aware quality rating and improvement system implementation race to the tip day care child care
BUILD InitiativeHeather Johnson11/19/2013 1:40 PMHeather Johnson
The BUILD Initiative works with early childhood leaders to develop comprehensive, state-based systems of early childhood policies, programs, and services. The evaluation looks at the implementation of Early Learning Scholarships and the Parent Aware quality rating and improvement system in Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1227 No01227111/19/2013 2:11 PMBUILD InitiativeBUILD InitiativeRichard Chase, Lida GilbertsonBUILD InitiativeDocument Collection: BUILD Initiative1.02013
Early LearningStudyJuly 20127/1/2012
early childhood policy brief Ready4K FFN child care child development grandparents childcare
Build Initiative - Family, Friend, and Neighbor CareHeather Johnson10/21/2013 1:47 PMHeather Johnson
This study presents a framework for strengthening family, friend, and neighbor care with the goal of supporting healthy child development.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1186 No01186110/21/2013 2:26 PMBuild Initiative - Family, Friend, and Neighbor CareBuild Initiative - Family, Friend, and Neighbor CareCharles Bruner, Richard ChaseBuild Initiative - Family, Friend, and Neighbor CareDocument Collection: Build Initiative - Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care1.02012
EducationEvaluationStudyJuly 20087/1/2008
scholarships Foster Care Alumni Scholarship Benchmarking Network Casey Family Programs youth college post-secondary education school success foster children partnerships postsecondary students
Building a Data Sharing Network of Scholarship Programs for Alumni of Foster CareKerry Walsh8/13/2012 11:12 AMKerry Walsh
Describes the process of launching the Foster Care Alumni Scholarship Benchmarking Network and presents preliminary findings based on data collected in the pilot phase.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-663 No066328/13/2012 11:26 AMBuilding a Data Sharing Network of Scholarship Programs for Alumni of Foster CareBuilding a Data Sharing Network of Scholarship Programs for Alumni of Foster CareJennifer Lee Schultz, Dan Mueller, Jennifer MaxfieldBuilding a Data Sharing Network of Scholarship Programs for Alumni of Foster CareDocument Collection: Building a Data Sharing Network of Scholarship Programs for Alumni of Foster Care1.02008
Older AdultssurveyStudyJune 20046/1/2004
Building communities where older adults thrive a research and discussion forum for leaders in ramsey county human services seniors Wilder Foundation southeast metro sail metropolitan area agency on aging survey volunteers caregivers retirement quality of life low-income African American black hmong latino housing transportation Demographics census 2000 data Keynote address
Building Communities Where Older Adults ThriveHeather Johnson11/7/2012 4:30 PMHeather Johnson
This research and discussion forum focused on results of a joint Wilder Foundation - Ramsey County survey of about 500 older adults living in the county. The conference summary presents highlights of the panel discussion, keynote address by state demographer Tom Gillaspy, and participants' thoughts about the key action opportunities emerging from the survey and conference discussions. A companion piece presents basic demographics on older adults. More results from the survey of older adults in Ramsey County:
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-935 No0935311/7/2012 5:10 PMBuilding Communities Where Older Adults ThriveBuilding Communities Where Older Adults ThriveCara BaileyBuilding Communities Where Older Adults ThriveDocument Collection: Building Communities Where Older Adults Thrive1.02004
HealthStudyJanuary 20151/1/2015
health impact project health impact assessment HIA school siting food school lunches nutrition physical activity
Building Healthy SchoolsHeather Johnson5/29/2015 11:43 AMHeather Johnson
A health impact assessment of K-12 school design and its influence on student health. It provides analysis and recommendations on ways schools can influence health through school siting, transportation, nutrition, and physical activity.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1477 No0147725/29/2015 11:56 AMBuilding Healthy SchoolsBuilding Healthy SchoolsMelanie FerrisBuilding Healthy SchoolsDocument Collection: Building Healthy Schools1.02015
EducationEvaluationStudyJune 20066/1/2006
bullies bullying CLIMB Theater CLIMB Theatre elementary school students behavior teachers schools Creative Learning Ideas for Mind and Body education children
Bullying Prevention Program EvaluationKerry Walsh8/13/2012 3:34 PMKerry Walsh
Assessment of a bullying prevention program's impact on elementary school students' bullying knowledge and response to bullying behavior.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-687 No068718/13/2012 3:42 PMBullying Prevention Program EvaluationBullying Prevention Program EvaluationLaura Schauben, Dan Mueller, Jennifer Lee Schultz, Jennifer MaxfieldBullying Prevention Program EvaluationDocument Collection: Bullying Prevention Program Evaluation1.02006
CommunitiesevaluationStudyOctober 201710/1/2017
wilder collaboration factors inventory community tool box community scales community innovation grantees Bush Prize
Bush Foundation Community InnovationHeather Johnson8/18/2015 12:15 PMHeather Johnson
The Bush Prize for Community Innovation is an annual award that honors and supports innovative organizations with a track record of making great ideas happen. Reports provide information to support community innovation, including a review of Bush Prize winners and the elements that helped them pursue community innovation.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1508 No01508311/13/2017 11:23 AMBush Foundation Community InnovationBush Foundation Community InnovationBrian Pittman Ryan Evans Emma Connell Nicole MartinRogersBush Foundation Community InnovationDocument Collection: Bush Foundation Community Innovation1.02015 2016 2017
CommunitiessurveyStudyDecember 201112/1/2011
resident survey bush household survey bush survey north dakotans quality of life education economy jobs health care government spending leadership
Bush Foundation North Dakota Household SurveyHeather Johnson8/15/2013 2:05 PMHeather Johnson
To better understand how North Dakotans feel about the future of their state, the Bush Foundation commissioned Wilder Research to conduct a survey asking questions about quality of life and the ability of their community to exercise the leadership necessary to address challenges.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1169 No0116928/15/2013 2:25 PMBush Foundation North Dakota Household SurveyBush Foundation North Dakota Household SurveyNicole MartinRogers, Muneer Karcher-RamosBush Foundation North Dakota Household SurveyDocument Collection: Bush Foundation North Dakota Household Survey1.02011
EducationevaluationStudyMarch 20093/1/2009
college lutheran colleges religion Lilly program Lilly programs vocation programs graduates higher education Lilly endowment Lilly grant vocational discernment Augsburg College Augustana College Luther College
Called for LifeHeather Johnson10/21/2013 2:39 PMHeather Johnson
Called for Life was a collaborative research project designed to examine the impact of Lilly Endowment funded vocational programs at three Lutheran colleges in the Midwest. The programs helped the college develop resources to help students discern and commit themselves to a vocational calling.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1188 No01188210/21/2013 2:57 PMCalled for LifeCalled for LifeGreg Owen, Ellen Shelton, Brian PittmanCalled for LifeDocument Collection: Called for Life1.02009
Youth and FamilyevaluationStudyAugust 20178/1/2017
LSS LSSMN Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota campers parent satisfaction disaster natural disasters infographic
Camp NoahHeather Johnson9/4/2015 12:08 PMHeather Johnson
Camp Noah, a program offered by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, is a locally hosted event for elementary-age children whose communities have been impacted by disasters such as floods or tornadoes. The evaluation collects information about the impact of camp on campers, families, staff and volunteers, and local communities and explores the way camp is implemented and opportunities to strengthen it.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1524 No01524510/4/2017 10:02 AMCamp NoahCamp NoahCheryl Holm-Hansen Amanda Hane Sophak MomCamp NoahDocument Collection: Camp Noah1.02015 2016 2017
Older AdultsotherStudyJanuary 20161/1/2016
chronic disease self-management program for caregivers CDSMP caregiver café P.S. I Understand CaregivingNOW Wilder Foundation caregiving media campaign caregiver awareness campaign
Capacity to Care - Caregiver ServicesHeather Johnson2/22/2016 3:27 PMHeather Johnson
The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation identified caregiving as a strategic priority and developed services to support caregivers and strengthen resources. The replication guide describes Wilder's activities to implement this initiative, the outputs achieved, resources necessary for launching each component, and lessons learned.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1670 No0167013/3/2016 2:47 PMCapacity to Care - Caregiver ServicesCapacity to Care - Caregiver ServicesChristin Lindberg Capacity to Care - Caregiver ServicesDocument Collection: Capacity to Care - Caregiver Services1.02016
Older AdultsevaluationStudyOctober 201510/1/2015
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation Caregiver Services Entira Family Clinics caregivers health care clinics service referrals Medtronic Foundation PatientLink initiative
Caregiver Support Referral PilotHeather Johnson11/13/2015 2:26 PMHeather Johnson
This project, a partnership of Wilder's Caregiver Services and the Entira Family Clinics, refers caregivers to caregiving supports at the time of a health visit. The report highlights services received, lessons learned, and next steps for the project.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1566 No01566111/13/2015 2:39 PMCaregiver Support Referral PilotCaregiver Support Referral PilotMaureen KenneyCaregiver Support Referral PilotDocument Collection: Caregiver Support Referral Pilot1.02015
Older AdultsSurveyStudyOctober 201210/16/2012
caregiving caregivers older adults surveys informal support health care community-based services
Caregiving in ContextHeather Johnson9/27/2012 2:55 PMKerry Walsh
Results of a study exploring family, friend, and community caregivers' networks of support.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-857 No0857210/16/2012 4:23 PMCaregiving in ContextCaregiving in ContextKrysten Ryba, Greg Owen Kirsten Johnson Karen Ulstad Caregiving in ContextDocument Collection: Caregiving in Context1.02012
Older AdultsStudyOctober 201310/1/2013
AARP of Minnesota Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota-North Dakota Wilder Center for Communities caregivers public policy caregiver action network
Caregiving Policy WorkshopsHeather Johnson1/27/2014 2:23 PMHeather Johnson
AARP of Minnesota, the Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota-North Dakota, and Wilder's Center for Communities partnered to conduct workshops on public policy priorities for caregiving. Topics included the impact of caregiving in Minnesota and caregiving policy.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1284 No0128411/27/2014 2:57 PMCaregiving Policy WorkshopsCaregiving Policy WorkshopsChristin LindbergCaregiving Policy WorkshopsDocument Collection: Caregiving Policy Workshops1.02013
EducationevaluationStudyFebruary 20062/1/2006
curriculum school schools teachers teaching elementary preschool academic achievement Dowling Longfellow WISE Excell Academy Hi-5 preschool Elim Nursery Twin Cities International Elementary TIES Urban League Academy minnesota humanities commission
Cargill Core Knowlege Connectionadmin36/1/2012 9:48 AMHeather Johnson
The Cargill Core Knowledge Connection is an initiative, funded by the Cargill Foundation and administered by the Minnesota Humanities Commission, to help nine Minneapolis-area elementary schools and preschools introduce the Core Knowledge curriculum. Wilder Research evaluated the implementation of the curriculum and educational outcomes.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-127 No012737/2/2012 1:36 PMCargill Core Knowlege ConnectionCargill Core Knowlege ConnectionBen Shardlow, Ellen SheltonCargill Core Knowlege ConnectionEducationDocument Collection: Cargill Core Knowlege Connection1.02004 2005 2006
EducationevaluationStudyMay 20085/1/2008
Cargill Foundation LarsonAllen Nonprofits Assistance Fund business management capacity charter school
Cargill LEAD for ChartersHeather Johnson10/22/2013 11:20 AMHeather Johnson
Program evaluation of a program to build business management capacity among Minneapolis charter schools.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1197 No01197110/22/2013 11:25 AMCargill LEAD for ChartersCargill LEAD for ChartersBrian PittmanCargill LEAD for ChartersDocument Collection: Cargill LEAD for Charters1.02008
EducationEvaluation, OtherStudyNovember 201111/1/2011
postsecondary education high school students academic achievement longitudinal studies college preparation school success university at risk youth program evaluation Change of Mind mentors mentoring parent involvement tutoring Minneapolis
Cargill Scholarsadmin36/18/2012 3:30 PMKerry Walsh
Evaluations and tip sheets about Cargill Scholars, a comprehensive five-year academic program providing services for students to help them graduate on time and pursue post-secondary education.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-211 No0211177/2/2012 1:44 PMCargill ScholarsCargill ScholarsCheryl Holm-Hansen, Laura Martell KellyCargill ScholarsEducationDocument Collection: Cargill Scholars1.02011 2010 2009 2007 2006 2005 2004 2002
HealthevaluationStudyJune 20116/1/2011
SHIP statewide health improvement program intervention carver county scott county metro adult health survey physical activity school nutrition tobacco smoking obesity worksite wellness
Carver-Scott Counties SHIPHeather Johnson10/30/2012 12:36 PMHeather Johnson
Together, Carver and Scott Counties received funding from the Minnesota Department of Health's Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) for multiple initiatives in their service area. A report provides a summary of SHIP activities, their impact, and lessons learned in the areas of school nutrition, worksite wellness, community active living, health care healthy living referrals, and restricting youth access to tobacco.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-920 No0920110/30/2012 2:03 PMCarver-Scott Counties SHIPCarver-Scott Counties SHIPMelanie Ferris, Amy Leite BennettCarver-Scott Counties SHIPDocument Collection: Carver-Scott Counties SHIP1.02011
CommunitiesevaluationStudyJune 20166/1/2016
transportation light rail transit line economy businesses neighborhoods regional planning economic impact baseline indicators report progress beyond the rail community development affordable housing business walk score central corridor tracker  local economy key outcomes for the corridor
Central Corridor Funders CollaborativeHeather Johnson6/1/2012 11:09 AMHeather Johnson
Data to inform the impacts of the Central Corridor light rail transit line on the regional economy and adjacent neighborhoods.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-131 No0131117/12/2016 2:57 PMCentral Corridor Funders CollaborativeCentral Corridor Funders CollaborativeDan Mueller, Andi Egbert, Jane Tigan Ellen Mai Peter Mathison Craig HelmstetterCentral Corridor Funders CollaborativeCommunitiesDocument Collection: Central Corridor Funders Collaborative1.02011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
HealthSurveyStudyApril 20144/1/2014
central minnesota community health survey health care health behaviors healthy eating exercise substance use alcohol smoking safety Benton County Chisago County Mille Lacs County Sherburne County Stearns County CentraCare Health System Albany Area Hospital and Medical Center
Central Minnesota Adult Health SurveyHeather Johnson11/5/2014 9:01 AMHeather Johnson
Wilder Research conducted a survey of adults in five Central Minnesota counties to learn more about their health status and health behaviors, as well as their perceptions of health concerns in their communities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1400 No014001311/5/2014 10:44 AMCentral Minnesota Adult Health SurveyCentral Minnesota Adult Health SurveyNicole MartinRogersCentral Minnesota Adult Health SurveyDocument Collection: Central Minnesota Adult Health Survey1.02014
Early LearningStudyMay 20155/29/2015
proposed public policy approach, principles, and priorities early education pre-kindergarten pre-K child development
Championing Early Childhood Policies that Prevent InequitiesHeather Johnson5/29/2015 10:23 AMHeather Johnson
In response to the 2015 Minnesota legislative debate focused on increasing access to early education, this brief proposes a new policy approach that would prevent opportunity and achievement gaps and social, economic, and educational inequities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1475 No0147515/29/2015 12:59 PMChampioning Early Childhood Policies that Prevent InequitiesChampioning Early Childhood Policies that Prevent InequitiesRichard ChaseChampioning Early Childhood Policies that Prevent InequitiesDocument Collection: Championing Early Childhood Policies that Prevent Inequities1.02015
Educationliterature reviewStudyNovember 199711/1/1997
best practices education research elementary school urban schools outcome goals curriculum classroom teaching climate characteristics successful Wilder Foundation Achievement Plus A Partnership for Community Schools effective schools
Characteristics of Successful Urban SchoolsHeather Johnson10/19/2012 3:36 PMHeather Johnson
A literature review on "best practices" in urban elementary education. Topics include: outcome goals, curriculum, assessment, classroom practices and instruction, classroom climate, orientation to student learning, teacher leadership and development, school environment, and other schoolwide factors. Describes several program models in urban elementary education.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-909 No0909110/19/2012 3:57 PMCharacteristics of Successful Urban SchoolsCharacteristics of Successful Urban SchoolsDan MuellerCharacteristics of Successful Urban SchoolsDocument Collection: Characteristics of Successful Urban Schools1.01997
Early Learningneeds assessmentStudyDecember 201312/1/2013
childcare day care United Way of Northeastern Minnesota Upper Saint Louis County Itasca County early childhood education
Child Care Needs in Northeastern MinnesotaHeather Johnson12/26/2013 2:27 PMHeather Johnson
Wilder Research conducted a child care needs assessment for the United Way of Northeastern Minnesota. The purpose of the study was to determine the needs and issues regarding child care in the region from parent, provider, and employer perspectives.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1265 No01265212/26/2013 2:38 PMChild Care Needs in Northeastern MinnesotaChild Care Needs in Northeastern MinnesotaDenise HuynhChild Care Needs in Northeastern MinnesotaDocument Collection: Child Care Needs in Northeastern Minnesota1.02013
Early LearningSurveyStudyJune 20026/1/2002
childcare daycare early childhood facts about statewide household policy key trends family friend neighbor FFN costs affordability centers hours and types of choices quality cost for families with low incomes children special needs working parents
Child Care Use in Minnesota 1999Kerry Walsh9/14/2012 3:12 PMKerry Walsh
Results from a statewide survey on child care use in Minnesota among households with children 12 and younger, including child care choices, availability, quality and affordability. Similar surveys were completed in 2004 and 2009.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-793 No079389/14/2012 3:28 PMChild Care Use in Minnesota 1999Child Care Use in Minnesota 1999Richard Chase, Ellen SheltonChild Care Use in Minnesota 1999Document Collection: Child Care Use in Minnesota 19991.02001, 2002
Early LearningSurveyStudyJune 20066/1/2006
childcare daycare early childhood facts about statewide household policy key trends family friend neighbor FFN costs affordability centers hours and types of choices quality cost for families with low incomes children special needs working parents
Child Care Use in Minnesota 2004Kerry Walsh9/14/2012 2:41 PMKerry Walsh
Results of a statewide survey describing child care use in Minnesota among households with children age 12 and younger, including child care choices, availability, quality and affordability.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-787 No078769/14/2012 3:01 PMChild Care Use in Minnesota 2004Child Care Use in Minnesota 2004Richard Chase, Joanne Arnold, Laura Schauben, Ben ShardlowChild Care Use in Minnesota 2004Document Collection: Child Care Use in Minnesota 20041.02005 2006
Early LearningsurveyStudyNovember 201011/1/2010
childcare daycare early childhood facts about statewide household policy key trends family friend neighbor FFN costs affordability centers hours and types of choices quality cost for families with low incomes children special needs working parents
Child Care Use in Minnesota 2009Heather Johnson4/12/2012 2:57 PMNancy Hartzler
Results from a statewide survey on child care use in Minnesota among households with children 12 and younger, including child care choices, availability, quality and affordability. The report also proposes recommendations to ensure that high quality, affordable child care is available for all families who need it. Similar surveys were completed in 1999 and 2004.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-16 No016412/4/2013 11:16 AMChild Care Use in Minnesota 2009Child Care Use in Minnesota 2009Richard Chase, Jennifer ValoroseSurveyChild Care Use in Minnesota 2009Early LearningDocument Collection: Child Care Use in Minnesota 20091.02010
Early LearningsurveyStudyJune 20076/1/2007
early childhood care education  providers preschools training Department of Human Services centers workforce 2006 statewide study of demographics training and professional development family childcare
Child Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2006 StudyHeather Johnson6/1/2012 11:27 AMHeather Johnson
The study provides information about the size, stability and the demographics of those serving children in licensed family child care homes, child care centers, preschools and school-age care programs. A study was also done in 2011.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-133 No013329/21/2012 11:48 AMChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2006 StudyChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2006 StudyRichard Chase, Christopher Moore, Sandi Pierce, Joanne ArnoldChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2006 StudyEarly LearningDocument Collection: Child Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2006 Study1.02007
Early LearningsurveyStudyAugust 20128/1/2012
Minnesota Department of Human Services DHS early childhood care early childhood education  child care providers childcare providers child care workforce demographics training and professional development family childcare family child care providers  child care centers childcare centers center-based child and adult care food program training preschools
Child Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2011 StudyHeather Johnson9/21/2012 11:49 AMHeather Johnson
The study provides information about the size, stability and the demographics of those serving children in licensed family child care homes, child care centers, preschools, and school-age care programs. It also assesses child care providers' needs and barriers for participating in professional development opportunities. A study was also done in 2006.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-847 No084719/21/2012 12:00 PMChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2011 StudyChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2011 StudyJennifer Valorose Richard ChaseChild Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2011 StudyDocument Collection: Child Care Workforce in Minnesota, 2011 Study1.02012
Mental Healthliterature reviewStudyApril 20104/1/2010
attachment adolescents youth child trauma focused parent child interaction therapy interventions anxiety PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder parent engagement intervention RAD Center Amherst H. Wilder Center for Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
Children's Mental Health - Trauma-Informed CareHeather Johnson6/22/2012 1:51 PMKerry Walsh
These brief reports discuss trauma-informed services within children's mental health. One discusses the impact of childhood trauma that results from family violence, neglect, or abuse; promising interventions; and recommended strategies to further promote trauma-informed care. The second presents promising strategies to increase youth and family engagement through changes in agency practice, integration of appropriate interventions, and use of culturally-appropriate therapeutic approaches.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-311 No031123/12/2013 12:39 PMChildren's Mental Health - Trauma-Informed CareChildren's Mental Health - Trauma-Informed CareMelanie Ferris, Cheryl Holm-HansenChildren's Mental Health - Trauma-Informed CareMental HealthDocument Collection: Children's Mental Health - Trauma-Informed Care1.02009 2010
Early LearningevaluationStudySeptember 20169/1/2016
Children's Theater
Children's Theatre CompanyHeather Johnson10/28/2016 10:41 AMHeather Johnson
Children's Theatre Company developed a series of trauma-informed creative arts workshops to help children experiencing toxic stress develop social emotional skills and resilience. They worked with early childhood organizations to implement the workshops with young children. The evaluation looks at early impacts of the program, promising practices, and lessons learned.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1796 No01796110/28/2016 10:49 AMChildren's Theatre CompanyChildren's Theatre CompanyAmanda HaneChildren's Theatre CompanyDocument Collection: Children's Theatre Company1.02016
Older AdultsevaluationStudyJune 20126/1/2012
Phase II evaluation of the Chisago County First Contact pilot project aging Central Minnesota Council on Aging Senior LinkAge Line older adults Revation LinkLive Unified Communications

Chisago County First Contact Pilot ProjectHeather Johnson12/12/2012 5:32 PMHeather Johnson
The First Contact Pilot Project, operated by the Central Minnesota Council on Aging, developed a service model to expand the role of the Senior LinkAge Line® and provide more seamless services to older adults. The final evaluation of Phase II of the project looked at the integration of Revation LinkLive™ software, the consumer experience, working relationships among service providers, the way in which providers share information, and the potential impact on consumer choice.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-976 No0976112/12/2012 5:44 PMChisago County First Contact Pilot ProjectChisago County First Contact Pilot ProjectGreg Owen, Karen Ulstad, Christin LindbergChisago County First Contact Pilot ProjectDocument Collection: Chisago County First Contact Pilot Project1.02012
Substance Abuse PreventionEvaluationStudyAugust 20088/1/2008
substance use abuse addiction women Chrysalis families
Chrysalis' Effecting Positive Change Programadmin36/25/2012 2:42 PMKerry Walsh
Chrysalis' Effecting Positive Change in Women and Children Program offers enhanced treatment support and recovery maintenance services for up to 12 months to substance abusing women who are pregnant and/or mothering dependent children, as well as their children. These evaluations describe services provided to women and the outcomes for women and children.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-375 No037547/2/2012 2:10 PMChrysalis' Effecting Positive Change ProgramChrysalis' Effecting Positive Change ProgramMonica IdzelisChrysalis' Effecting Positive Change ProgramDocument Collection: Chrysalis' Effecting Positive Change Program1.02007 2008
CommunitiessurveyStudyDecember 201612/1/2016
quality of life Minneapolis neighborhoods housing getting around city departments city services diversity equity discrimination residents' opinions City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Department NCR
City of Minneapolis Resident SurveyHeather Johnson5/25/2017 3:51 PMHeather Johnson
In 2016, the City of Minneapolis contracted with Wilder Research to conduct a survey of Minneapolis residents. The survey asked residents about their quality of life and their satisfaction with services provided by the City.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1893 No0189345/25/2017 4:06 PMCity of Minneapolis Resident SurveyCity of Minneapolis Resident SurveyStephanie Peterson, Amanda Petersen, Anna Bartholomay, Wendy Huckaby, Nicole MartinRogersCity of Minneapolis Resident SurveyDocument Collection: City of Minneapolis Resident Survey1.02016
CommunitiessurveyStudyAugust 20138/15/2013
City of St. Paul Recycle it Forward garbage recycling plastic plastice compost composting organic waste assessment survey focus groups interviews trash
City of Saint Paul Recycle it ForwardHeather Johnson8/15/2013 1:27 PMHeather Johnson
Results of a survey and focus groups that assessed recycling and waste management practices, knowledge, and preferences among Saint Paul residents.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1165 No0116538/15/2013 1:48 PMCity of Saint Paul Recycle it ForwardCity of Saint Paul Recycle it ForwardCael WarrenCity of Saint Paul Recycle it ForwardDocument Collection: City of Saint Paul Recycle it Forward1.02013
Older AdultsotherStudyApril 20074/20/2007
citizen participation, volunteers, Baby Boomers, older adults, literature reviews, community involvement, focus groups, African Americans, Hmong people, low income, Atlantic Philanthropies, St. Paul Foundation, tools for effective community work civic involvement seniors volunteering Saint Paul Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties
Civic Engagement of Baby BoomersHeather Johnson8/28/2012 3:38 PMHeather Johnson
The Saint Paul Foundation contracted with Wilder Research to conduct a study on the civic engagement of Baby Boomers in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-742 No074218/28/2012 4:02 PMCivic Engagement of Baby BoomersCivic Engagement of Baby BoomersGreg Owen, Maggie SkrypekCivic Engagement of Baby BoomersDocument Collection: Civic Engagement of Baby Boomers1.02007
Healthneeds assessmentStudyMay 20185/1/2018
smoking cessation
CLUES' (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio) Tobacco Free Communities InitiativeHeather Johnson5/10/2018 3:26 PMHeather Johnson
A health assessment of tobacco use in the Latino LGBTQ community and among Latinos experiencing mental health concerns.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-2014 No0201436/8/2018 2:20 PMCLUES' (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio) Tobacco Free Communities InitiativeCLUES' (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio) Tobacco Free Communities InitiativeAmanda HaneCLUES' (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio) Tobacco Free Communities InitiativeDocument Collection: CLUES' (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio) Tobacco Free Communities Initiative1.02018
Capacity BuildingEvaluationStudyMay 20015/1/2001
surveys tools scales groups collaborative what makes it work
Collaboration Factors InventoryKerry Walsh10/16/2012 2:42 PMKerry Walsh
A free tool to assess how your collaboration is doing on 20 research-tested success factors. For information about ordering the book Collaboration: What Makes It Work or for access to the free online inventory, visit:
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-877 No0877110/16/2012 3:02 PMCollaboration Factors InventoryCollaboration Factors InventoryPaul Mattessich, Barbara Monsey, Marta Murray-CloseCollaboration Factors InventoryDocument Collection: Collaboration Factors Inventory1.02001
HealthsurveyStudyJune 20136/1/2013
healthy communities robert wood johnson foundation rwj foundation Seattle Los Angeles Chicago Coatesville miami collaboration collaborating cross-sector collaboration commission to build a healthier america health care
Collaboration to Build Healthier CommunitiesHeather Johnson6/19/2013 11:29 AMHeather Johnson
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America focuses on collaboration between the health sector and other sectors. These reports are based on a nationwide survey to identify cross sector work and learn about collaborative action to improve the health of communities.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1132 No0113246/19/2013 11:52 AMCollaboration to Build Healthier CommunitiesCollaboration to Build Healthier CommunitiesPaul Mattessich, Ela RauschCollaboration to Build Healthier CommunitiesDocument Collection: Collaboration to Build Healthier Communities1.02013
Healthliterature reviewStudySeptember 20099/1/2009
medical homes medical home minnesota department of health mdh minnesota department of human services dhs consultants on quality improvement health care home in minnesota learning collaboratives key informant interviews literature review
Collaborative Learning Methods for Health Care Home ProvidersHeather Johnson7/16/2013 10:08 AMHeather Johnson
The Minnesota Departments of Health and Human Services worked with Wilder Research to learn about best practices for collaborative learning methods/models that could be implemented statewide for certification of clinics as "health care home" providers. Researchers reviewed literature and interviewed national experts.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1154 No0115427/16/2013 10:29 AMCollaborative Learning Methods for Health Care Home ProvidersCollaborative Learning Methods for Health Care Home ProvidersMichelle Decker Gerrard, Rachel Hardeman, Jill JimCollaborative Learning Methods for Health Care Home ProvidersDocument Collection: Collaborative Learning Methods for Health Care Home Providers1.02009
HealthevaluationStudyFebruary 20112/1/2011
health nutrition food edible schoolyard outdoor classroom diversity SHIP statewide health improvement program anoka county
Columbia Heights School District Edible SchoolyardHeather Johnson8/13/2012 4:25 PMHeather Johnson
Describes a SHIP project of the Columbia Heights School District, an Edible Schoolyard/Outdoor Classroom. In addition to teaching students about good nutrition, the garden serves as a welcoming gathering place for students and the community.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-689 No068918/13/2012 4:36 PMColumbia Heights School District Edible SchoolyardColumbia Heights School District Edible SchoolyardMelanie FerrisColumbia Heights School District Edible SchoolyardDocument Collection: Columbia Heights School District Edible Schoolyard1.02011
Capacity BuildingevaluationStudyFebruary 20092/1/2009
faith-based organizations, capacity building, community coordination, violence prevention, youth programs, financial support, collaborations, program effectiveness, Kingdom Oil Christian Foundation Compassion Capital Fund, at risk persons, troubled youth Twin Cities Christian Foundation CEY Minneapolis
Communities Empowering Youth - MinneapolisHeather Johnson6/5/2014 4:14 PMHeather Johnson
Evaluation of a collaborative effort focused on strengthening the capacity of youth-serving organizations in the distressed areas of Minneapolis' urban core.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1353 No0135316/5/2014 4:20 PMCommunities Empowering Youth - MinneapolisCommunities Empowering Youth - MinneapolisChrista Otteson Jessica Meyerson Greg OwenCommunities Empowering Youth - MinneapolisDocument Collection: Communities Empowering Youth - Minneapolis1.02009
HealthSurvey, Cost-benefit studyStudyJune 20126/1/2012
CHWs health care Iowa South Dakota Wisconsin American Cancer Society Midwest Division ACS ROI economic analysis cost savings value community health services cost effectiveness
Community Health Workers in the MidwestHeather Johnson7/26/2012 10:58 AMKerry Walsh
The American Cancer Society seeks to promote the use of community health workers throughout their midwest region. Wilder Research conducted an assessment designed to increase understanding of the community health worker workforce in four states: Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. WR also conducted a study to demonstrate the economic value of investing in cancer outreach via community health workers.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-597 No059738/2/2012 3:18 PMCommunity Health Workers in the MidwestCommunity Health Workers in the MidwestRachel Hardeman, Michelle Decker Gerrard Jose DiazCommunity Health Workers in the MidwestDocument Collection: Community Health Workers in the Midwest1.02012
CommunitiessurveyStudyOctober 201510/1/2015
Summary of key findings from a survey of low-income residents and Community Action participants Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties CAPRW Ramsey County Washington County poverty employment health housing low income transportation child care crime safety Internet access community survey
Community Needs Assessment for Ramsey and Washington CountiesHeather Johnson1/30/2013 3:59 PMHeather Johnson
Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties focuses on bringing together resources to reduce poverty. A community needs assessment was conducted in 2012 and 2015 with low-income residents. The survey asked about employment, housing, education, health, and other family needs and included questions about Community Action services. The reports also present poverty data for Ramsey and Washington counties.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-996 No099632/5/2016 2:46 PMCommunity Needs Assessment for Ramsey and Washington CountiesCommunity Needs Assessment for Ramsey and Washington CountiesNicole MartinRogers Cael Warren Ryan Steele Anna Bartholomay Ryan EvansCommunity Needs Assessment for Ramsey and Washington CountiesDocument Collection: Community Needs Assessment for Ramsey and Washington Counties1.02012 2015
CommunitiessurveyStudyDecember 201512/1/2015
community needs assessment for the community action partnership of Scott, Carver & Dakota Counties Summary of Key Findings SCD-CAP poverty housing food health finances transportation child care
Community Needs Assessment for the Community Action Partnership of Scott - Carver - Dakota CountiesHeather Johnson2/5/2016 4:09 PMHeather Johnson
The Community Action Partnership of Scott, Carver, and Dakota Counties provides a variety of services with the goal of reducing poverty. Wilder Research conducted a community survey of program participants and other low-income residents to better understand their housing, health, transportation, child care, and other basic needs. The reports also include poverty data for the three counties.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1651 No0165122/5/2016 4:36 PMCommunity Needs Assessment for the Community Action Partnership of Scott - Carver - Dakota CountiesCommunity Needs Assessment for the Community Action Partnership of Scott - Carver - Dakota CountiesNicole Martin Rogers Hollis Henry Anna BartholomayCommunity Needs Assessment for the Community Action Partnership of Scott - Carver - Dakota CountiesDocument Collection: Community Needs Assessment for the Community Action Partnership of Scott - Carver - Dakota Counties1.02015
Criminal JusticeotherStudyNovember 201511/1/2015
Bush Foundation Bush Prize CVIC domestic violence family violence prevention Grand Forks North Dakota Safer Tomorrows
Community Violence Intervention CenterHeather Johnson12/11/2015 12:04 PMHeather Johnson
The Community Violence Intervention Center is a violence intervention and prevention agency based in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Its work in coordinating the Safer Tomorrows program, which institutionalized violence prevention education for students and athletes, and spearheading systems changes regarding domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention in the community earned them a 2013 Bush Prize for innovation.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1609 No01609112/21/2015 10:32 AMCommunity Violence Intervention CenterCommunity Violence Intervention CenterRyan EvansCommunity Violence Intervention CenterDocument Collection: Community Violence Intervention Center1.02015
HealthevaluationStudyJanuary 20141/1/2014
social connectedness social capital grants blue cross and blue shield of minnesota foundation grantmaking social determinants of health grantees
Connect for HealthHeather Johnson6/9/2014 12:51 PMHeather Johnson
Connect for Health is a grantmaking initiative of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation. The initiative funded the work of organizations across the state working toward increasing social connectedness. The evaluation describes the work completed by the funded organizations and lessons learned through the grantmaking program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1361 No0136126/9/2014 1:05 PMConnect for HealthConnect for HealthMelanie Ferris Nick StuberConnect for HealthDocument Collection: Connect for Health1.02014
CommunitiesevaluationStudyJune 20146/1/2014
transit light rail grantmaking community based engagement corridor grants planning development decision making funding CET CoO community engagement team corridors of opportunity transit system community involvement
Metropolitan Council University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies CURA HousingLink small businesses community development finance institution capacity CDFI community engagement transit Central Corridor
Corridors of OpportunityKerry Walsh6/19/2012 2:20 PMHeather Johnson
This is a Twin Cities regional project to ensure that transit lines are planned with related developments (including jobs and affordable housing) so as to benefit low-income residents equitably as part of the overall economic development of the region.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-261 No0261107/22/2014 2:41 PMCorridors of OpportunityCorridors of OpportunityEllen Shelton Brian Pittman Cael Warren Ryan SteelCorridors of OpportunityCommunitiesDocument Collection: Corridors of Opportunity1.02011 2012 2013 2014
Early Learningcost-benefit studyStudyDecember 200812/1/2008
economic impact early childhood care education school readiness  bush foundation cost-benefit success return on investment burden costs system analysis
Cost Burden to Minnesota K-12 System when Children are Unprepared for Kindergartenadmin34/18/2012 10:30 AMNancy Hartzler
Estimates the cost burden to the Minnesota K-12 system due to children entering kindergarten unprepared for school success.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-33 No03317/2/2012 2:25 PMCost Burden to Minnesota K-12 System when Children are Unprepared for KindergartenCost Burden to Minnesota K-12 System when Children are Unprepared for KindergartenRichard Chase, Brandon Coffee-Borden, Paul Anton, Christopher Moore, Jennifer ValoroseCost-benefit StudyCost Burden to Minnesota K-12 System when Children are Unprepared for KindergartenEarly LearningDocument Collection: Cost Burden to Minnesota K-12 System when Children are Unprepared for Kindergarten1.02008
Mental HealthCost-benefit StudyStudyOctober 201010/1/2010
mothers economic costs
Cost of Untreated Maternal Depressionadmin34/18/2012 10:03 AMNancy Hartzler
This brief estimates the potential two-generational annual economic costs of untreated maternal depression.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-28 No02817/2/2012 2:26 PMCost of Untreated Maternal DepressionCost of Untreated Maternal DepressionCost-benefit StudyCost of Untreated Maternal DepressionMental HealthDocument Collection: Cost of Untreated Maternal Depression1.02010
Educationcost-benefit studyStudyMay 20115/1/2011
ROI Ounce of Prevention Fund Illinois Action for Children Voices for Illinois Children early childhood cost benefit
Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in IllinoisHeather Johnson6/19/2012 2:51 PMHeather Johnson
This study estimates the current cost savings and revenues generated from Illinois’ investments in school readiness for 3-to 5-year-olds over the past 23 years. It also estimates the additional cost burdens that occur when children are not fully prepared when they enter kindergarten, and it quantifies the additional economic benefits that could be realized if Illinois were to expand its investment in school readiness to all educationally disadvantaged children.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-264 No026427/23/2012 11:42 AMCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in IllinoisCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in IllinoisRichard Chase Jose Diaz Jennifer ValoroseCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in IllinoisDocument Collection: Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Illinois1.02011
Early Learningcost-benefit studyStudyMarch 20133/1/2013
kindergarten readiness readysetsoar ready set soar frank m tait foundation early childhood education social value Northridge mad river trotwood-madison dayton public jefferson township
Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Montgomery County - OhioHeather Johnson7/16/2013 9:46 AMHeather Johnson
This analysis considers the lifetime economic value of investing in the healthy development and school readiness of children in five high-poverty school districts in Montgomery County, Ohio.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1151 No0115127/24/2013 10:12 AMCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Montgomery County - OhioCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Montgomery County - OhioGabriel Pina, Jose Diaz, Richard ChaseCost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Montgomery County - OhioDocument Collection: Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Montgomery County - Ohio1.02013
HealthevaluationStudyJune 20116/1/2011
CJRR school nutrition nutritious foods nutrition policies school health school wellness council child care physical activity preschool LANA curriculum learning about nutrition through activities imil curriculum I am moving I am learning Cottonwood-Jackson Community Health Services Statewide Health Improvement Program SHIP Cottonwood Jackson Redwood Renville health care providers active referrals intervention active communities walking biking employee wellness initiative health assessment
Cottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, Renville Counties SHIPHeather Johnson8/6/2012 11:22 AMHeather Johnson
Cottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, and Renville counties were awarded a Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) grant to employ evidence-based strategies to make policy, systems, and environmental change in schools, communities, worksites, and health care systems. Reports describe the impact of the initiatives on nutrition, physical activity, and health. Wilder Research worked with multiple SHIP grantees across the state of Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-637 No063798/6/2012 12:36 PMCottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, Renville Counties SHIPCottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, Renville Counties SHIPNatalie Alizaga, Nicole MartinRogersCottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, Renville Counties SHIPDocument Collection: Cottonwood, Jackson, Redwood, Renville Counties SHIP1.02011
Youth and Familyliterature reviewStudyJanuary 20171/1/2017
trauma VOA self-assessment
Creating a Trauma-Informed OrganizationHeather Johnson8/15/2017 5:27 PMHeather Johnson
Volunteers of America offers thousands of programs across the United States, serving people with a broad range of needs. Many of them have been exposed to trauma. Wilder Research conducted a literature review on best practices in trauma-informed care to help Volunteers of America build a system of supports that helps people successfully cope with trauma.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1937 No0193718/15/2017 5:30 PMCreating a Trauma-Informed OrganizationCreating a Trauma-Informed OrganizationSera Kinoglu, Stephanie Nelson-Dusek, Maggie SkrypekCreating a Trauma-Informed OrganizationDocument Collection: Creating a Trauma-Informed Organization1.02017
Criminal JusticeevaluationStudyMarch 20103/1/2010
victims of crime criminal justice system crime ojp dps physical abuse sexual abuse emotional abuse crime victim crime victims children child neglect child maltreatment domestic abuse domestic violence family violence intimate partner violence sexual assault perpetrators law enforcement  victimization child protection
Crime Victims ServicesHeather Johnson8/28/2012 2:46 PMHeather Johnson
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs asked Wilder Research to develop brief reports that "tell the story" of victim services in the state and suggest new directions. Reports covered domestic violence, sexual assault, general crime, and child abuse.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-737 No073748/28/2012 3:14 PMCrime Victims ServicesCrime Victims ServicesCheryl Holm-Hansen, Lyungai Mbilinyi, Laura Martell Kelly Melanie Ferris, Mao Thao Monica Idzelis, Amy Leite BennettCrime Victims ServicesDocument Collection: Crime Victims Services1.02005 2007 2009 2010
CommunitiesEvaluationStudyNovember 200911/1/2009
community involvement volunteers volunteering partnerships capacity building business corporate
Cummins Power Generation - Community Involvement Programs ResultsKerry Walsh8/3/2012 10:15 AMKerry Walsh
Evaluation of a community engagement program focused on the partnerships around the company's headquarters in Fridley, Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-630 No063028/3/2012 10:15 AMCummins Power Generation - Community Involvement Programs ResultsCummins Power Generation - Community Involvement Programs ResultsLaura Martell KellyCummins Power Generation - Community Involvement Programs ResultsDocument Collection: Cummins Power Generation - Community Involvement Programs Results1.02009
HealthotherStudyFebruary 20112/1/2011
obesity health childcare early childhood education nutrition focus group LANA
Dakota County Childhood Obesity Prevention InitiativeHeather Johnson8/13/2012 3:30 PMHeather Johnson
Dakota County Public Health Department was interested in developing strategies to provide effective health information materials to parents and caregivers of young children. Wilder Research staff conducted focus groups with parents and caregivers of young children to learn about key factors in childhood obesity prevention strategies, including eating healthy foods and developing healthy mealtime and exercise habits, communication preferences, and parent perceptions of childhood obesity.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-684 No068428/13/2012 3:47 PMDakota County Childhood Obesity Prevention InitiativeDakota County Childhood Obesity Prevention InitiativeMelanie FerrisDakota County Childhood Obesity Prevention InitiativeDocument Collection: Dakota County Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative1.02007 2011
CommunitiesevaluationStudyMay 20165/1/2016
Dakota County Environmental Resources Department Minnesota GreenCorps
Dakota County Food Waste ReductionHeather Johnson6/8/2016 10:17 AMHeather Johnson
The Dakota County Environmental Resources Department in partnership with MN GreenCorps wanted to gather feedback to inform a food waste reduction education campaign. Wilder Research conducted focus groups to gain insight on when, why, and how food gets wasted in households.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1739 No0173916/8/2016 11:01 AMDakota County Food Waste ReductionDakota County Food Waste ReductionMadeleine Hansen Cael WarrenDakota County Food Waste ReductionDocument Collection: Dakota County Food Waste Reduction1.02016
Criminal JusticeEvaluationStudyFebruary 20032/1/2003
crime prevention juvenile delinquents Hennepin County Legislative funding
Delinquents Under 10 - Targeted Early InterventionKerry Walsh4/29/2013 3:16 PMKerry Walsh
Evaluates a program intended to reduce risk factors for delinquency and increase protective factors such as school success and a stable relationship with at least one caring adult.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1095 No0109514/29/2013 3:26 PMDelinquents Under 10 - Targeted Early InterventionDelinquents Under 10 - Targeted Early InterventionMichelle Decker Gerrard, Greg OwenDelinquents Under 10 - Targeted Early InterventionDocument Collection: Delinquents Under 10 - Targeted Early Intervention1.02003
HealthevaluationStudyMay 20175/1/2017
dentist dental therapists oral health care low-income patients dental therapist production and revenues
Delta Dental of MinnesotaHeather Johnson5/15/2017 1:35 PMHeather Johnson
Delta Dental of Minnesota supported two clinics to hire and employ a dental therapist professional. Dental therapists are primary oral health professionals that can practice in settings that serve underserved patients. These case studies explore the experiences of the clinics.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1886 No0188625/18/2017 4:44 PMDelta Dental of MinnesotaDelta Dental of MinnesotaBrittney Wagner, Melanie Ferris, Jose DiazDelta Dental of MinnesotaDocument Collection: Delta Dental of Minnesota1.02017
CommunitiesStudyOctober 201210/1/2012
diversity aging education school enrollment demographics academic achievement graduation
Demographic and Education Profile of Kandiyohi CountyHeather Johnson1/30/2013 4:40 PMHeather Johnson
A profile of Kandiyohi County demographics and education, including a look at older adults, populations of color, income, student characteristics, and academic achievement.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-998 No099811/30/2013 5:02 PMDemographic and Education Profile of Kandiyohi CountyDemographic and Education Profile of Kandiyohi CountyJane TiganDemographic and Education Profile of Kandiyohi CountyDocument Collection: Demographic and Education Profile of Kandiyohi County1.02012
Older AdultsevaluationStudyJune 20036/1/2003
Department of Occupational Therapy College of Saint Catherine University mental health wellness elderly seniors older adults physical therapy occupational therapy SF-36
Designing a Life of WellnessHeather Johnson10/22/2013 11:48 AMHeather Johnson
Designing a Life of Wellness is a program for older adults that uses a proactive approach to enhance personal management of life choices and actions. The evaluation looked at the impact of the intervention on the wellbeing and quality of life of program participants.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1201 No01201210/22/2013 12:08 PMDesigning a Life of WellnessDesigning a Life of WellnessCara BaileyDesigning a Life of WellnessDocument Collection: Designing a Life of Wellness1.02003
Early Learningcost-benefit studyStudyFebruary 20152/1/2015
ROI preschool early childhood education economic returns Fisher Foundation return on investment
Detroit's One Child School Readiness DividendHeather Johnson6/19/2012 3:58 PMHeather Johnson
This study demonstrates the economic value to state government and the public of investing in school readiness for just one more child at risk of academic failure in Detroit relative to Michigan as whole.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-267 No026735/26/2015 1:46 PMDetroit's One Child School Readiness DividendDetroit's One Child School Readiness DividendRichard Chase, Jose DiazDetroit's One Child School Readiness DividendEarly LearningDocument Collection: Detroit's One Child School Readiness Dividend1.02011 2012 2015
EducationevaluationStudyMay 20155/1/2015
ISD 287 Achieving Graduation by Reducing Achievement Disparities A-GRAD Hennepin County Public Schools District 287 drop out
Diploma On! ProgramHeather Johnson2/1/2016 1:02 PMHeather Johnson
Diploma On! works to re-engage students who have dropped out of Hennepin County schools and ultimately increase graduation rates. The evaluation measured the project's early accomplishments.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1645 No0164512/1/2016 1:26 PMDiploma On! ProgramDiploma On! ProgramJulie AtellaDiploma On! ProgramDocument Collection: Diploma On! Program1.02015
Substance Abuse PreventionEvaluationStudyOctober 200910/1/2009
methamphetamine community-based treatment Crossroads Odyssey Journey Level of Service Inventory LSI-R substance abuse programs correctional institutions social support child welfare criminals housing academic achievement employment program evaluation
Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Treatment Projectadmin36/25/2012 3:20 PMKerry Walsh
The Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted (DFO) Methamphetamine Treatment Project is an initiative funded by the Minnesota Department of Pubic Safety, Office of Justice Programs. Reports summarize the evaluation plan and project components; provide a brief overview of key project activities; and describe characteristics and outcomes of clients served.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-380 No038047/2/2012 4:03 PMDodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Treatment ProjectDodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Treatment ProjectMelanie Ferris Cheryl Holm-HansenDodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Treatment ProjectDocument Collection: Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Treatment Project1.02007 2008 2009
Youth and FamilyOtherStudyNovember 200911/1/2009
snapshot TVPA children crimes policy recommendations
Domestic Trafficking of Minors in the United StatesKerry Walsh6/13/2013 10:41 AMKerry Walsh
Human trafficking is the third most profitable business for organized crime after drug and firearms trafficking. This brief introduces the issues surrounding domestic minor sex trafficking, including risk factors, impacts, and recommendations for policy and practice.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1118 No0111816/13/2013 10:43 AMDomestic Trafficking of Minors in the United StatesDomestic Trafficking of Minors in the United StatesAmy Leite, Monica Idzelis, Laura Martell Kelly, Julie Atella, Amy Leite BennettDomestic Trafficking of Minors in the United StatesDocument Collection: Domestic Trafficking of Minors in the United States1.02009
Early Learningliterature reviewStudyDecember 200812/1/2008
early childhood development early childhood education school readiness spending young children Minnesota child care childcare early childhood programs child care assistance program ccap kindergarten readiness early childhood business plan asset review The McKnight Foundation The Minneapolis Foundation Bush Foundation Blandin Foundation Sheltering Arms Foundation Grotto Foundation Social Venture Partners Greater Twin Cities United Way policy financing early care and education partnerships organizations programs state early childhood system model
Early Care and Education in MinnesotaHeather Johnson8/28/2012 10:01 AMHeather Johnson
This report, summary, and fact sheet describe the status of Minnesota's early childhood care and education system in 2008. It is based on a review of reports, group discussions, and interviews around the state with 175 early childhood stakeholders. It also provides recommendations for how to improve upon assets and implement new approaches and assumptions.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-728 No072838/28/2012 12:57 PMEarly Care and Education in MinnesotaEarly Care and Education in MinnesotaRichard Chase Kristin Dillon, Jennifer ValoroseEarly Care and Education in MinnesotaDocument Collection: Early Care and Education in Minnesota1.02008
Early Learningliterature reviewStudyJune 20096/1/2009
BUILD Ready 4 K MECCS MDH Department of Health National Early Childhood Systems Workgroup early learning mental health family support special needs Building Connections early intervention children kids health education outcomes indicators disparities school readiness policy
Early Childhood MinnesotaHeather Johnson4/12/2012 3:43 PMNancy Hartzler
Looks at indicators and strategies for Minnesota’s early childhood system. Presents data for 22 indicators of child and family health and well-being and system indicators of quality and access. Indicators represent four, overlapping themes: early learning, family support, health/mental health, and special needs/early intervention. The report also identifies a set of key strategies for improving outcomes for young children. A special analysis highlights disparities in income, race, and geography that adversely affect the health and well-being of Minnesota children under age 6 and their families.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-20 No020510/21/2013 1:40 PMEarly Childhood MinnesotaEarly Childhood MinnesotaChristopher Moore, Richard Chase, Megan Waltz, Jennifer Valorose, Shelly HendricksOtherEarly Childhood MinnesotaEarly LearningDocument Collection: Early Childhood Minnesota1.02009 2008 2003
Homelessness and Housingneeds assessmentStudyJuly 20087/1/2008
homelessness homeless affordable housing demographic analysis needs assessment low-income LISC  Frey Local Initiatives Support Corporation households cost burden Anoka County Dakota County Ramsey County Washington County housing development renters homeowners cost-burdened
East Metro Housing NeedsHeather Johnson8/28/2012 1:22 PMHeather Johnson
This report presents projections of the need for housing affordable to low-income households in the East Metro area of the Twin Cities, including Anoka, Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington counties. 
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-732 No073228/28/2012 2:19 PMEast Metro Housing NeedsEast Metro Housing NeedsCraig Helmstetter Allen BurnsEast Metro Housing NeedsDocument Collection: East Metro Housing Needs1.02008
Mental HealthEvaluationStudyNovember 201711/1/2017
Regions Hospital IRTS Intensive Residential Treatment Service Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center AMRTC Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set HEDIS mental health emergency department suicide rates  mental health crisis alliance
East Metro Mental Health RoundtableHeather Johnson4/2/2013 10:25 AMKerry Walsh
The East Metro Mental Health Roundtable aims to accelerate improvements in the Twin Cities east metro mental health system through partnerships that deliver high quality mental health services.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1056 No0105671/4/2018 11:00 AMEast Metro Mental Health RoundtableEast Metro Mental Health RoundtableAmy Leite Bennett Kristin Dillon Darcie Thomsen Sophak MomEast Metro Mental Health RoundtableDocument Collection: East Metro Mental Health Roundtable1.02012 2015 2016 2017
CommunitiessurveyStudyFebruary 20172/1/2017
community connectedness human services housing transportation health education economic opportunity
East Metro PulseHeather Johnson3/8/2017 4:24 PMHeather Johnson
The Saint Paul Foundation worked with Wilder Research to conduct a survey of residents in Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington Counties. The study will be conducted every two years to learn more about East Metro residents' background, experiences, opinions, and needs in the areas of community connectedness, economic opportunity and security, education, health, housing and transportation, and human services and family support.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1852 No0185223/9/2017 10:29 AMEast Metro PulseEast Metro PulseEmma Connell, Sera Kinoglu, Nicole MartinRogersEast Metro PulseDocument Collection: East Metro Pulse1.02017
Youth and FamilyevaluationStudyFebruary 20122/1/2012
Minnesota Children's Trust Fund grant ESFC Saint Paul community neighborhood resources Strengthening Families Child Abuse Neglect Prevention program case management crisis housing services life skills family navigator family programs support St. developme
East Side Family Center - Children's Trust Fund GrantHeather Johnson6/1/2012 2:51 PMHeather Johnson
The East Side Family Center supports children, families, and neighborhoods in the east side of Saint Paul by providing education, support, and referrals to community resources. The ESFC received a three-year grant, plus a one-year extension grant, from the Minnesota Children’s Trust Fund. The multi-year evaluation focused on a number of indicators, including employment, stable housing, resolution of domestic abuse situations, education attainment for youth, and more.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-136 No013634/21/2014 3:24 PMEast Side Family Center - Children's Trust Fund GrantEast Side Family Center - Children's Trust Fund GrantAmy Leite BennettEast Side Family Center - Children's Trust Fund GrantYouth and FamilyDocument Collection: East Side Family Center - Children's Trust Fund Grant1.02008 2010 2012
Homelessness and HousingevaluationStudyApril 20164/1/2016
Neighborhood House ESFC Family Center John A. Johnson Achievement Plus rental stability school attendance retention case management life skills education families employment referrals academic achievement low income affordable student mobility EHOP  family housing plans landlords family housing plans renters landlords self-reliance students reading student stability
East Side Housing Trust FundHeather Johnson6/1/2012 4:24 PMHeather Johnson
The East Side Housing Trust Fund program takes a community-wide approach to increasing housing stability. Program services include case management and housing placement for families with children at John A. Johnson or Dayton's Bluff elementary schools. The multi-year evaluation looks at the extent to which the program has met its goals, including improved student stability, housing stability, and client self-reliance.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-141 No0141156/2/2016 1:56 PMEast Side Housing Trust FundEast Side Housing Trust FundAmy Leite Bennett Terri Mazurek Dan Mueller Jennifer Maxfield Jennifer Lee Schultz Stephanie Nelson-Dusek Madeleine HansenEvaluationEast Side Housing Trust FundHomelessness and HousingDocument Collection: East Side Housing Trust Fund1.02011 2006 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 2015 2016
EducationEvaluation, Literature ReviewStudyApril 20074/1/2007
Saint Paul John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary Bruce F. Vento Elementary School Sisters of Notre Dame control groups comparison group elementary school students reading Diagnostic Reading Assessment DRA Stanford Achievement Test SAT10 program evaluation school success
East Side Learning Center Tutoring ProgramKerry Walsh8/13/2012 11:30 AMKerry Walsh
Literature review examining effective tutoring for young readers and the evaluation of a one-on-one tutoring program for students who are below grade level in reading.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-666 No066628/13/2012 1:21 PMEast Side Learning Center Tutoring ProgramEast Side Learning Center Tutoring ProgramJennifer Lee Schultz, Dan Mueller, Jennifer MaxfieldEast Side Learning Center Tutoring ProgramDocument Collection: East Side Learning Center Tutoring Program1.02007
ImmigrationOther literature reviewStudyMay 20155/1/2015
tpt financial services African American Hmong Latino Somali 1.5 generation immigrants banks banking money management talking circles East Africans Muslim Islamic banking
ECHO MinnesotaHeather Johnson10/6/2015 2:29 PMHeather Johnson
ECHO Minnesota partners with health, safety, and media organizations to help diverse communities access the resources they need regarding health, safety, civic engagement, and emergency readiness. They worked with Wilder Research to gather information about increasing mainstream financial service usage among four cultural communities. For more information and resources produced through the Make Money Work project, go to:
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1541 No0154181/6/2016 3:35 PMECHO MinnesotaECHO MinnesotaRyan Evans, Thalia Hall, Ellen SheltonECHO MinnesotaDocument Collection: ECHO Minnesota1.02015 2014
ImmigrationevaluationStudyJuly 20157/1/2015
Evaluation of Best Practices in Community Outreach and Engagement in the Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging Initiative MLMI
ECHO Minnesota - Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging InitiativeHeather Johnson2/16/2016 11:07 AMHeather Johnson
A partnership of ECHO Minnesota and Twin Cities Public Television, together with technology, emergency management, communications, and cultural community partners for the purpose of developing standardized alert and warning messages in languages spoken by Hmong and Somali immigrants and refugees in Minnesota.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1668 No0166812/16/2016 11:41 AMECHO Minnesota - Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging InitiativeECHO Minnesota - Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging InitiativeEllen Shelton, Thalia HallECHO Minnesota - Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging InitiativeDocument Collection: ECHO Minnesota - Minnesota Multi-Language Messaging Initiative1.02015
Communitiescost-benefit studyStudyApril 20124/1/2012
cost effectiveness  return on investment economic impact analysis small businesses Africans immigrants financial literacy training loans community development
Economic Impact of African Development Center of MinnesotaHeather Johnson7/27/2012 2:57 PMHeather Johnson
The African Development Center (ADC) offers financial literacy training, business development, and homeownership financing to Minnesota African communities. Wilder Research conducted a return on investment study and economic impact analysis of ADC's services.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-605 No060527/27/2012 3:17 PMEconomic Impact of African Development Center of MinnesotaEconomic Impact of African Development Center of MinnesotaOmar Da'arEconomic Impact of African Development Center of MinnesotaDocument Collection: Economic Impact of African Development Center of Minnesota1.02012
Mental HealthLiterature ReviewStudyJanuary 20071/1/2007
depression mental health youth girls adolescents femailes school community interventions literature review
Effective Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in Adolescent GirlsKerry Walsh8/13/2012 1:25 PMKerry Walsh
Reviews the research literature on the effectiveness of services to prevent or treat depression in adolescent girls.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-669 No066918/13/2012 1:33 PMEffective Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in Adolescent GirlsEffective Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in Adolescent GirlsJennifer Lee Schultz, Dan Mueller, Jennifer MaxfieldEffective Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in Adolescent GirlsDocument Collection: Effective Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in Adolescent Girls1.02007
Substance Abuse PreventionCost-benefit studyStudyJanuary 20091/1/2009
cost effectiveness ROI return on investment substance abuse programs validated programs best practices outcomes of treatment key informant interviews meth methamphetamines Anoka Dodge Fillmore Olmsted
Effective Stimulant Abuse Treatment Strategiesadmin36/25/2012 4:26 PMKerry Walsh
Identifies program elements supported by best practice literature, summarizes preliminary client outcomes, and conducts prospective benefit-cost analysis for two treatment programs. The Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted Methamphetamine Program and the Anoka County Enhanced Treatment Program both provide treatment recovery services to individuals recovering from addictions to meth and other stimulants.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-387 No038727/2/2012 3:19 PMEffective Stimulant Abuse Treatment StrategiesEffective Stimulant Abuse Treatment StrategiesMelanie Ferris Allen Burns Paul AntonEffective Stimulant Abuse Treatment StrategiesDocument Collection: Effective Stimulant Abuse Treatment Strategies1.02009
Criminal JusticeLiterature ReviewStudyAugust 20038/1/2003
Hennepin County School Success Project interventions school attendance
Effective Truancy Prevention and InterventionKerry Walsh4/29/2013 3:48 PMKerry Walsh
Results of a literature review of research related to effective truancy prevention programs of three types: school-based, community-based, and law enforcement or court-based interventions. This project was part of an effort for the Hennepin County School Success Project.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1097 No0109714/29/2013 4:00 PMEffective Truancy Prevention and InterventionEffective Truancy Prevention and InterventionMichelle Decker Gerrard, Alyssa Burhans, Jennifer FairEffective Truancy Prevention and InterventionDocument Collection: Effective Truancy Prevention and Intervention1.02003
EducationLiterature ReviewStudyNovember 200611/1/2006
postsecondary enrollment education school success outreach program effectiveness academic achievement youth disadvantaged
Effectiveness of Programs to Improve Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Success of Underrepresented YouthKerry Walsh8/13/2012 2:27 PMKerry Walsh
A literature review of the effectiveness of outreach programs to improve postsecondary education enrollment and success of underrepresented youth.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-678 No067828/13/2012 2:46 PMEffectiveness of Programs to Improve Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Success of Underrepresented YouthEffectiveness of Programs to Improve Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Success of Underrepresented YouthJennifer Lee Schultz, Dan Mueller, Jennifer MaxfieldEffectiveness of Programs to Improve Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Success of Underrepresented YouthDocument Collection: Effectiveness of Programs to Improve Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Success of Underrepresented Youth1.02006
Homelessness and HousingOtherStudyFebruary 20092/1/2009
Ramsey County homeless people emergency shelters transitional housing battered women's shelters statistical data record systems long term homelessness shelter
Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters in Ramsey CountyHeather Johnson9/5/2012 2:57 PMKerry Walsh
These reports provide information on the use of emergency shelters, transitional housing, and battered women’s shelters in Ramsey County based on data provided by the shelters and housing programs.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-749 No0749109/6/2012 4:44 PMEmergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters in Ramsey CountyEmergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters in Ramsey CountyTerry Tilsen, Richard Chase, Shelly Hendricks, Edith Gozali-Lee, Craig Helmstetter, Laura McLain Joanne Arnold Emily WarrenEmergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters in Ramsey CountyDocument Collection: Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters in Ramsey County1.01998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2006 2009
Older AdultsevaluationStudyJune 20166/1/2016
Community Service/Services Development grant Live Well grants Minnesota Department of Human Services Alzheimer's disease Dementia Capable Health Care Home Project Alzheimer's Association Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging Northwoods Partners Age Well Arrowhead
Essentia HealthHeather Johnson10/7/2016 9:47 AMHeather Johnson
Essentia Health received a grant to design and implement new strategies for a dementia capable health care home model. Wilder Research conducted an evaluation of the Dementia Capable Health Care Home Project.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1777 No01777110/7/2016 10:18 AMEssentia HealthEssentia HealthChristin Lindberg Greg Owen Karen UlstadEssentia HealthDocument Collection: Essentia Health1.02016
Substance Abuse PreventionEvaluationStudyJune 20066/1/2006
VSS ATOD prevention substance use alcohol tobacco drugs assessments programs
Evaluation of ATOD Programs - Vietnamese Social Servicesadmin36/25/2012 2:02 PMKerry Walsh
Evaluation of Vietnamese Social Service’s alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention program that was expanded with funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS).
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-368 No036817/2/2012 3:23 PMEvaluation of ATOD Programs - Vietnamese Social ServicesEvaluation of ATOD Programs - Vietnamese Social ServicesBrian Pittman Nicole MartinRogersEvaluation of ATOD Programs - Vietnamese Social ServicesDocument Collection: Evaluation of ATOD Programs - Vietnamese Social Services1.02006
EducationEvaluationStudyJune 20116/1/2011
Minneapolis Public Schools PDT2 VLC virtual learning communities education teachers
Evaluation of Professional Development Through TechnologyKerry Walsh8/10/2012 1:04 PMKerry Walsh
Evaluation of a Minneapolis Public Schools professional development program that uses virtual learning communities to increase technology integration in the classroom. 
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-653 No065318/10/2012 1:30 PMEvaluation of Professional Development Through TechnologyEvaluation of Professional Development Through TechnologyJennifer Maxfield, Denise Huynh, Dan MuellerEvaluation of Professional Development Through TechnologyDocument Collection: Evaluation of Professional Development Through Technology1.02011
HealthsurveyStudyNovember 201511/1/2015
A review of CHW utilization, lessons learned, and future outlook from select organizations employing CHWs in Minnesota community health workers Minnesota Department of Health MDH Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance key informant interviews
Experiences of Community Health Worker Employers in MinnesotaHeather Johnson12/10/2015 3:51 PMHeather Johnson
Community Health Workers provide health-related services reaching underserved populations in their communities. The Minnesota Department of Health worked with the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance and Wilder Research to identify experiences of organizations that employ CHWs; information was collected via key informant interviews.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1607 No01607112/10/2015 4:17 PMExperiences of Community Health Worker Employers in MinnesotaExperiences of Community Health Worker Employers in MinnesotaRebecca SchultzExperiences of Community Health Worker Employers in MinnesotaDocument Collection: Experiences of Community Health Worker Employers in Minnesota1.02015
demonstration projectStudySeptember 20069/1/2006
workforce development low income workers support training programs incumbent workers employment programs job training job skills welfare reform working poor  work first working parents low skilled workers evaluation Governor's Workforce Development Council employers fact sheet Building a better bootstrap
Families Forward InitiativeHeather Johnson9/12/2012 9:52 AMHeather Johnson
An initiative of The McKnight Foundation to help low-wage working parents gain access to better jobs through training and education. The initiative was launched in September 2001 and ended in 2006. Reports prevent evaluation results, including findings about participants, their experiences combining training with work and family responsibilities, and their job outcomes. They also highlight findings about what it takes for providers to offer skill development programs that meet the needs of workers and employers.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-767 No076779/12/2012 11:23 AMFamilies Forward InitiativeFamilies Forward InitiativeGreg Owen, Ellen Shelton, Melissa Barker, June Heineman, Ben Shardlow Nicole Martin Nicole MartinRogers Thalia Cooper Karen Ulstad Brian Pittman Thalia HallFamilies Forward InitiativeDocument Collection: Families Forward Initiative1.02003 2005 2006
Early LearningOtherStudyJuly 20157/1/2015
Early childhood data collaborative P-20 Development and Training Build Initiative The Knowledge Fund Minneapolis Foundation Blandin Foundation child care childcare FFN caregivers child development early learning integrated early childhood data system family and community engagement tools family engagement community engagement survey tool child care providers W.K. Kellogg Foundation family engagement survey tools family and community knowledge systems Early Childhood Assessment Quality Rating tool
Family and Community Knowledge Systems ProjectHeather Johnson7/26/2012 12:55 PMKerry Walsh
Funded with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this project emphasizes the role of family and community knowledge systems in whole-child development and formal early childhood programs. Two tools were developed: one for parents to assess healthy early childhood development and a second for providers and program staff to assess program quality.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-600 No060048/17/2015 10:31 AMFamily and Community Knowledge Systems ProjectFamily and Community Knowledge Systems ProjectRichard ChaseFamily and Community Knowledge Systems ProjectDocument Collection: Family and Community Knowledge Systems Project1.02012 2014 2015
Youth and FamilyevaluationStudyJanuary 20121/1/2012
Child protective services child protection intervention for addressing chronic neglect maltreatment child welfare caseworkers stearns county carver county
Family Asset Builder Programadmin36/21/2012 2:31 PMHeather Johnson
In 2009, Casey Family Programs and the American Humane Association began a collaboration to design and implement a new response to cases of chronic neglect in the child welfare system. The new intervention model, called Family Asset Builder, was implemented in two Minnesota Counties, Stearns and Carver. The 2010 report provides an overview of lessons learned from the initial planning and development of the program, and the 2012 report examines the successes and challenges during the first nine months of administering the intervention model from the perspective of the staff involved.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-294 No029437/2/2012 3:24 PMFamily Asset Builder ProgramFamily Asset Builder ProgramTyler Corwin, Erin Maher, Maggie Skrypek, Caren Kaplan, Michelle Decker Gerrard, Greg OwenFamily Asset Builder ProgramYouth and FamilyDocument Collection: Family Asset Builder Program1.02010 2012
Early LearningsurveyStudyJuly 20127/1/2012
family child care childcare minnesota department of human services dhs professional development family child care association
Family Child Care Associations in MinnesotaHeather Johnson9/7/2012 1:23 PMHeather Johnson
In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Wilder Research contacted family child care associations throughout Minnesota to gather information about their characteristics, the professional development opportunities they provide, their attitudes toward licensing requirements, and their awareness of early childhood organizations and resources.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-763 No076319/7/2012 1:57 PMFamily Child Care Associations in MinnesotaFamily Child Care Associations in MinnesotaRichard Chase, Jennifer ValoroseFamily Child Care Associations in MinnesotaDocument Collection: Family Child Care Associations in Minnesota1.02012
Mental Healthliterature reviewStudyJanuary 20091/1/2009
family involvement mental health programs services troubled youth consumer serious emotional disturbances advisory support groups peer mentors children
Family Involvement in Mental Health Servicesadmin34/18/2012 10:18 AMNancy Hartzler
This report and brief highlights the benefits of involving families in mental health services. It also presents successful strategies to engage families in services and decision-making, as well as common challenges, and how service providers have addressed them.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-32 No03227/2/2012 3:27 PMFamily Involvement in Mental Health ServicesFamily Involvement in Mental Health ServicesMelanie FerrisLiterature ReviewFamily Involvement in Mental Health ServicesMental HealthDocument Collection: Family Involvement in Mental Health Services1.02009 2008
Educationliterature reviewStudyJuly 19997/1/1999
education family involvement minority race ethnicity poverty low income Wilder Foundation Achievement Plus barriers academic success parent involvement Achievement Plus A partnership for community schools
Family Involvement to Promote Student AchievementHeather Johnson10/19/2012 3:18 PMHeather Johnson
This literature review discusses barriers to parent involvement, types of involvement that are linked to student achievement, and strategies for increasing family involvement in schools.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-907 No0907110/19/2012 3:28 PMFamily Involvement to Promote Student AchievementFamily Involvement to Promote Student AchievementEdith Gozali-LeeFamily Involvement to Promote Student AchievementDocument Collection: Family Involvement to Promote Student Achievement1.01999
Youth and FamilyEvaluationStudyNovember 201411/1/2014
arts learning Rich Reeder homelessness youth perform Minnesota State Arts Board Ain Dah Yung Center Avenues for Homeless Youth Full Cycle Kulture Klub Collaborative SafeZone YouthLink
Film in the CityKerry Walsh12/31/2014 2:48 PMKerry Walsh
Film in the City is an arts learning program that offers homeless youth in the Twin Cities an opportunity to learn filmmaking skills from professional artists, as well as express themselves through the art of film. Reports include program evaluation results.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1424 No01424212/31/2014 2:50 PMFilm in the CityFilm in the CityRyan EvansFilm in the CityDocument Collection: Film in the City1.02014
Early LearningevaluationStudyMarch 20123/1/2012
Work sampling developmental checklist Rochester schools and head start screening ASQSE ASQ SE picture naming literacy school readiness DIBELS child development Head Start
First Steps School Readiness StudyHeather Johnson7/27/2012 3:24 PMHeather Johnson
A study of school readiness for children in Rochester (Minnesota) School and Head Start. The study presents data on the developmental status of preschoolers and improvement over time.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-608 No060813/25/2013 3:04 PMFirst Steps School Readiness StudyFirst Steps School Readiness StudyRichard Chase Jennifer ValoroseFirst Steps School Readiness StudyDocument Collection: First Steps School Readiness Study1.02012
CommunitiesStudyDecember 201312/1/2013
district council east side prosperity campaign east side area business association festec recrra ramsey county regional railroad authority Saint Paul St. Paul Dayton's Bluff Community Council transit transportation bus light rail corridors of opportunity
Fostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations - FESTECHeather Johnson1/13/2014 2:06 PMHeather Johnson
A project to engage the East Side, St. Paul community in conversations about transit planning. Work included a literature review, surveys, and focus groups.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1282 No0128211/13/2014 2:23 PMFostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations - FESTECFostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations - FESTECNicole MartinRogers, Amanda PetersenFostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations - FESTECDocument Collection: Fostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations - FESTEC1.02013
Youth and FamilyevaluationStudyAugust 20178/1/2017
Fostering Futures FF initiative traumatic stress Wisconsin Trauma Project
Fostering FuturesHeather Johnson9/12/2017 11:32 AMHeather Johnson
Fostering Futures is a statewide initiative in Wisconsin aimed at integrating trauma-informed principles into county-based child welfare agencies and state agencies. The evaluation aimed to capture how teams implemented the initiative and its impact on trauma-informed care systems change.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1952 No0195229/12/2017 11:45 AMFostering FuturesFostering FuturesMonica Idzelis Rothe, Jackie Aman, Sera KinogluFostering FuturesDocument Collection: Fostering Futures1.02017
Mental HealthEvaluationStudySeptember 20099/1/2009
Knight Foundation Community Action Partnership Ramsey County Washington County mental health youth children
Foundations for SuccessHeather Johnson6/28/2012 10:12 AMKerry Walsh
Foundations for Success is a five-year initiative designed to develop and implement a county-wide system for early childhood mental health services in Ramsey County. The initiative promotes culturally competent and family friendly services. Reports summarize the results of mental health assessment results, parent surveys, and service updates.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-458 No0458307/23/2012 11:06 AMFoundations for SuccessFoundations for SuccessCheryl Holm-Hansen, Monica Idzelis, Deirdre Hinz, Mao Thao, Amy Leite Bennett, Melanie FerrisFoundations for SuccessDocument Collection: Foundations for Success1.02005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Mental HealthevaluationStudyOctober 201010/1/2010
autistic applied behavioral analysis ABA
Fraser Autism Preschool Day Treatment ProgramHeather Johnson4/29/2014 3:37 PMHeather Johnson
Fraser is the largest autism services provider in Minnesota. Its most intensive service, Day Treatment, is designed for young children who have the most severe needs. The report brief provides outcome data and a case study for the Day Treatment program.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1324 No0132414/29/2014 3:39 PMFraser Autism Preschool Day Treatment ProgramFraser Autism Preschool Day Treatment ProgramMonica Idzelis RotheFraser Autism Preschool Day Treatment ProgramDocument Collection: Fraser Autism Preschool Day Treatment Program1.02010
Educationliterature reviewStudyMarch 20143/1/2014
school nutrition obesity healthy students school lunches Cargill
Fueling Academic Performance - Strategies to Foster Healthy Eating Among StudentsHeather Johnson3/24/2014 1:16 PMHeather Johnson
Identifies promising approaches to encourage students to eat healthier foods and increase student participation in school nutrition programs.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1301 No0130123/26/2014 4:05 PMFueling Academic Performance - Strategies to Foster Healthy Eating Among StudentsFueling Academic Performance - Strategies to Foster Healthy Eating Among StudentsNick StuberFueling Academic Performance - Strategies to Foster Healthy Eating Among StudentsDocument Collection: Fueling Academic Performance - Strategies to Foster Healthy Eating Among Students1.02014
EducationevaluationStudyApril 20134/1/2013
school readiness strive academic achievement achievement gap career readiness postsecondary education postsecondary enrollment college readiness literacy
Generation NextHeather Johnson9/16/2013 1:09 PMHeather Johnson
Generation Next is an initiative committed to closing the achievement gap among Twin Cities’ low-income students and students of color. It is a partnership of education, community, government, and business organizations dedicated to accelerating educational achievement for all our children – from early childhood to early college and career. Reports provide baseline data for Generation Next goals, strategies for improving student college and career readiness, an analysis of the local landscape of college and career readiness programming, views by local leaders on the strengths and gaps in local college and career readiness efforts, and effective strategies for early literacy intervention.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1172 No0117239/16/2013 1:33 PMGeneration NextGeneration NextDan Mueller, Edith Gozali-LeeGeneration NextDocument Collection: Generation Next1.02013
CommunitiessurveyStudyNovember 201411/1/2014
The GHR Foundation religious groups spiritual groups community welfare human services
GHR FoundationHeather Johnson3/3/2016 2:58 PMHeather Johnson
A study of inter-religious work occurring in the Twin Cities region. Survey results provide a snapshot of the characteristics of organizations who do inter-religious work.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1677 No0167713/3/2016 3:10 PMGHR Foundation